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Think I'm gonna through a Björk and Aphex Twin phase.


Skip around if you're inclined... this is pretty damn well done.


In Amy Rose's theme song, she mentions shaving a cat.


Best new band I've heard in a looooong while. Also, shout out to the release of Leo Nocentelli's (from The Meters) long lost solo album.


My piss smells brown after going to town.


I got too drunk last night and Jimi Hendrix is still God. Nothing has changed except the weather and my clothes.


A happy birthday to everyone that has had a recent birthday, and a happy normal day to the rest of yas.


Anyone have any media or artist recs regarding architecture? I've been very interested in buildings and rooms.


Anything can be cereal if you pour milk on it.


I don't know if I've ever been more "jury's out" on a videogame than with The Evil Within 2.


Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker was on CathodeTV's stream last night (and tonight). Susan Tyrrell (RIP) is a wild woman.


Random thoughts: Despite Pokémon being very much a mid/late-90s anime, it still had its own unique style. In terms of influence on the artform, I think it's kind of slept on or at least mildly forgotten.


Is Brand New Cherry Flavor "Halloween" enough? It takes a lot for me to pull the trigger on live-action shows.


I had a dream where Beyoncé allowed me to inhale deeply from her arm pit. We then briskly walked together, our conversational intensity ramping up in tandem with the pace of our footsteps.


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