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I mean, I expected this level of emotion from Endgame, but boy was I weepy. I loved every minute of it and want to own every last one of these movies. What an accomplishment to pull this all off over 10 freakin years.


Happy birthday, Torch!!! Pic maybe unrelated...


Sekiro Update: Stomped a boss (in comments) on my third try, feeling pretty accomplished - although tbh the game is starting to feel like a grind :/ I’m ready for it to be over but it looks like I still have a good bit left...


You guys ever scroll comments and see someone commenting on things as you scroll? It's kinda neat. Just had that on the sonic article with Soulbow, watched him comment on things as we cruised the comment section of life. #IncredibleThoughts.


Bump: BEAT HIM! So I’ve been enjoying Sekiro so far, haven’t really hugely struggled anywhere or raged out....but this f’ing Genichiro fight can eat a dick. What a load of hot garbage. If I can’t beat it this week I might put the game down [...].


Stop logging me out! 😂😂😂


PSA - if you wanted MK11, it’s currently $59.99 at Target.com, plus a $10 gift card. Redcard holders get another 10% off. Finally, after ordering you can call to price match vs. Amazon and save another $7-10. Gift card thru today #PatSaves #tmyk


Happy birthday Occams!!!!!!!! I know you’re ageless like Cthulhu, but HBD all the same 😘


Mortal Kombat 11 is the Anthem of fighting games 😂


I hope all these rumblings about the MK11 microtransactions are overblown. If not, it’s a real bummer.


Allegedly the DLC roster has leaked online for MK11, so gird your loins. I looked but will keep my thoughts to myself. Tbh - the only character I loved in the Injustice 2 DLC was Red Hood, the others felt lukewarm. Maybe I'm picky.


Happy Easter to anyone who believes in that 😁 Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!


Sekiro update: killed a cow, painstakingly killed the Drunk’s followers then barely beat him, noped the hell out of places, stumbled upon a mountain temple...it’s crazy - I feel pretty accomplished so far and it hasn’t busted my balls too bad...


@Wes Tacos is a gentle and unselfish lover. The thing with the cheese grater was unusual, but really took things to the next level.


So Gyoubu was way easier than Drunkard has been for me so far. Just so many guys to clear out. I normally dislike difficult games but am really liking Sekiro, walls and all. I made little progress in 30 min, then jammed through the next hour!


PSA: Use this pic and get XC2 and XC Torna for $20 each. Must show them this pic bc they changed the error in the online ad. XC2 isn’t supposed to be on sale.


Falling asleep early on a weekend night without playing any games is probably one of my top disappointments as an “adult”. 😂


How do you Sekiro players sink loads of time in without getting stressed? I play so methodically bc I'm scared to rush ahead and lose progress... but I want it to be fun! Pro-tips? :) Other than "git gud"...


Hottestest take: Sekiro is the Rick-Roll of the Soulsbourne series, played via the DK Bongos of our hearts.


FINALLY got another brief Sekiro sesh. I'm still only by the second idol but I love just creeping around and stealth killing dudes (and DOGS!). Took out that mini-boss general dude in 3 tries and need to remember to breathe when I play. So good.


Wow, Us was freaking amazing and creepy as hell. Jordan Peele is at the top of his game and please someone give Lupita Nyong’o an Oscar! Damn.


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