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He-Man and his friends want you to be good, awesome people. And anger people who throw away razors in response to commercials, I guess.


1000 Needles? Together we have 2000. Pay up all the gil you owe now and I won't call my friends to make it 10,000 Needles. You don't want to become a pincushion, do you? DO YOU!?


Because I wasn't a fan of the dorky Blue Mage armor, I planned out my look last night on Red Mage before the job released this morning, I just like the FFXI/FFTA Blue Mage look better than the FFV one. Shame we get a cane and not a scimitar, though.


Noctis may soon no longer be the premier fisherman of Final Fantasy.


I may like my Dark Knight look too much now. Completing the story for the job this week was a huge treat in itself. Ready for FFXIV 4.5 this Tuesday!


Got to 70 Dark Knight yesterday and completed its first stage Eureka weapon as well. The storyline for the job was amazing. Who knew drawing power from the abyss involved consulting moogles?


'Tis the season: Nameless, untended dreams

Many MMOs and online games have seasonal events, but some are more evolutionary than others. Sometimes you get an event that just pops up like clockwork and it's the same thing every year while a smaller set of games change things up e...


I'm late to work, stopping for coffee and not even Inspector Gadget can stop me!


Yesterday we got an emote in Final Fantasy 14 that looked like something out of Jet Set Radio and so I did this.


My Christmas haul was a 256 GB SDcard for my Switch, Encyclopedia Eorzea II and a little coffee maker. My gifts of Exploding Kittens and Oregon Trail card games were a success! I won at Exploding Kittens. I had three defuse cards >:D


I wish you a Merry Christmas, despite being at war with it for encroaching on Thanksgiving, Halloween and looking over at Labor Day. Know your place, Christmas, or there will be blood!


The Viera are coming to FFXIV. This was already more or less confirmed at the recent US fanfest with Yoshi's T-shirt having Bugs Bunny and a motorcycle on it (bunny race), but now we have a familiar visual. Now what will Wes Tacos do?


They let me conduct a choir for the Starlight Celebration. I wasn't good at Theatrhythm, so I didn't do well here either since it was based on that.


Friendly reminderthat you can mute terms like "Kingdom Hearts 3" or "KH3" in the notifications section of your Twitter to avoid the attention starved from spoiling things there.


Each Christmas, my family subjects me to board games for the sake of those napping to be more social. So I got them Exploding Kittens, Boss Monster, Oregon Trail and a few traditional board games.


In between Smash unlocks, there has been darkness. Got my level 60 Chaos artifact gear and now to 70 and more darkness and edginess begins!


After seeing the Sonic movie posters, Monster Hunter isn't looking so bad.


Vice president of my company says I should come to work. We're getting a 'wintery mix" atop all the snow, which makes for slushy dangeroud driving, so I'm inclined to use a paid floater day, stay home and play more Smash.


I like how Obsidian sort of just came out and said "We created Fallout and made the better ones" in The Outer Worlds trailer.


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