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I’m truly surprised and greatly appreciative, my Secret Santa has spoiled me this year - thank you, whoever you are!! Massive thanks to Bass for putting this together again. I’ve hugely been looking forward to playing this! #cursedmas is a turned imag


If you're going to play both Jedi Fallen Order and CONTROL, my POV right now is play Jedi first. I feel like CONTROL nailed the feel of the powers and so far Jedi hasn't matched it yet. #ymmv


Some decent (but not necessarily mindblowing) PSN sales starting tomorrow through Black Friday. PS Blog listed everything, so I have to imagine that’ll be it. I’ve made a spreadsheet to determine what to get :) Open to suggestions!


Apparently I received two bonus codes for Jedi Fallen Order for some minimal cosmetic stuff. One free code in the comments! Please comment when claimed.


Lots of dev confidence in the Shenmue 3 review embargo being up 2 days after release, lol. Come on guys.


Any takes on the Fallen Order review predictions? My heart says 9/10, but my brain says 4.5-6/10 ...


That feeling when you can't get out of having an argument by leaving the room because you were playing Death Stranding and the cutscene simply will not end -%20-


Ughhh the Disney+ app doesn’t show up on my Samsung tv’s App search. Does that mean my model isn’t supported??? 😭😭😭


Put in basically one hour in Death Stranding and wasn’t able to play almost at all this weekend. Premature opinion - I really like it so far.


Happy birthday Moyse! The cream has certainly risen to the top indeed, OHHH YEAHHHHH. Your weekend well-wishes and positive words always brighten my days, so thank you for being part of our community.


Just beat the main path of CONTROL! Whew. Spoiler thoughts in the comments!


Thinking about my next game for when I beat CONTROL. Looks like Sinking City and Outward are both on significant sale atm. Anyone love/hate either of these? I know we had some positive marks for Outward by several folks.


The Lighthouse was definitely interesting. Beautifully shot and acted. More cinema than “movie” for sure. Really enjoyed it and worth a watch.


The Lighthouse was definitely interesting. Beautifully shot and acted. More cinema than “movie” for sure. Really enjoyed it and worth a watch.


I’m here to remind everyone that CONTROL is super fun and amazingly weird/creepy. I’ll play anything by Remedy and to hear Max Payne’s voice again.


And at 6.5 hours (over four days), that’s Obra Dinn 100% complete. A lovely game, charming and enjoyable experience and perfect for the Switch. I’d have zero gaming time lately without that beautiful console. Although I’m noticing left joycon drift


Buying Outer Worlds, Death Stranding and Luigi’s Mansion 3 all at once is a good idea, right?


Picked up Obra Dinn and The Missing - bring me stellar gaming!!


Honestly, I'm really nervous about reviews for some upcoming games like Outer Worlds and Death Stranding. As a base PS4 owner, I feel like current reviews are set to Pro models (see Control reviews) and base model owners get negative info weeks later :\


Happy birthday, Mike! I wish you only mild diarrhea today.


Diabetic funnel cakes? GOD BLESS AMERICA.


As a proud Black Eagle, I feel it’s my duty to recruit away students of other houses and faculty, and then never use them. Suck it, Dmitri and Claude.


Pat’s hitting the rum and cokes tonight and is feeling good, so AMA!! Full disclosure - I might not reply to all tonight but I will reply to everyone!! You guys are the best.


The Last of Us was my favorite game of last-gen and an absolutely beautiful sendoff for the PS3. I loved the setting, music, acting, ending and everything about it. Absolutely brilliant. I cannot wait for TLOU2 this February.


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