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Nier Replicant remaster!?


Making walnut brownies, cause what else are you gonna do on a quarantined Saturday night?


I can't believe the only other appearance of Fannie and Earl is in the Detective Heart of America movie. It was there the whole time while I was hoping for more content.


Heres a funny little thing that happened to me today in AC. Video below.


I've done all I can do today in AC. Isabelle showed up, I got another inventory expansion, I relocated my home, and I'm building another bridge. And thank God the hourly music is here. I think I'm finally at a point to slow down and finally play Doome.


Here's the source for limo's pic. Spoiler: it's rad.


Blues and I hung out!


I forgot you can use keyboards with your switch. I hooked my spare up and chatting is now much easier. Also my island is open y'all. FC is 3151-5123-0455


Working on paths right now.


I could make another let me in joke, but I'm more of a:


Ok this has been a huge problem with disqus on mobile the past few months. Everytime I try to edit my comment or visit a reply from the disqus website, I cant interact with anything on the page. Its driving me nuts.


I love this. Tom Nook is basically Justin McElroy. Art by https://bechnokid.tumblr.com/post/613539874897870848


Other than Peta being weird as usual. Tom Nook is bringing an actual residential building in a couple of days and I made a mistake customizing my mailbox before paying off my loan. Now I have to wait two days to buy another room 😭


I'm sorry PETA, WHAT!?


The new shadowdropped steven universe future episode be like:


Wash your fucking hands.


Phone: Tricked out


I just had three ppl in a row entering my island and then the session suddenly shut down. Radcat was one of them!


Finished assembling my first fossil!


My islands open y'all!


Waaait a second. Where's the art gallery in the museum?


Museum's open Binch!


Couldn't sleep so I made eyebrows!


Guys, I think this bug works at Nintendo


Lawman, Lewness, and Ineptmelon came over!


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