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Went down a bit of a rabbit hole and scooped up some inspiration. You folks might like some of this stuff.


A friend asked me if I'd like to audition for gimp/guitarist or bassist for her band, Numb C*nt. Unfortunately I have recently broken my wrist on my fretting hand. Here's to hoping they can wait and we can work something out.


Screw the Snyder cut; I just watched all of Puella Magi Modoka Magica.


Happy Birthday to this cool cat, happy birthday to that FloppableCat, and a happy belated woman's day to all you waifus and badasses.


This is why I love sports Edit: Embiid is a frontrunner for MVP this season and prime Boogie was a mother fucker; he just got derailed by injuries.


You know you're getting old when you don't cum like you used to


Been on a Siouxsie kick only to realize later that I was wearing the shirt. Such a great band. Budgie's drumming is wonderful.


Picked up DmC cuz it was on sale and... not bad. The floating rocks and trippy hallways set design was neat. I think if it would've been a different IP and fleshed out the platforming/traversal, it could've been legit.


In light of all my Zelda wanking, I have to give a shout out to MegaMan 2. That's where it all started. Videogames gave me reason to stare into space and drool. And, like, y'all are the only people I can rant to and with.


I like to pretend that Slimybear is constantly buzzed. Never full on drunk, just maintaining a good hard buzz throughout life. Shit talking and pleasure are priority. Punctuation be damned. I can drink to that, Sir Slimy. Cheers.


You Know What It Is

My first encounter with Zelda was my older cousin's copy of Ocarina of Time. I had cut my teeth on various NES and Genesis games growing up, but this was my first exposure to 3D. I still tear up sometimes when I watch the attract scre...


I like that there was a light, but noticeable, jiggle when Pyra was introduced.


I know these memes are old hat now, but what the hey


Hyperbolic statements are the greatest statements of all time.


Hey you kool cats, sorry for ranting so dang much- it's just nice having friends.


Fascination Street is a hell of a song and a too many things make my brain twist and shout, but y'all good as hell. Destructoid is Magic Johnson and I'm Isiah Thomas. Or I'm just me. Tomato/tomahto.


Hey that thing at the end of WandaVision was kinda nice. They might do it. They won't, but they might.


So I started playing the GC Twilight Princess for the first time since Xmas of launch. It's pretty good. I'll do a breakdown that no one asked for once I finish it. Snowpeak was my last dungeon.


We're very fortunate to have each other. Never take that for granted. Love y'all.


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