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First purchase with my return! Now i gotta wait for my gba sp to be delivered. Lets go!


Like you boxcar i jsut got my return as well. Time to be responsible!... By buying gb and gba games!


Reggie before you go:


Watched Alita last night with my dad. We both rather liked it! Although I agree with some of y'all here that it does have some pacing and editing issues but I still rather adored it all the same. Hopefully there'll be a sequel. I'd like that.


Like, Nani the Fuck, man.


I won't play Apex much like most BR's but damn is it fun when I do. Got my first victory!


Good god the audio design with headphones on is too good for Apex Legends.


Yuss! Just got tickets to My brother My brother and Me, and The Adventure Zone for April! I missed last years tour when they came around. I'm so excited!


Made it to top 10 a lot in Tetris 99. My personal best is 4th. Damn i really wanna get #1.


Man my roomate and I are addicted to tetris 99 now. Im better than him so far, making it past 20. Hes doing very well for himself as well. We made it our personal goals to make it to the top! Tetris BR. What a world huh?


Man fire emblem three houses is like valkyria chronicles 2-2. Im so hyped!


Thank you PC Mods! More below:


Me with my dad in a nutshell.


Im trying to facetime my lil cousin to play dnd with. Whats the best app to do this with? Ive tried discord but whats y'alls recommendation?


I failed to keep my pukei buddy alive in the witcher quest but i did get enough stuff to make geralts armor and weapons. Lookin so good.


Finally got an email about my free copy of assassins creed odyssey from project stream. Will get it soon!


The gameplay in the dmcv demo is great but the camera was really weird. Everytime i tried to look up the camera goes on the fritz and i dont like how the camera is just locked onto the boss and i cant look around my surroundings.


Been playing the Board Game Betrayal at house on the hill and holy shit. I love this! Randomly generated room tiles, 50 different haunts. Its replayable af! I turned traitor twice now and im loving it. Interdimensional travel. Controlling zombies. Yes


Thats Kingdom Hearts 3 beaten on Proud and with the Secret Ending! Man what a ride. I teared up multiple times during the final level. Now I can't wait to see where this train goes next. Will it ever end? Nomura says no!


Yknow what would be great? The kingdom hearts collection w/o BBs 0.2 on the switch. With 1080p and at least 30fps. Thatd be the dream!


7am now and im so close to the end of kh3. So woooow. A lot of really cool stuff went down that really peak with joy. Time to finish this all up after work.


Love wargroove but now i gotta get back to kingdom hearts


Unnf. Wargroove is so fun y'all. Been playing it portable on my switch since im at my familys house. So charming.


This is exactly how I feel. Sometimes you just wanna watch something pure and laugh. They definitely liftrd my spirits through some low-key depressions. S'why I love AT, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe and others.


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