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Please, Don't Make Me Wait Anymore...

So, with today being Monday, January 17th, I did something that I HOPE I don't regret in the future. I decided to try something bold. I decided to try something daring. I did something that could be good or come back to bite me you know whe...


So, what games do YOU like?

Lately, people have asked me a couple things… One, I’ve been asked to type up longer posts, under threat of being reported for spam. Two is people have been asking me what games I do and don’t like. Well, this post should satisfy people and...



I just bought Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 for the ps3 today, so I'm hoping to start playing that later tonight. I'm hoping it's easier to pick up on, like the other ones used to be. Also, A couple asked me about what games I've finished and wh...


Ok, I'm gonna try this again...

It appears, despite being meant as somewhat of a joke, that quite a few people ate me alive for my one sentence post... So, I'm gonna try it again... How's it going, everyone? My name is Patrick. I'm 19 years old, I live in Chicago, Illino...


About Patrick Ketzaone of us since 10:56 PM on 12.16.2010

I'm patrick. I'm 19 and in college. I'm a big pro wrestling fan, too big for my own good. I do work, so I'm not on the computer every waking moment of my day. I am a big sports fan, especially the Chicago Rush, the Arena Football team. I write two blog, and am also big into charity. I currently only have a ps3, but am looking at possibly getting a 360 in the future. my PSNID is "PKPunk" and i do take friend requests. See my second blog post for the games I have currently. If you do request me, please mention dtoid or something so that i don't say no to adding, which I do... that's all for now, I hope.
PSN ID:pkpunk


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