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So after putting it off for years, I'm finally getting a new beefy PC. The mobo, ram, and HDD come on Monday. Will start ordering more parts as I go along but waiting on AMDs newer CPUs right now. #Hyped!


This song came out a couple of weeks back - it was good then and it's good now. But this video is hilarious. Chris D'Elia, man... #musictoid | Logic, Eminem - Homicide


Current status:


A high energy song to start off the summer. Gives off that summer vibe for sure. #musictoid | Vicetone - South Beach


Current Status


Everything about this song is so good and so chill. And I love how the ending sounds like Gameboy chiptune sounds. In ear heaven right now. #musictoid | Flume, London Grammar - Let You Know


Dr. Amigo is basically Sanic. Tweet in comments.


Game In Progress: May 2019

  The year is basically half over and I'm still chugging along with this little project. As I said in my last post, being an adult with responsibilities is taking more of my time than I would like. But it is what it is.  The...


Love this combination. Ill put the original in the comments because it's also great. The music gods have really shined down on me today! #musictoid | BUNT., The Dip - Sure Don't Miss You


Went to a Thinkgeek store and they were very amazing. They really loved the fandoms across all mediums and genres. I havent felt such comfort ever. They noticed my Red Jaguars shirt which caught me off guard. Got myself a changing Boo mug!


So soothing. So calming. #musictoid | Cavetown - Home


For this, I love how much power is held when he says 'Where are you!?' He had so much left to offer. #musictoid | Avicii, Imagine Dragons - Heart Upon My Sleeve


I always loved FromSoftware's aesthetic. And their music is killer, too. This trailer just reinforces all that and I can't wait for it.


#musictoid | George Ezra, Jack Wins - Pretty Shining People (Remix)


"Player Transfers from PS4 to Stadia are pending approval from Sony" HahahahaaHahahahah. Oh that's delicious.


Watched AEW's Double or Nothing. Loved every match. Holy hell. I didnt really know most of them but it didn't matter. Everyone showed off great wrestling. That Rhodes match tho. Tear-jerker.


Am drunk is bueno!!!


After trying my hand at making my own small game (whenever I finish ha), I am seriously looking at doing VR/AR/MR stuff. The tech is really getting to a place where I'm just like 'whoa'. Gettin on the train now! (See comments for something cool)


This is some damn fine R&B. #musictoid | Bren Joy, Landon Sears - Sweet


Started a free trial of PlayStation Vue and holy cow it's awesome. 3 channel multiview in case I wanna feel like a snob, too. Its also not as slow as some other online 'enhanced' platforms. Neat if nothing else.


Has a very 80's vibe. Almost like a Paula Abdul song. Groovy goodness. #musictoid | Carly Rae Jepsen - Want You In My Room


So uhhh. I got this a few minutes ago.


Game In Progress: April 2019

This update won't be like the others. It won't be focusing on what I have done on my game. Or in this case, didn't. I just wanted to share my life experience of how I got here. Maybe some of you can relate. Maybe you won't. Perhaps, y...


John Wick definitely lives up to the hype. I cannot wait for the next one. Halle Barry killed it, too.


Lots of well known artists decided to drop music on Friday. This one has pop mixed with a bit of tropical house. I love the good vibes it gives off musically. #musictoid | Charli XCX, Lizzo - Blame It On Your Love


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