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Went back into splatoon 2 and all my save data is gone? And I can't download a backup? This is some bullshit.


God I feel this so hard. Minimum wage will always get minimum effort from me.


Lookie what I got. I'm very excited to get into this!


Finally started Sandman and just finished episode 5. This is pretty wild so far. Can't wait to finish it out.


Ive been playing with the new update for Talespire for a bit. It's pretty cool!


Aww Bridgets ending was pretty sweet.


Well damn! The return!


Attention Chris Moyse!


Happy birthday Gaj! It's great having you around and hope you're having a good day.


Yooooo new Fatal Fury green lit!


Well shit, my 3ds died on me. Had it on and closed most of the day, but opening it just gives me black screens. Guess no etrian odyssey for me for a while. Edit: Woo, false alarm. I just had to wait a couple of minutes for it to start up from sleep mode.


I've forgotten how addicting drawing maps in Etrian Odyssey can be! I never noticed that you can annotate markers before. That would been very useful to know back when I played EO4.


I always admired how much johnny loves when Kim talks about the games she plays.


What? Well I'm sure it's popular with Young Adults, but it sure as hell isn't targeted for Young Adults!


I heard that the lofi girl channel got taken down and was brought back a bit ago leading to one of their streams being the longest streams ever on Youtube. I had to see this for myself and daaaaaamn.


Over the weekend, I managed to get the PS5 Horizon Bundle on best buy online for my brother's birthday. I waited in line a good few hours in the morning and it was worth it. It's a pickup though so I'll have to mail it to him. It'll be here in a few days.


I got ergo proxy and started watching a couple episodes. I never finished it and am hoping to do that this time around. It's pretty good so far.


Oh thank God Daisy's arrived.


Man do I wish most anime had dub accurate subtitles. It bothers me so much when it isn't.


Ok so I finally go to read Akira for the first time this weekend and finished the 1st volume. Never watched the movie aside from clips. First impressions: Canada has very rapey vibes and I barely know tetsuo as a person. Everything else is cool tho.


Well I've decided to bench persona 4 G until the switch comes out. Now I think I can either go for persona 3 or persona 5 royal. If P3, which version though? On one hand, P3P has huge QoL features in it, but on the other, I can't see moments like this:


Since replaying the steam version of Persona 4 Golden, I kinda miss just laying in my bed with the Vita. I can't wait for the switch version.


I also watched the new Thor and honestly, its an okay romp. The CG looks terrible, especially the CG characters. I liked the ending though, it felt fitting. 7/10 would watch again with some company in the background.


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