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I hope they port Drakengard 3 on pc with framerate fixes cause look, I don't wanna drop around $40-50 for those prologues before the shutdown happens. Edit: Ah the prologue bundle is actually $30 together. That's much better.


Someone get him a blanket!


New Nier raid hurts so much. A few more goes at it and I think I'll be able to do better.


So I caught up with FF14's msq and sub story and wow. That sub story hit me like freight train *Sobs*. The msq seems to be getting hot. Now I think Ima tackle the Raid. Also I'm currently trying out the PS5 Beta and load times are pretty quick!


Listen listen. Real talk. Having kids is a feature, not a requirement of living a "full" life. It's perfectly valid to not want kids. Don't listen to people who say you'll change your mind I time. If you want em, you'll want em. When you say so.


*Cough* *Cough*


Saying I shrieked scrolling to this is an understatement.


A tumblr post reminded me of this. I was surprised it wasn't made by Little Kuriboh. 4kids is a trip.


Oh hell yeah, Boxman inspired me to show off what ttrpg books I got so far:


Tried some of that there homefront to see if I can get to time splitters and.. Eh, it's not worth going through the propaganda machine. I'll just get an iso thanks.


Still one of the best songs of final fantasy xiv


Told AdmiralAckbong about Homestuck yesterday and I've been going through the beginning again. Music's still amazing. This track's my favorite.


After a couple of years I finally got my physical copy of Indivisible thanks to their customer support.


Can't sleep. Also heartburn is apparently happening now so... Nice.


Getting a new desk chair tomorrow. My current one is comfy to sit on but the lack of adjustable arm rests, not allowing me to scoot in on a 90 degree angle and a headrest is a big nah.


Im pretty disappointed that a proper ending to monster hunter rise isn't on the cart. It's in the next update.


Got a delivery!


I got my first dose of the vaccine. Yes


Got to hang with my cousin online today. I got him tabletop simulator on steam and played some games. Clue, dominoes, battleship. He never played clue before and liked it. Watched Spirited Away afterwards and he loved that movie. Howls moving castles next


I thought of Drakengard 3 today and thought about buying the DLC before the shutdown but then I remembered that it wasnt a good game. Those framerate dips and flips still haunt me to this day.


Jocat really resonating with a lotta people


Ppl taking about getting counciling while im all:


Umm. That's not the ending to mhrise right? That can't be it. No way. Is that why the next update says it'll have a new ending?


Heya. Playing monster hunter rise and have a lobby open come join if ya want. Lobby ID is STE1S5.


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