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Happy Birthday to a guy who's totally tuber-ular


"I know how much you're into those big robots, so I got you these!" *Presents Torch with Blu-Ray Bay Transformers collection


Just a daily reminder that the bassline on Madonna's "Borderline" is fucking great.


The freaks come out at night, the freaks come out at niiiight. Happy birthday to the birthday guy


...aaaand here's a forced The Last of Gus spoilers/birthday wish post


Anyone play FF Type-0 HD on PS4? It's on sale rn, and I'm considering the purchase.


Going thru some old shit and had the painful reminder that all of these cartridges were stolen in one fell swoop. Bummed, but at least I found Soul Silver and I'm a healthy human.


Friend sent me a video of him jamming out on bass along with a funky tune. This was said funky tune.


Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth- Hacker's Memory is my current quarantine obsession.


Toothpicks were made to just use one side, so you can let your friend use the other. Happy Birthday to the guy that got his haircut and gave me a hot tip regarding manga on da webz.


Hoppy birthdays, egg days, leg days and segues (art by the magnificent Hannah Faith Yata)


3rd time's the charm. Updated from my shitty interim phone cuz my phone, keys (including this lovely poison ghost), and a few other things got jacked. Belated #selfietoid. Luv u fuckers


I had a dream where I accidentally matched with Venom on Tinder while I was at my grandparents' old house. I go, OH SHIT, as he comes barrelling down their long ass country drive-way. He comes in all smiles and says,"I can wring u out with my bare hands."


Going to see Tim and Eric tonight in N'awlins with a rad lady friend.


Take: Nintendo makes neat-o plastic junk that plays their games and they are really good at doing that.


The Silent Hill 2 OST is fucking incredible


Ok so I think the DMC games on Switch need to gain some traction amongst the Nintendo crowd that aren't familiar with Dante, and that he might be the first of Season 2. Or not. Idk how many people that havent played the games before will actually buy them


Sony's Spiderman: Sinister Scruffy Hunks


Bowie's Scary Monsters... and Super Creeps is my favorite album atm. Think many, some, or none of y'all might dig


"That's annoying, so let's show off even more for him, Darling." My response to the videogame quote tweet.


Might as well share... I saw dude several years back at the Howlin Wolf in good ol' N'awlins (also same venue I saw Pusswhip Bang Gang and Curren$y/Big K.R.I.T./Smoke DZA/gang). He had to find a joke in his phone that included skull fucking and Pantera.


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