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Finally started watching ok ko over the last two days after work and wow. I really adore it so far! Also Rad and Enid are awesome. I also like rebecca sugar singing the credits. Its nice!


First day at amazon went well. Since it was training, the real challenge is tomorrow.


I heard target has a demo kiosk for the switch so I went to my local one and I got to play Mario Odyssey! Aw yeah, it looked and played so good! It was timed but no one was around me so i played and explored ingame for about 30 min. Ugh I cant wait!


Sunshine arrived! And there ni scratches this time! Lets do this!... Later cause i got errands to run and i need to do be an adult.


Aw yeah, congratulations Triscarearock! Im in the same boat as you! Went to my orientation for my new job at amazon and I also start this friday. Heres to you my dude.


Its no mario sunshine but guess what I got in the mail! And the first game im gonna play this with? DnD: Chronicles of Mystara.


My replacement copy of sunshine doesnt arrive until around Fri. *Sigh* and i stopped play 64 cause Im too bummed out about my last copy of sunshine.


Saw blade runner like some of y'all and it was alright. Just below decent. I think it dragged out numerous scenes way too often. That was 3 hrs of people talking slowly and staring... And more staring. I get that its noir but it feels like too much noir.


I just made a huge choking sound reading this:


Pacific Rim Trailer went up! I think Im going to cry!


You know what, if they added a few more races to Dragons Dogma, this couldve been considered a full-on sequel to Capcoms DnD:Chronicles of Mystara games.


Well that didnt last long as sunshine started out ok but then later the disc couldnt be read a lot. Oh well, Ima ask for a replacement. Ok 64, guess you're back in the fray :/


Its here! Oh im really excited for sunshine. Sorry 64, you're benched for now.


Whoo! I got 35 stars in mario 64. Damn this game controls really good. The camera is frustrating though as its inverted. Ima drop it and go onto sunshine as it. comes into the mail this week. 64 is a little too dated for my taste. Ill try to beat sunshine


Alright y'all, in anticipation for Mario Odyssey, Ima play all the 3d mario games in order as much as I can. Not the sidescroller ones mind ya. Truth be told ive never actually beaten a mario game at all. I only played em to pass the time kinda deal.


Rip Hugh hefner. A lot of people could have learned surprisingly a lot from him in manners.


Saw the tgs trailer to monster hunter world and damn. That was a good trailer and I cant wait to get my hands on it. Ugh, so good.


As much as i like the gameplay in mvc:i and all, im not feeling its presentation. The menus look so generic unlike mvc3 where it all looks so dynamic and the menu music also sounds very generic. Other than that Gamora and Captain Marvel are very cool.


I hope angie is ok. Havent heard from her in a while.


Doom on the switch is looking pretty good so far!


After a long day of moving in and going to and from work, I can finally say ive moved in. So tired now. Ima play destiny though.


I know i bought the digital version yesterday but i didnt know the collectors would be available! Now i dont have to open it!


Ah also, Samus has Returned son! Lets go!


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