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Despite already having smt: strange journey, I bought Redux as well as the best version of RE4(Wii)! I cant wait to get into this again and hopefully actually beat it!


Hey remember when news broke out that Trump keeps ripping up official documents after reading them and the white house staff started having people taping them back up because its a federal crime for him to do that? I'm enjoying the comments in the tags:


I knew someone was going make a trailer of cyberpunk with ciri narrating it and I wasnt disappointed.


Hey y'all remember yogcast? Cause I sure didnt! I was frantically trying to remember them & searching "old popular minecraft youtubers" and no luck until i remembered a two best sisters play portal 2 used their theme and comment named em and bam. Got em!


I'm reading that even legal residents are being rounded up. Citizenships are being taken away. and kids still being put into camps. Jfc.


#Confessintoid I have never beaten Resident Evil 1-3 or the REmakes and 0 cause they are legit scary even though they look like pixelated garbage.


Yeesh Resident Evil 2, a ps1 remake fans have been clamoring for, is coming out next january. Yet FF7 is probably years or a console generation away because... yknow, its Square.


After finishing a few of those line sets in the splatoon expansion, which took a good few hours, I went ahead and tried to unlock the octoling. I was not prepared for the awesome levels of metal gear and awesome bosses. That final boss ost was so good.


Rated E for everyone


Splatoon 2 octoecpansion is up! Lets go!


So is the octo expansion supposed to be available to play today or just be officially purchased?


Well, not being able to use my epic account for Fortnite switch cause its already connected to the ps4 is pretty dumb. They want us to pay for that founders pack again. Yeah, not this time Epic and HI-Rez. I aint paying jack for your games.


when sakurai said after 10 long years since wolf was in smash. I didnt realize its been THAT long since Brawl. Like holy crap, I feel old.


So we have Smash Dream Match. I can't believe we have cloud, ryu and snake all in one game. The fanfics are real!


This bitch empty!


Claire looks fantastic!


I may not be into starlinks but I do want that figure!


Tried looking up reactions to digital devolvers last years conference, and i thought easy allies would like it but they looked like devolver had wasted their time. Like. what? and they had this years on stream but didnt even watch it. No respect at all.


Dante then:


Mfw someone pronounces Gif as Jif


I now completely regret not watching Devolvers previous streams and conferences. Nina is amazing and so is Margaret. I looked up old gif holy shit, step on me senpai!:


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