On DES: Riot Games' Mark Merrill: We will release new games every decade
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Final Fantasy 12 is best final fantasy. And Balthier is awesome and Fran is hot. That is all


Almost made it to the weekend. It's been a long and hectic week but we're almost there folks! Can I get a hallelujah?


Guy in the bathroom stall next to me had explosive diarrhea. His explosive sounds though had the beat of club music. I was disgusted, yet I also found myself bobbing my head and pumping my fist to the rhythm


A rhythm rogue like where you have to masturbate and shoot the enemies with your essence. But you hook the controller to your junk to measure your wanking. Now that's a game


Important question: if you eat ketchup on your fries, do you put a pile of ketchup for dipping or do you drizzle the ketchup over the whole fry pile? There is only one correct answer


It's so humid. Thought I've had multiple times this week. "Oh God...who in the hell stinks, oh it smells like a mixture of BO and despair, with a little bit of swamp ass mixed in. Ewww yu...oh wait, that's me"


So I see everyone posting about Hollow Knight recently. Im in a metroidvania mood now. So is salt and sanctuary worth it on ps4 or shoukd i go with something else?


Wife had her first scan done since her cancer treatments ended. Came back with nothing...no cancer, no anomalies. The cancer is officially done!


Those of us with hairy bums really struggle during this heat and humidity


So I'm enjoying final fantasy X2. My parents raised me better than this


You all should go see the new mission impossible. Man was that great!


Seeing Mission Impossible with the wife. Stoked yo


On to Final Fantasy X-2. Here....we....go


Anyone else get a semi when you're stirring pasta? No? Just me?


So hot and humid today. I might have to break into my emergency shart underwear at work


I had the weirdest dream last night. It was actually kind of cool though too. I dreamed that I wrote the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I thought it was cool, but my wife had trouble sleeping because I was Tolkien in my sleep


Just giving you all some useless facts. A piece of apple pie in Jamaica costs $2.00. a piece of pie in Aruba costs about $2.50. The rest of the islands are generally between those costs. Now you all know about the pie rates of the Carribean


As long as nothing comes up I should finish Final Fantasy X for about the 10th time. My question is do I dare play X-2? I've only ever played it for like 5 minutes. I've heard such conflicting things about it, I just don't know


My top 5 Zelda games that no one asked for: 1) A Link to the Past 2) Ocarina of Time 3) Link's Awakening 4) Wind Waker 5) Majora's Mask You're welcome


Friday! Long week so #communityshoutout. Shout out to NeoTurbo. This dude is just a great guy. He's always so positive and respectful even if he disagrees. He invited me to discord and has made me feel welcome. He's a guy that keeps it awesome here!


I'm eating a whole cheese wheel for lunch today. I have my reasons. I've been told I should bottle up my gas and sell it as a gasoline. Instead I'm going to sell it as perfume. Essence of Dere. Today cheese farts, tomorrow chili farts. Look out world


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