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Well, I was gonna do Behemoth and Rathalos EX in the FFXIV X MHW crossover, but I decided to save them for my upcoming four day weekend. Played lots of Dead Cells and leveled up Dragoon instead.


Well, I was gonna get Okami HD on Switch today, but speeding ticket lawyer billed me $100 more than expected, so it's dollars menus and Ramen til I get paid again :/ I do have the PS4 version, too, but those touch controls are how I want to play :(


Luigi died this morning and hardly anyone cares. And this after Mario and Megaman were killed offscreen by Ridley.


Seeing dudes flip put about a gay Batwoman like she's a genderswapped reboot more or less proves what I've known about perpetually mad dudes all this time: They're fake nerds.


Completed the first Eorzean version of Rathalos armor. Looks nice with a fire weapon. Also worked out a Wide Range/Speed Eating/Free Meal build in MHW but it needs tons of armor spheres to be viable.


Fought Rathalos eight times in FFXIV this morning. Somehow I'm supposed to believe that eight scales are needed to make the "Rathalos coil" which is really just a string bikini bottom in Eorzea.


Enjoyed MHW's takes on FFXIV musical themes (though the one for Behemoth is straight from FFXIV), particularly the moogle one. Here's the original. The version with lyrics is crazy.


You're too late, Mickey. Fortnite turned me into a Hot Topic employee.


Just shy of the Behemoth requirements, but making progress on Nergigante and Deviljo things.


One of the best things about being part of the community team is I can be blamed for moderation other moderators and Disqus does when I'm sleeping. So I'm basically blamed for Destructoid having a strong community team. I can live with that.


Reminder we have under a week left on the current Bloggers Wanted prompt. We'll be looking through them the next few days. Still gotta write mine.


In-game, I favor the Long Blade and Insect Glaive. In comment sections, the Hammer.


Finished Bloodborne. Now a different hoont begins...


Friendly reminder: Even if you think its funny or cute, if there is any chance viewing it at work could get someone fired, then please post it in the comments of your quickpost, not the quickpost itself. Otherwise it has to be hidden.


One of the dumbest things I read on Twitter lately was that Dark Souls/Bloodborne doesn't need writers to be successful. Meanwhile, practically every character design, level and item in these games have a rather distinct narrative purpose.


Thanks to a level geometry mishap eating a giant shark monster and some well timed stuns and visceral attacks on his grappling friend, I got my Rakuyo.


Bloggers wanted: Taking out the trash

July is a month associated with patriotism, humidity and fireworks in some parts of the world but when it comes to video games, we all have a shared, special heritage -- a birthright, if you will -- and we can trace it all the way back to o...


I have now invaded a few Bloodborne games. One dude took off his armor, so I screamed and lured him to an NPC hunter and we killed the naked hunter. I do not feel bad about invading now.


The current batch of Wolfenstein games are apparently games I need on all the things now. They also all need gyro controls, though.


Okay the Bloggers Wanted for July is primed and ready. I haven't done prompt in a year, but I found one I think everyone can get behind.


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