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Well that’s Steamworld Dig 2 (Switch) down as of last night. A good little 7 hour romp that was pure fun throughout. Highly recommended - but I also loved Dig 1. Quest is the only one I haven’t played yet. I also started Deadly Prem Origins 😂


And of course a classic late #90stoid for Riff - I’m jealous you get to live in the native country of my favorite band ever 😂


PSA: if you downloaded Mafia 3 from PS+ earlier, you now have the dlc for free and are “converted” to the Definitive Edition.


PSA: Nintendo Labo Kits are $19.99 a piece at Target.com. Ordered each one as a quarantine gift to the kids 😂😂😂


Happy birthday, Torch, you sexy bastard.


#PopularOpinionToid - Nintendo makes some charming games and, sure, they make a lot of missteps, but damn if they aren't the publisher behind my childhood.


Weird. I always pronounced it "mako" like mAEko, hard a, not "mako" like maako. #TMYK


Virginia is set to “phased reopen” next week and it’s the most half-assed plan. I’m so disappointed by weak leadership giving in to this nonsense. Americans get bored and throw “freedom” tantrums and that’s just how we make decisions now? F


Y’all can ignore me but I beg you to please not post TLoU2 spoilers or spoiler impressions on the front qposts. It sounds silly but this is an important game to me and it would wreck me to have it ruined. Don’t make me pull a Plissken and ghost :(


I don’t know what everyone’s situations look like, but I just want you all to know that I love and am grateful for everyone single one of you. This world is better for having you in it. Don’t give up.


Wow, literally every TLoU2 article or tweet anywhere outside of Dtoid seems to draw spoiler comments. Stay safe out there!


Hi US eShop - WHY WON'T YOU LET ME BUY STREETS OF RAGE 4?????? - Sincerely, North America


Happy birthday, Gus! I reviewed a bunch of puns to see which met your standard of quality on your bday, unfortunately not one pun in ten did.


Happy birthday Sir Shenanigans!!


Happy birthday Sam!!! You’ve got a hell of a stache and you’re a good person. Pic maybe related? Hope you get your fill of life today 😬


Either this is #MyFirstQpost or just as far back as the browser will take me. I’ve always been a fan of the dick joke. Still sterile, no thanks to you beautiful lot here. I’d impregnate all of you any day of the week.


What started as “let me just start FF7R real quick” last night turned into a 2.5 hour session 😂 All the 1997 feels are rushing back. Spoiler thoughts in the comments.


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