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Day 5 of new laptop: It paased the FFXIV Benchmark on very high settings. It ran the PC FFXV demo very well. Fortnite runs perfectly. My PS4 is getting nervous.


My power went out seven hours with no repair in sight. Hoped to get my weekly stuff done in FFXIV so I could finish FFXV soon. Welp, looks like cramming tomorrow night instead, if Duke Energy feels like getting around to my apartment complex.


I finally have a new laptop. A Dell Inspirion 15 with a bunch of other numbers. This means I can finally blog and promote things again (very tedious to do with a tablet). It also means my PS4 no longer needs to carry FFXIV, Overwatch and Fortnite alone.


I'm genuinely surprised by my ranking in this ranking in Fortnite. I still haven't actually won a battle royale, but I did just get #2 in one this morning. I mean, I hardly build or shoot and just move bush to bush.


Now that I'm nearing the end of FFXV, I have so many questions about why they took the direction they did. There are flashes of FFIV's "oh no, not again" and FFVI-like moments that should have been seen but are instead simply told, squandering the impact.


Trying PUBG Mobile since I have no other option to try the game. Even though it controls like ass, I'm deadlier here than in Fortnite for some reason.


Looking to get a new computer soon. Preferably a laptop that can at least run FFXIV, Fortnite and Overwatch capably, as I'd like to open up my PS4 to other games. If I do it next week, my budget is around $700.


So Noctis and Co. didn't want Iris to follow them to an Imperial fortress, but then they let her follow them into a dungeon full of monsters. She has potions, though, so I say keep her. Free healing.


The more I think about it, the more Fortnite needs a bit more Deception in it for Battle Royale. Or craftable traps from the "Save the world" mode.


Prompto is always there to snap a photo at the worst, most uncomfortable times.


Tried Fortnite. Turns out I'm pretty good at living a long time, just not coming out on top.


In upcoming patch 4.3 in FFXIV, players can make linkshells (chat channels) and free companies (guilds) able to communicate with one another across servers within a data center. The Dtoid players can finally unite and maybe do things. More in comments!


Only did static images before, but here's a better look at my Red Mage Eureka relic.


Heads up, that "change my mind" meme is based on and profited off of by conservative "comedian," liar & twitter drama queen (and anti-LBGT asshat) Steven Crowder. He also recently cancelled a college show to say they cancelled him. Maybe don't emulate him


Went to the foot doctor. Been a lot of pain in my right foot for several weeks. Looks like I'm going to live, but must live with an ankle brace and strong anti-inflamatories for four weeks. They gave me this little air pump to raise the arch, too.


Finished a few more Eureka Anemos relic weapons! Aside from that, I mostly slept and watched Spiderman Homecoming.


So based on what I've seen, Kirby Star Allies boils down to Kirby becoming an incubus, seducing his enemies to become his personal thralls and get them to kiss each other and him. This on top of consuming them body and soul as usual.


So based on what I've seen, Kirby Star Allies boils down to Kirby becoming an incubus, seducing his enemies to become his personal thralls and get them to kiss each other and him. This on top of consuming them body and soul as usual.


I've seen some clips from NRATV. Imagine your most dystopian video game narrative out there that starts with a decent story but is later narrated by a spiteful invertibrate human that only subsists on salt and never releases the AR-15 they coiled around.


I'm not really down on mobile games, but when that annoying coworker played Fortnite *during a warehouse meeting* and later said mobile gaming was the future, I was more than happy to shit on them, but just for him. We haven't spoken since. This is fine.


My first full stage of Samurai Eureka relic, the Kiku-ichimonji Anemos, is done along with upgrading my Samurai artifact armor. Warrior is next!


Almost to the level I can upgrade my katana to a Eureka Anemos relic, but for now I have fully upgraded my head, body and hand armor. Now that I can recolor it and have become a silver samurai.


Thor Ragnarok is a movie that happens to have the Hulk in it. Captain America Civil War is an Avengers movie that happens to have Captain America in it and when it does he's usually unwanted.


I only planned to get the DMC HD Duology last week, but walked away with Okami HD and Yakuza Kawami, too. Dunno when I'll get to them. Still working on Bayonetta 2.


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