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Great, now there's a Rosette


umm. Holy crap? https://twitter.com/shaunfinney/status/1044036209511522304


Ok, now I'll stop buying books.


Also happy birthday ravenclaw and Nathan!


Dragon Quest XI Switch is getting a new title named Dragon Quest XI S. S meaning Special. Nice.


Its here! How im feeling right now:


Got to hunt with Sr. Churros tonight! Totally went after Uragaans! Took a few screenshots to commemorate. Step on me Churro's senpai!


Ok i think i have a TabletopRPG book addiction now. I ordered this last night. Cyberpunk 2020 is either coming tomorrow or Mon. along with DnD 3.0 phb+dm and all three 3.5 rulebooks. Im considering nabbing call of cthulhu but i should like. Stop. For now.


Bruh! Not gonna lie. I did that many times. Fuuuuck retail.


Lookie what my local library has! I dug a little at their website and they have tomb of annihilation on shelf at the neighboring library! So i requested it and am waiting for it to get here. Cant wait to pick that up.


Looks like we nintendo online for the dark souls network test.


Great, now I ordered Cyberpunk 2020 as well!


I was looking to browse ebay for old DnD edition hand books. While the 3.5 books are a little outta my price range together, the 3.0 players handbook and DM Guide were around $10 each so that was a win! I may not play em but damn do I wanna read em!


*Sigh* I gotta get back to reading HxH don't I?


I love the internet


For those who read the pathfinder playtest players handbook,how is it?


Also, deaf General Amaya is so cool. Step on me senpai!


Just finished the Dragon Prince. That was pretty great! Loved the backgrounds and everyone's personality is developed well! Love Reyla's voice and its great to hear sokka's VA again. I can't believe I've been voltroned again though. Why's it so short!


Well i totally missed this Undertale trailer! Also I ordered the switch special edition! Cant wait to get it!


Quick question, is it worth getting the dnd handbook on dnd beyond as it does unlock its contents at your character sheets? Im just worried when they shut the site down, ita gone and there goes my $30.


Trying out blackout. There seems to be a lot of skips. It's really hurting my impressions some. But this is a beta though so I guess I'll have to deal.


I've been listening to the Mcelroys' other podcasts starting with Wonderful! and omg is it just WONDERFUL. I love that these good good boys love their wives so much. Also Rachel is too pure!


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