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I ran a couple of one shots of dnd for my brother tonight. He's been watching Naruto for the first time. He named his character Jiraiya and I thought that was great and made up a story of a young Jiraiya tracking down a spy. We enjoyed ourselves.


Had a day of training for my custodial job. It went pretty smoothly


Happy Birthday ChronoLynx! I hope Chrono Break will be a reality.


I find that's its been harder to read books lately. Been trying to read a few books im interested in like the Blades in the Dark ttrpg and after a bit into it, I either get a little headache or my eyes start strain. I get exhausted.


I really hope a hate train isn't going to happen online with He-Man like with She-Ra. I only know a little of what's going on with Kevin Smiths twitter due to a comment in Willows post and I think ppl should give it a watch before judging it. I liked it


Just finished He-man. This season flew by so fast that if you blink, you'll miss it lol. Its impressive how despite the length, many characters received their own spotlight.They should retitle this, He-man and the Masters of Character Development.


Happy Birthday Actual Charleton Heston!


Looks like max dood is also getting back into ffxiv. Neat! I wonder, since he bought a story skip to HW, he'll be interested in the story at all. He doesn't have to but he could always do new game+ for a recap.


Happy Birthday TheIntern! Hope you had a great day bud.


I received my Aqua figure in the mail! I wanted to collect KHBBS figures starting with Aqua since the rest are on a waiting list. I love it. I also want the Sea Salt Trio when they become availble.


I wish beyond good and evil for PC had controller support.


Isn't scalping the steam deck dumb? Valve is doing unlimited pre-orders with one per person yeah? Doesnt this guarantee that people would be able to get one?


Got a phone interview on Monday. Lets go!


That button layout for the Steam Deck doesn't look very comfortable. I'm reminded of the wiiu's pro controller.


Well looks like I couldn't make the cut. The new job was a lot harder than I expected and it was draining me to dangerous levels. I had to leave. Any longer and I was sure I would have crashed on the way home.


Sigh. I wish Time Crisis 3 would be ported. I loved that game.


Speaking of ff14. Larry dropped this for youse newbies


Alright i start new job Wed. Hopefully I don't get canned immediately if I don't perform to their standards.


I've tried out gamepass' cloud gaming on my phone and Minecraft Dungeons and Banjo Kazooie work pretty well. There's some lag on the inputs but with a Lil tweaking, i think it could be a service worth paying for. It's definitely not for ppl w limited data


You think xbox would expand their cloud gaming to other consoles? Cause it'd be wild if the switch got the gamepass app.


Woo! Endwalker benchmark trailer


Getting some MTV's Spiderman from this art style:


People should really be watching Adventure Time Distant Lands.


Happy Birthday Turbokill and Dr. Mel! May your Kills be Turboed. And may your Mels be Doctored!... Wait.


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