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I think i peaked with marvel movies now. Just saw spiderman ffh and I thought it was alright. After endgame, i think im finally burnt out.


I dont know too much about trusts, but its like having squadron but with main characters right? Yknow what would be neat? Having trusts of characters from your Jobs. id like my bard and ast teacher on my team.


Simba and Nala: Can you feel the love... This afternoon? *Checks script*


You cant stop the Homestuck... Also whats funny was before i took the pic, a 6 year old was wearing a HS shirt with sollux on it. Its probably a sign i should actually finish reading it.


Y'know what,tonight Ima make it my goal in ff14 to finish the leftover quests i have saved before i delve deeper into SB. Most of em are hard versions of trials and dungeons. Plus a couple of raids. As a DPS main, I cry in wait :(


I really like the transition from Heavensward to Stormblood. They really handled it much better than from ARR to HW. Plus the fights inbetween were super hype.




Happy birthday to ninja and frosty! Have a good day y'all


Got the pdp controller i won from the contest. Thanks y'all!


Aww snaps. Time for the final steps of faith in Heavensward


I beat king thordan last night. Wow that fight was awesome! I believe i have to do post content until stormblood correct? Like the bridge between arr and hw?


i managed to hit 60 in ff14 and nab the gunbreaker class before maintenance dropped. Yess. can't wait to try it out later.


Whats the point of the bard in ffxiv having an MP bar if none of the moves actually use it?


At lil vousins grad after party. Drjnking a lot. Hi all.


currently downloading the shadowbringers update to my pc. Although I don't think I'll be able to get the classes since im still into heavenwards(lvl 58 atm) and I dont get the codes of HW or SB on PC until the release date. Can I still be a viera in pre?


Been playing Bloodstained on the switch today and its pretty good so far. It has consistent 30fps with I think 720p with a few noticable drops here and there. It might feel a little slow. I think it has input lag on the SW version as well. So far its good


Oh no. Im so sad about Etika. He was a very lively person when I watched his content. His energy was infectious. I wish his family and friends the best. Rip.


Focusing on lvling my squadronn in ff14 as well as recruiting more. I wanna run a dungeon with em at least once.


Hmm many of these turns in ctr are so unfair or impossible to turn without going on the grass or hitting the wall or out of bounds. And id drift left when I want right sometimes.does boosting even work? Im having an ok time so far.


I finally got crash team racing tonight and just booted it up. Lets get it!


Not only this is this the funniest thing I've read so far but it also has a little torchman in there.


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