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5 days without liquor and a week without cigarettes... But I'm gonna be drinking with my momma later today #selfietoid


Well, V has quickly become one of my favorite cane wielders... Also his battle music kind of sounds like Perry Farrell on vocals.


We all die once, but Shadows Die Twice


Ok so I was definitely an alcoholic for the last 3+ yrs (I'm 26). Only drinking on weekends and special occasions, now. Only smoking cigarettes when drinking. Love you guys.


I wrote a song about a pre-pubescent girl that fell in the water and didn't have to worry about sharks cuz she has yet to bleed from her womanhood


I'm just thankful that Capcom has earned its place as my favorite developer/publisher again.


Forgot just how legit the 2012 TMNT series' fight choreography was


Well fuck me. Time for Darling in The Franxx, NBA, and inebriation


Happy birthday to the birthday people. I'll think about y'all when I masturbate.


To the guy with the Sigma avi. I like you. Enjoy ur day. I'll drink and play Mega Man X for ya


Maaaaaannn I'd be so kool if The Meters' first album played in the background of my life


My good friend/roommate just so happens to have Siege downloaded on his Xbox in the living room. "It's aight," he says, and doesn't elaborate.


I implore everyone to listen to Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grapelli's joint recordings. They are quite possibly the most conversational musicians to have ever played together. It's like Heston and Soulbow if they had talent


Does this remind y'all of anything? Or is this just a bit of a blooper on my part?


I had a dream where I went on a date with a total knock out, but she was a little ummm mentally handicapped. Also, Donkey Kong factories and coconut crystals. Launchpad McQuack fought Neo in an overgrown courtyard and younger Beyoncé and I held hands


There's this guy that I work with that is super into DreamWorks movies and it is soooooo goddamn funny. He asked me if I've seen Shrek 4, quoted Shark Tale the other day, and said, "you remember that part in Cat in the Hat..." after hearing "Easy"


Thank god I'm moving back out in 2 weeks. Apparently, I tried to piss in my living room last night


*bump* go listen to my terrible crap (link in comments)


I wish there was a "picked up handgun bullets" moment after the Eddie fight in SH2


Great funeral and there was a parade happening outside and we could hear it the whole damn time. It was awesome. Learned some fun facts. I'll carry on the name with pride, Holly. Also, sorry for the vyvanse-fueled onslaught as of late. Love u guys!


Today is Holly's (Hollinger [Paw Paw Morton]) funeral... Imma continue in the comments if you wanna little peek at p1ss' immediate heritage


Did this a while back. Some in a studio where I played everything but live drums (that was the engineer), and some straight to my macbook. I can do better, but I need to make *MY* studio first. Link in comments


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