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Well the backlight to my tv went out. I guess this is a sign to save up for a newer one. Goodnight sweet prince, its been a great 3 years. I guess it's handheld for my switch from now on.


I binge watched RWBY since yesterday and its pretty good! The animation feels stiff sometimes outside of combat but it rocks when the action ramps up. Im reminded of Iron Man: Armored Adventures. Also Nora looks really similar to Pepper.


Dang. Riku keeps getting hotter with each entry!


I have four days off starting yesterday. I wanna play Xenoblade but my friend wants me to play last of us mp with him and holy crap! Some of those ppl are lvl 999! How long have they been playing this? Im only lvl 1!


Ok i immediately hate darun players


Fighting ex layer downloaded, lets go!


Im so angry. I came home wanting to play the mh beta but it didnt download cause i didnt put the ps4 on rest mode last night. I just wanted to come home to a good evening.


Everyone. Im still reeling from that bayonetta announcement. Someone hold me and tell me it'll be here soon.


The botw dlc is downloaded. Lets go!


Heh. Had to do this when i came across this scene. Good memes never die.


Guh, i still cant read the cblogs on my phone. I wanna see Celicas article dangit.


Just got to ch. 3 of Xeno 2 and im having a blast so far! Hope this gets better and better over time.


Oho its here! Lets go!


My xenoblade chronicles 2 special edition shipped last night and arrives today! Yes! But also I got A Hat in Time just now and am having anxiety on what to play first.


Thank you Waititi for making a good thor movie.


I just finished listening to ep 59 of The Adventure Zone and holy shit, Griffin Mcelroy is a really good DM with his plot-twists. It's been a real wild ride. Also he didnt have to produce music for this podcast but he did and i am so grateful for it.


Welp. I preordered that xenoblade special edition instead and itll get here next tuesday. Meh, i can wait.


Xenoblade 2 is finally shipping y'all! I cant wait!


Since ive suggested to Linkslayer to check out Camp Camp by roosterteeth, a show ive heard good things about but never seen. I took a crack at the 1st ep and my god that is hilarious! Also Gwen is new grumpy best girl.


Why yes i am a mature adult.


I got iddle dew 2+ yesterday and after a while, Im really digging it. Its charming, the music is nice, the combat is quite challenging though. It kinda gets bullet-helly at some point. And theres clothing and hair options to find!


Ok. Wow, Wizard of Legend is now on my wishlist. Damn these indies on the switch!


Trailer for smtV!


The sites back for me. Yay!


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