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Buying Outer Worlds, Death Stranding and Luigi’s Mansion 3 all at once is a good idea, right?


Picked up Obra Dinn and The Missing - bring me stellar gaming!!


Honestly, I'm really nervous about reviews for some upcoming games like Outer Worlds and Death Stranding. As a base PS4 owner, I feel like current reviews are set to Pro models (see Control reviews) and base model owners get negative info weeks later :\


Happy birthday, Mike! I wish you only mild diarrhea today.


Diabetic funnel cakes? GOD BLESS AMERICA.


As a proud Black Eagle, I feel it’s my duty to recruit away students of other houses and faculty, and then never use them. Suck it, Dmitri and Claude.


Pat’s hitting the rum and cokes tonight and is feeling good, so AMA!! Full disclosure - I might not reply to all tonight but I will reply to everyone!! You guys are the best.


The Last of Us was my favorite game of last-gen and an absolutely beautiful sendoff for the PS3. I loved the setting, music, acting, ending and everything about it. Absolutely brilliant. I cannot wait for TLOU2 this February.


Any of the more finance un/savvy Dtoiders ever get a HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit)? We have a fair chunk of personal debt, upcoming medical expenses and just general life stuff and I'm considering it instead of putting more on a cc...


Ah damnit. RIP MoviePass, you sure burned bright and fast. Thanks for enabling my obsessive theater going and uh, I guess at the cost of another data breach. I’m bummed to see it go :/ https://www.cnbc.com/2019/09/13/moviepass-will-shut-down-for-good


God, I love Remedy so much. CONTROL stability patch out now. I've definitely noticed textures on portraits and signs loading slowly, had one super big frame drop - Base PS4. https://controlgame.com/control-september-update/


I think I broke my big toe stumbling down the stairs. Is this what getting older is like? Fml.


After putting in another 2 hours, I’m really enjoying Control. I did notice one instance of slowdown in a heated battle but was quick and no big deal. I love Remedy and the game is giving me serious Psi-Ops (Xbox) vibes. Also Ahti is best character


OpenCritic shows reviews landing for Control at ~9am Eastern tomorrow. Eeeeeeeeeeeeee 🥳🥳🥳


Sorry Claude, I’m a Black Eagles girl.


Happy birthday Amna and Nekkid!! Just let me know where to mail this ziploc bag full of my “love”.


Ugh, idk when I became this indecisive gamer, but staring at the house choice in FE 3 Houses is legit stressing me out 😂 I know it’s stupid, but I’ll realistically only play the game once. Initially I’m drawn to Claude and the Golden Deer...


Sekiro status update in comments to avoid spoilers. Peak frustration 😩


Finally at the last boss in Sekiro. What a not fun fight this is. Bummer. I’ll stick with it though!


For those that finished Stranger Things 3, spoiler question and comment in the comments!


Anyone going in on the Stranger Things 3 game? I’m getting a Zombies Ate My Neighbors vibe from it and it looks lovely. Apparently need to finish the season first though.


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