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Finished my Queen. Mi amor. Customized her a bit, some more detailed (click on the picture for decent res) pics inside. Glossy bitch, hard to take a picture of, but I had to have that "wet" look.


Hey. Here's a reminder to go commit some kindness in the world today. It's needed more than ever. Small or big, all that matters is the intent. Words are nice, but actions are what matters. So matter. Not mater tho. Mater's a tow truck and fleshlight.


Pretty bummed the regional hide and seek qualifiers were canceled here. Seems a lot of stuff is getting pushed back again. At least in this case, it's just that good contestants were hard to find.


Picked up Aliens: Fireteam Elite, completing the gifts I wanted to get myself for surviving another year (Back 4 Blood, some paints, and a wet palette were the others). It's pretty dope, optimized pretty well too. Scared me twice so far too. Good times.


Have a great day yall. Hope you're well.


I want to get up, but look at that face.


It's time to hang dong, or kick rocks, and I'm not wearing shoes.


This just hit Steam early access, and looks dope. Stolen Realm:


Enjoy the little things that make you smile. Fuck the rest of the world.


Splurged on a month of Gamepass PC, so I could play Back 4 Blood. Damn solid follow-up to L4D. Loving it. Moms da best, so dibs now and forever. Game is crazy well optimized too. I shouldn't be able to run it so well, yet I do. BLACK BETTY BUM BA RUM!


Been meaning to ask this: Fucking why did this happen? You want to know what scares me Jetter Mars? Even at 13, this fucking terrified me. WHY IS MARTIN SHORT A CHILD !?!?


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