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You would think with all the success PS4 has seen Sony could be bothered to improve access to the Playstation store,


Only put about an hour into the Dissidia NT Open Beta. Interface is much cleaner, but I hate how they changed the button layout from prior games. Shantotto seems to be in the main story, though sadly not playable in this version the demo.


Nintendo Direct? More like "Nintendo has plans for your money."


Still one of my favorite battle themes from last year. It takes two themes from two areas in FFXIV Stormblood - "The Measure of His Reach" in minor and the "Kugane" in major - and blends them into a fight theme that always engages you. (fixed the link)


Red Mage is coming along nicely. Took it to 60 this weekend and I'm now preparing it for the road ahead.


I will soon begin my journey through Final Fantasy Tactics: WotL but before I do, I need you to volunteer for Ramza's army! Pick a job and I will endeavor to create & progress a character toward it. Also some need to be healers because FFT has permadeath.


Given I've pushed Samurai and Monk just about as far as I can take them, I'm turning my attention to Red Mage and Astrologian for now for leveling and Ninja gets to go to Invalice!


Decided to get Rocket League for the Switch. How do you play goalie with a car?


I wish you a Happy New Year and a Shiba Inu on your head!


Okay, just so we're clear -- Very lewd, NSFW things don't go in QPs, but the QP comments. The reason for this is that presently users can control how images appear in Disqus comments and if they know ahead it's NSFW, they can prepare.


I've not posted much this week so here is a Shanoa I found.


I asked for microSD cards and surround sound headphones for Xmas and got the card and a surround sound headset that is incompatible with PS4 and Switch, so I will use them for my requested function. I also stalled the family board games with Puyo Tetris.


Grabbed Vs. Super Mario Bros. Turns out the game is a lot harder without the tricks in the NES version that came later. No 3-1 1-up trick here.


This holiday season, you too shall believe catgirl ninjas can take flight on festive bears to spread joy and shower gifts on all the children. If you don't believe, then you'll get backstabbed from the shadows and the bear will maul you.


Finished my Invalician Samurai set and got my Augmented Lost Allagan Katana to boot! I recolored the katana-weilding crimson red so it kinda looks like a Monado now.


Kinda curious as to what the point in having a MHW beta go without PS+ is if you'll need PS+ at launch. Capcom would probably see more sales if they insisted on it being treated like FFXIV & it would feel a lot more normal to not have MH under a paywall.


I feel like Atlus is the only thing keeping Vita alive at this point and I don't think Vita is worth the trouble now.


I feel like Atlus is the only thing keeping Vita alive at this point and I don't think Vita is worth the trouble now.


Almost done with my Invalician Samurai set. Just need the foot armor!


Saw Star Wars Ep. VIII today. It was great. Rose is precious and the best rebel now.


I'm going to enjoy watching Ajit Pai get his nuts roasted by the courts and Congress.


Took some doing with my internet down last night, but I got emails and faxes out via phone to my congress people to telL them to stop the FCC's attempt to repeal Net Neutrality. I also shot lots of demons.


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