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Mortal Kombat: Scorpion's Revenge was a decent watch, though oddly Liu, Sonia and Johnny spent a lot of time being the focus and Scorpion just sort of shows up to be the gruff badass that gets things done when they can't. For revenge.


Just catching up with the Ghost of Tsushime stuff. Glsad they're cribbing notes from breath of the wild in terms of exploration and using the wind to act as a replacement for waypoint markers is absolutely brilliant.


I can't level any job in FFXIV without being fully happy with the costume I put together. The Valentione tights gave it the Amano flair I needed.


Finally got around to FFXV's DLCs. Gladio was eh. Prompto's was okay, I guess. Ignis got the good one and Ardyn's was also good, but not good enough to save him from being wasted potential. Most of it could have just been in the main game.


My copy of Trials of Mana arrived. The first thing I did was push it aside with my foot, go inside, grab a can of disinfectant, spray it doen on both sides, pick it up, open it, dump it on the floor and spray it down again. Totally normal.


There will likely be an update to the ToS & its just a common sense thing, but with the flood of remakes we're experiencing these days, dropping the old story spoilers really can't get a pass anymore. If you must, do it in the comments with spoiler tags.


Just finished FFVIIR. Enjoyed it aside from one almost last boss fight and shuffling materia, but still cleared on Normal. I liked the ending.


I'm about 75% of the way through FFVIIR if memory my memory of Midgar and expectations of expanded bits are correct. The hardest part was being away from Tifa for so long and I'm hoping there's enough content there that another character catches up a bit.


A new relic weapon journey begins! I love dark knight greatswords.


I can see One Step From Eden is already going to be the sort of game that ruins other finely laid gaming plans.


Been playing FFXIV less because of DE, ACNH and RE3, but I logged in to make a few changes to my character. Removed the warpaint, changed the eyes to two full yellow eyes & dropped grape purple for gunmetal black on my Dark Knight gear. Fits the mood.


I just want you to know you're all S.T.A.R.S to me.


Before you delve into Final Fantasy VII Remake (or before you get too deep in), I'd like to suggest watching Blade Runner: The Final Cut. It's seldom said, but the Midgar section of FFVII made a lot of choices that reflect an appreciation of the film.


Getting started on that hot new game before all the other kids. It has the coolest cutting edge graphics, blood, guns and a girl in a tube top and skirt. It's super mature so Nintendo kiddies can't have it.


I may leave ominous messages on you AC Bulletin Board.


So both Donald Trump and Boris Johnson basically said this today.


As thrilled as I have been to see Star Trek back in action with Discovery and Picard, CBS is looney if they think theyes can make three more shows. Dump Section 31 (it's an awful idea), do Pike, but make Seven of Nine a Picard sequel when that's done.


Somehow all this time I missed the Animal Crossing reference on this FFXIV minion. I mean, yeah, it's a tanooki, but that leaf on its head should have tipped me off they were going for Tom Nook directly.


Keeping in the spirit of the release day, I watched Doom Annihilation and it was... actually kind of okay. By-the-numbers, really, and with no Doomguy, but with lots of nice references to Wolfenstein, Perfect Dark, iD Software things.


"Social distancing" is a weird term to me. People want to adopt the merits of being asocial to avoid a virus without admitting that they're advocating introverted behavior, which has never been a bad thing save for society framing it as bad.


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