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FFXIV humor on items remains on-point for All Saints Day, our Halloween event. This is a musical reference and a Super Mario one as well.


Got Uncharted 3 done and I'm now at least over halfway through 4, which has been pretty great so far. Lost Legacy is next because I need more Nadine.


Finished Uncharted and Uncharted 2 over the weekend. 25% into Uncharted 3 now. Writing is more consistent than modern Tomb Raider, but it's certainly more on-rails action. Not entirety bad, but the platforming is basic and sometimes visually obtuse.

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Kinda on a burnout phase with FFXIV, so I'm making more time for the fuckton of games I've amassed since starting the game. Almost done with Uncharted, which will have me five games done in the last four weeka. Here is my catgirl for Friday, though!


I was hoping I could have the Mischevious Dress for myself in Monster Hunter World, but only The Handler can wear it. I just gave Capcom three dollars because the goth look does make her more tolerable. I also got Megaman 11 today just because.


Finished Shadow of the Tomb Raider. What it lacked in story it made up for in stunning locales, more exploration, improved stealth combat and a photo mode to goof around with. I loved how well the supporting cast was used, too.


21 minutes. Lots of purple/gold weapons collected. Saw and shot nobody. Reviewing the replay, the other two before me had a big tower shootout at the storm's edge. The victor built themselves into a corner & was killed by the storm. 1st Victory Royale.


While I have mixed opinions about Shadow of the Tomb Raider, I do like the idea of Immersion Mode, which lets characters speak their native languages for a more authentic setting. One better would if Lara used these languages as she learns them, though.


Headed home to happily murder Trinity agents.


I can't think of a good caption, I just like the pose.


SE is telling me to put my phone down, but also to take on a job that has a skill that lowers my defenses briefly and has a backward jump that is sometimes certain to have me fall off ledges. It's not happened on my Dragoon yet, but still.


The Chinese ad campaign for the Venom movie is far more interesting than ours is.


Game pitch: Sony/SE crossover game Jonah and Sully tell Lara and Nathan to fuck off with their disintegrating ruins and tombs.


I didn't know the animated JLA movies had gone back and redid Death of Superman. Now they're doing Reign of the Supermen. Nathan Fillon reprises Hal Jordan so I know where they're going with this and what that potentially sets up. Bye bye Coast City.


Finished Rise of the Tomb Raider. Much more polished than the reboot in terms of the skill system and upgrades as well as more focused in terms of story. No needless characters/dragging out the obvious. The Baba Yaga and Croft Manor stuff was nice, too.


Last weekend, Lara survived Tomb Raider definitively. This weekend, I will see her rise the tombs and then shadow them next weekend. That's the plan. That and Bayonetta 2.


I think my biggest problem facing PS Classic is going to be the fact I probably have most of what it will have on my PS3 and Vita/PSP. That and it's often easier to track down PS stuff than most older systems. And PS2/PS3 function as a PS1, too.


As it turns out the endgame currency in Final Fantasy XIV is just ancient smartphones. I have been collecting ancient Allagan selfies all this time.


Apparently nobody wants to play NES games on Switch, which is why I see people playing NES games on the Switch.


Common theme between Spider-Man and the Tomb Raider DE - gun dude, brawler dude, grenade dude and shield dude are common enemies. Waves of enemies, too. Lots to explore and do. Shitty bosses, though.


This weekend tombs were raided and I did things only spiders could do. Been a while since I finished two games in a weekend and Tomb Raider was just two days! Monday I get to figure out how to get to work and which places around me were flooded.


Well, this showed up ahead of Florence, so if the power goes out I can at least start it.


I knew Sakurai had a spoiler character in him.


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