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We are recording with a new format and a SECRET community guest, if you have questions you'd like read on air this would be the time to leave them or forever hold yo peace.


An Old Community Podcast Gets Much Needed Updating

Greetings Destructoid Community! I come today bearing some good news, at least if you like community run podcasts.  Now before we start let's get one thing out of the way, no one thought that we would still be doing this three yea...


Episode 76: Food Poisoning, Amirite?

Sorry for the late upload, folks. This episode we talked about Thanksgiving, what we did and did not buy on Black Friday, Valkyria Chronicles 4, Ys VIII, and a few other things. Archive Podomatic  twitter facebook youtube


Episode 75: Tribute to Drinkbox

We're finally back after 5 weeks (totally Nanners' fault) to talk about games and other shit. Mike is also finally back after an even longer time gone (also totally Nanners' fault...maybe). We talk Paris Games Week, November PS+ games...


PStoid 74: Second Puberty

Nanners is entering into a very special period in his life. Meanwhile, Neal is playing a whole lot of Ys VIII. We also talk TGS, Nintendo, and the PlayStation Plus games for October have us excited. Archive Podomatic  twitter fa...


PStoid Episode 72: Mortgaging Your PC

Welcome to another episode of PStoid! This week, Nanners tries to plan out his route to eventually playing Ys VIII and Neal is late to the game on playing Diablo III. Plus, we talk about Sonic Mania, MAGwest/Crunchyroll Expo, and a bu...


PStoid Episode 71: Master Sword is Useless!

Greetings everybody, Neal has the evening off bc he got his panties in a bunch. LIKE THE NEW LOOK? Leave a comment and/or a Dixon Below!! Download the show here: https://archive.org/details/PStoidEpisode70 Or in these places: RSS...


Episode 70: Do Not Gargle This Podcast

PStoid turns 70, and we're feeling our age. I'm pretty sure Nanners is looking it too, but don't tell him I said that. As if he'd hear you with those old ears of his. We're joined by Max and we talk about things and stuff! Archive Po...


PStoid Episode 68: Welcome to Tittay Citay!

In this episode, Neal finished up Valkyria Chronicles Remastered on the PS4, Nanners started playing Valkyria Chronicles 2 on the Vita, and Mike tried the new Valkyria Revolution. And no, we did not plan that. Also, learn why Mike is ...


PStoid Episode 65: Ghostrider Waifu

Neal gets his trippin' balls on, Nanners loves himself some Makoto and the usual PStoid nonsense ensues. There are Persona 5 Spoilers after the break song (given warning in episode) as we do our now weekly installment of Persona 5 dis...


PStoid Episode 64: A Podcast About Persona

We cover some video game and playstation news before getting into the real meat of the episode: More Persona 5 talk! After the end credits hosts Neal and Nanners will talk about July spoilers for the game. You have been warned! Otherw...


PStoid Episode 63: Takin Your Heart!

Join us as we cover a little bit of news on this special episode and then spend the rest of our time geeking out over the new Persona game! Neal can't stand Sojiro and Nanners gets his fix for a successor to Persona 4: Golden. Archiv...


PStoid Episode 62: Nanners Did Mad Catz

An adventure in the gaming news with a playstation focus world. This time, Mike breaks habit and comes on a second time, Neal goes camping when police show up, Nanners has a bushism and special guest Justin returns to the post apocaly...


PStoid Episode 61: Bruce Wayne is Dr. Pepper

Wow what a show we have for you guys this week! Mike doesn't approve of con exclusives, Neal plays a not final fantasy game for the first time in a decade and Harvest Moon is Nanner's guilty pleasure! But wait there's still more!! Swi...


PStoid Episode 60: A Wall Situation

In which Neal wants people to buy Final Fantasy XV and Nanners has a hard time maintaining. Also on this episode: FFXV flying car woes, fanboying over YS heading west and new sonic games, Playstation Now.. only on PS4 (RIP), PAX East ...


PStoid Episode 59: Palm One Two

Finally the graceful return of Mike in which: Nanners doesn't understand For Honor, Neal isn't good at Parappa and Mike shvitzes all over the podcast! Also on the episode: this new thing called Magwest, tethered heads to HTC and Oculu...


PStoid Episode 58: VR Hangover

What happened on this one? Neal is hooked on final fantasy and Nanners spearheads a lesson on the difference between remakes and remasters, self help book out soon. Also: Imagine THIS episode IN A VIRTUAL WORLD, Games Gone Gold Watch&...


PStoid Episode 57: Unintentional Switch Rant

In which, Neal on edm moshing MXC DEATHMATCH and maybe shamus and Ratchet & Clank makes Nanners smile. Also: Magfest, sickness, posters, music, board game woes, and bullshit and parties and bullshit, Gundamu Versusu, Gabe Newell i...


PStoid Episode 56: Transcendental Peanut Butter Cup

This time, on a very special episode of PStoid: Neal and Nanners make the trip to the south east for MAGfest 2017 in which they encounter video game themed music, retro consoles, board games, drunk nerds, hugs, transcendental baked go...


PStoid Episode 54: God Goes to PSX

This time on the podcast: Neal sucks at PaRappa, Nanners harps on about Sega's incompetence and the 411 on the PSVR from our special guest Steve! Also, interesting first-hand encounters, discoveries and experiences at Playstation Expe...


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