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Hypothetically if one were to dip one’s toes into gunpla, what would be some suggestions for starter kits? I don’t want to paint, have a decent attention to detail, but don’t want to spend 200 hours or $900 on one model. Pat wants a new hobby! 😂


PSA: Cyberpunk PS4 is back down sub $50 on Amazon.




I hear that guy PatBateman17 is a real sex machine.


Uhhhh maybe check the login security? Idk how this is possible 😂😂😂 Happens when I click Qtoid.


PSA: Schitt's Creek final season came to US Netflix earlier than expected - a lovely show well worth a watch!


And there’s my first Hades clear on what I considered a throwaway run with the spear. Time for Punishment 😬


PSA: Transistor is currently on sale for $3.99 on US eShop. Totally different game than Hades, but still pretty cool and a good one for Switch!


Seeing these Squadrons reviews all over the map. Really I just want the Star Wars sp content - altho mp does look neat. I loved X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter back in the day, even tho I sucked at it. Any community reviews?


Why did they make Peter Parker’s face more “generic bro” for the remaster? How silly.


Watched The Social Dilemma last night and am having an existential crisis 😂 Maybe I won’t buy any new consoles? And I might actually uninstall Hades bc I feel legit addicted to playing it. That doc really made me feel like shit but also it’s needed


Ghost of Tsushima on sale tomorrow! https://blog.playstation.com/2020/09/29/games-of-a-generation-promotion-comes-to-playstation-store/


I am very nervous for this presidential debate tonight :/ pic unrelated (OR IS IT)


Between THPS 1+2 and Hades...I feel like i may not play anything else this year 😂😂😂


Considering nabbing RE3, Revelations 2, Kiwami 2, and Yakuza (3, 4, 5) collection in the current sale - the ensuing RE and Yakuza series run would prob carry me into 2021 😂😂😂 Mafia 1 and 2 also tempting... or Paper Mario & Hyrule Warriors 🤷


So grateful my state has early voting. Got out and voted my ass off in <15 min. That brought some brief hope into my life before spiraling back into awful political news. Time for Great British Baking Show and takeout thai food to ease the pain


It has dawned on me after 4 straight nights of playing that I could probably spend the rest of the year playing Hades. Damn you! That's not helping me complete my backlog :) But I don't want to stop playing...


Going in on Hades almost completely blind to every part of it has been really neat. Organically discovering stuff and basically being surprised by legit everything. Also almost hitting double digit hours in two days 😂


Does anyone in the community want to buy Ring Fit at MSRP? I have an extra one (paid extra like a dummy) but I’m not trying to scalp at premiums. I’d be good with retail + shipping if anyone wants 🤷🏻‍♂️


A lovely surprise - anyone that preordered Mario All-Stars on Amazon should be getting a $10 refund. The system dropped the price to $49.99 for a hot minute on release day, triggering their preorder price guarantee!


Welcome to today’s episode of: should Pat get a PS5 thru the Sony invite? 😂😂😂 ugh. It’d be like $700 and I have a monstrous PS4 backlog. Don’t be stupid Pat!


Avengers Log day 3: the whole War Table thing irks me, Avengers “strike team”? Ugh. What a GaaS...Everything about this forced mp raid stuff aggravates me, was it that hard to find in-universe cosmetics that made sense? Sigh.


PS5 live on Amazon 🤷🏻‍♂️


A lover of lists, I took a go at Backloggd. When I reached 88 titles just from skimming the fist few pages of the popular list alone, I gave up 😂 Pat’s got no time for that shit.


PSA: Hyrule Warriors Definitive digital (Switch) apparently $49.99 on target 🤷🏻‍♂️ Historic low is $39.99.


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