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To be fair, they don't specify what kind of impact.


My favorite live performance so far this year!


I've been addicted to this album for months, especially this song (and one in the comments, which is a fucking jam!). This one illicites an emotional connection I rarely find in songs. It's beatuiful.


I thought I was just getting Shenmue 2. Little did I know, the real treasures were inside. Thanks, Occams!


"I swear, if I hear one more goddamn 'Need healing!'..."


Wait, it was people's birthdays yesterday!? Uh, uh, uh....


Just found out Peter Sallis died earlier this month. Wallace & Gromit was (and still is) one of my favorite things growing up. RIP.


If y'all haven't yet, watch and/or read Planetes. It's well worth your time.


When a manga you fall in love with ends with some dumb moral about love...


Happy Father's Day for all the dads on Dtoid and beyond, and shout out to the best dad in games! (Credit in comments.)


...Welp, that's one less blog I gotta write. Thanks, Sony. (GoW and Spider-Man look cool, though.) Edit: Moss looks cute, but I ain't buying PSVR for one game.


Right now I can build an entry level PC with a 1050ti and an i5 for ~$340. If only I had the guts to press go...


Yo, computer peeps! I request your insight! I'm rocking a 2012 Macbook Pro without discrete graphics, and I was thinking of getting a new laptop that's game-ready, but then I learned that eGPUs via Thunderbolt is possible for less $$$. Which do I do?


Somehow I went 5 years owning a Dreamcast without owning this. That ended today.


How imortant is it to watch seasons 1-4 of Samurai Jack before 5. Y'all are hyping it up but I'm limited on time!


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