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I wish I was skilled enough to make Sam Porter Bridges carrying Bernie Sanders in Death Stranding.


The only CGI was adding effects and erasing the arms that keep things in place. Daaamn this is so good.


Does always late January brings #cursedmas echoes or what? Starting to see Baked Bean Furby in several post is never a good sign.


IDK why I stopped playing Days Gone, it’s good... and even more playing in survival mode IMO. Also, I took this portrait and I like how it turned out :)


A hot dog is not a sandwich, it’s a taco. Think about it. Also, happy birthday Wes <3 !


I’m in a serious MGS nostalgia trip this week... Currently listening to « MGS1 full movie » while doing stuff at the shop. So many good goofy dialogue lines lol


I was waiting to find the perfect little mirror for the clients to try the sunglasses... But I already had it and just realized today: Aliens‘ extended cut on Laserdisc <3


#Curiositybooktoid Tom Cullen’s ‘Autumn of Terror’. A ´71 ed. (1st is from ´67). A careful dissection of Jack the Ripper’s crimes, based on police data and documentation from the era. One of the books Alan Moore studied to write ‘From Hell’


Listening to a 2 hour documentary about MGS2 while doing stuff at the shop I realized... Matthew Macgonaphieuw would be a great Solid Snake. Comment here if you a) agree b) disagree c) doesn’t give a shit <3


28 years since Coppola’s Dracula. I won’t lie, that made me feel a bit old XD


Too tired to play games but not too tired to make memes in my phone while watching The X-Files


Quick reminder: “JETT: The Far Shore” looks (and sounds) amazing. I’ve never played a game from these devs... was Superbrothers: S&S as good as it looked???


If one day I’m 1/10th as badass as this kid I’ll die happy


#Curiositybooktoid «Dictionary of Espionage», 1971. Full of espionage terms & techniques, famous spy names and ops, planes, satellites, etc alphabetically arranged. Of everything Covid has messed up, flea markets is one of the things I miss the most :)


Oh, happy Bday to Shibboleto and Juic3! May your day be pleasant and full of joy 🎂


Hey Slimybear245 it’s me, Sam Porter, from that game you don’t wanna play. I’m very disappointed with your decision.


Happy new year!


Well played 2020, well played.


Happy Bday mate 🎂!!!


I need your help friends!!! My PC is dying and I know nothing about computers. I need a cheap laptop that won’t freak out if I use Ableton or edit some video. If it can play indies like, let’s say, Mark of the Ninja... that would be a HUGE bonus <3


Behold the beauty of my new winter sneakers: the classic color combo, the yellowish but not too much tone of the sole, the overall (VERY) slightly used condition... Mrs Plissken really knows me well and I love her. Best gift I’ve had in a long time <3


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