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I swear I made this post earlier... but... Happy birthday Rudorlf!!! Hope your day is amazing!


God Hand>>>>>Bayo>DMCV>DMC3SE>MGRising>Bayo 2>Shinobi PS2>DMC4>Transformers Devastation>DmC>DMC>DMC2


Working out every day is a pain in the ass.


Pictured: You guys saving my ass. Again. Fucking love you all. Thank you.


Ok. Fuck the heart. Back to work I go...


Happy Birthday Bass! May you have a fantastic day filled with what you love. I googled French fish, and well...


I need this on my Switch and my PC. Not too long to wait either.


2 weeks without a cigarette. Third day without the patch. Still using a disposable eCig here and there tho. Im shocked Ive adjusted this well, and no one has died.


So, I swore I wasnt going to buy any games or anything... but my #1 wishlisted game (DQ 11) is a GMG VIP @ $27. With my credit it came out to $16. Sorry, not sorry Pokemon and DMC 5. Papi's favorite whore just came to town, and she came cheap.


Giveaway: 12 Is Better Than 6 - NSW (NA, EU, AU)

Howdy folks! On today's agenda, we have the lovely game: 12 Is Better Than 6 up for giveaway. The game is releasing on Nintendo Switch today, and what better time to giveaway ten copies each, for the regions listed in the title. I had a lot...


Happy birthday Limo! May it not be as trash as your opinions. Seriously tho, I hope today and tomorrow are fantastic to you. Sunday you deserve to stub your toe tho.


One of my fav games of recent times, Deep Rock Galactic, is having a sale and free weekend on Steam. Check that shit out, chug some beer, pick a beard, and squash some bugs.


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Formerly known as Miguel Martinez. He is now almost 37 and old and one of your Community Managers. Focusing on community playdates, contests, and modding. He will never be Andy Dixon. He probably hates you as well (He's lying about that). He loves the cock though. He used to run The Low(er) Tier, he podcasted (and was on PStoid, led by dudes in pants) and got into development and then fell out of it. He says he enjoys nothing (his fat ass loves tacos though), but his known interests (besides games) are: reading, hiking, playing with his kids, yelling at old(er) people, collecting various urine samples, stalking Smurfee, bad MSPaint work, thinking about working out, itching his bare butthole and seeing how long he can go without smelling his finger and Batman. He loves old school cars (Chevy), football (Packers & Niners) and of course: Vidya Gamze!

His favorite games as a wee lass were: SMB3, Gunstar Heroes, Commander Keen, Blake Stone, Doom/Quake, Excitebike, Anything from Sierra/Lucasarts and MK. Now days he barely has times for games. Keen on TBS and Roguelikes still though (Spelunky ftw!). The replayability makes his dick hard. He also is known to be playing FPS online and headshotting your ass. He's always down to game with anyone, so feel free to hit him up on whatever you see I'm on. He's been on Dtoid quite awhile now (almost 8 years) and has been involved in numerous off the radar things like contests, recaps, Community Managing and spreading his AIDS. You could find him lurking mainly in the forums, but yeah. Dtoid has forums? Nlol. Now he's a simple qpost whore. He also checks for spam and spreads his love here and there in cblogs and the fp. He loves you sick bastards. In a sexy non-sexual way.

He is also on that thar Tweetarr @MikeMcPhil. Feel free to hit him up, He is always down to chat or lend an ear to someone in need. Or he'll send you some horrific or weird memes. Your choice.

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