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Ooh not long after my last qp, Y7 arrived!


Thank you Youtube recommendations


Saw that Yakuza: Like a Dragon was on sale for $35 on amazon. I took that deal real quick. I can't wait to play that once I'm caught up with the previous games and Judgement.


Now that I have beaten Yakuza 0 and am enjoying the post game content, I can now fully appreciate those Kiryu never killed anyone memes. Man they're great.


I finally beat Yakuza 0. What a wild ride. Everything about that was just so so good. It was my first Yakuza game I ever completed. I can't wait to dig into Kiwami sometime.


Well since the new patch for ff14 is on the horizon, I think im ready to jump back in. It feels like its been months since my sub ended *Sees that my last sub ended on Oct. 31*. Ah...


Man I really like Worthikids' animations and music.


Whew. I enjoyed that trip back into G4. I hope when they relaunch the network, it can be a bit less sexist. It was a pretty dude bro channel.


The G4 reunion special is hilarious so far. They brought back Attack of the Show!


Oh snaps. Movie tie in!


For those who have played atelier ryza, is there a way to slow down the combat? I think it goes way bit too fast for my liking.


Hey what are yalls favorite movie trope? Mine is when a character is told leave their weapons at the entrance and starts putting multiple weapons on the table one by one.


Adventure time obsidian was so good. The gay was so out there itd make supernatural fans jealous.


And that is fellowship of the ring finished. Ugh, that ending always gets me. I'm always reminded why Sam is the mvp in this whole thing.


The Lord of the rings movies are my favorite comfort movies to watch. It holds up very well.


Oh. Gunnerkrigg Court is down. I'm usually up when it updates. Been liking the current chapter so far. Hope the site is ok.


Hmm. I want y'alls opinion on a comment I read. Its about developers purposely making certain games'(EX: Modern Warfare) file sizes so big instead of compressing em as to prevent people from deleting it off their system and keep playing.


I got my stardew valley collectors edition yesterday. It looks so nice!


I screen-shared my cousins first Studio Ghibli movie and he loved it. It was Princess Mononoke and he gave it a 10/10


Huh. I guess you are!


Its been about a few weeks since my FFXIV Sub has expired. It feels pretty good. I thought about resubbing a few times due to the lack of my usual routine being sated. I held off though and now I definitely feel its much easier not to go back.


This aged well.


I thought I was getting the switch stardew valley today as well but it was mynintendo reward instead. Nice! Although it looks like a whoopie cushion the more I look at it.


And a huge sigh of relief washed over me this morning. Though I guess we're not out of the woods yet with that orange bastard trying to keep his undeserved job.


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