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Booming bass, melodic horns. Simple, loud, and strangely catchy. #musictoid | Cake Pop, Dylan Brady, Ravenna Golden, Lewis Grant - Boom


I actually thought this was a new Paramore song when it came on. Pop-punk sound from the late 90s/early 2000s (duh, Travis Barker production). I vibes with it. #musictoid | WILLOW, Travis Barker - t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l


Solid, solid song here. #musictoid | Wolf Alice - Smile


Love the vibes here. Melodic Trance track to end the weekend/start the week. #musictoid | Armin van Buuren, Maor Levi - Divino


The harmonica is such an underrated instrument. Adds a nice touch to an already jazzy rock sound. #musictoid | KALEO - Hey Gringo


With my second shot, I am become one with Bill Gates. If I dont feel the energy of the enhanced 5G network, did I really get the vaccine at all?


Yes we will. #musictoid | Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Azteck & Angemi - We'll Be Dancing Soon


Love the character designs and movesets. Combat looks sooo smooth. This isn't visual eye candy, it's an orgy for the eyes.


Someone made a Twitter bot that transforms threads into Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney game dialogue and it's fucking amazing. I'll put one in comments.


Groovin and vibin. #musictoid | Julian Lamadrid - 15 Minutes


Last night I went to see Epic's Core dev tools. But it brings you to its portal hub to try the different games. It was fun! If you played the Source mods on PC, it's basically that. The games I tried were fun and even distracted me from the dev tools.


Progressive House. Chill atmospheric sound here. #musictoid | MOGUAI, Selva, Bright Sparks - Nitro


Game In Progress: January, February, March 2021

Well, it's been three months, but I still have no new updates on this game. I was slowly chipping away at it, but work and life get in the way. You know it be like that sometimes. Funny thing though, I did sort of start a new project ...


Yep. It's Trance. #musictoid | Above & Beyond - Mariana Trench


My last post reminded me I never posted this synthwave track I heard a few months back. Turns out it got a cameo in the Godzilla/Kong movie! Getting really great vibes from this. #musictoid | Makeup and Vanity Set - A Glowing Light, A Promise


This is really good synthwave. Like I can't stop jamming to this. And the guitar comes out of nowhere and rocks it. Posting the live version in comments too, cuz it's also great. #musictoid | The Midnight - Neon Medusa


Coming back to pop-punk, this one has some great catchy riffs. Really love the section around 2:08-2:35. #musictoid | Knuckle Puck - Into The Blue


Looks like Epic is making Unreal more accessible and UI friendly. Gonna try it out. Tweet in comments.


Whether it's 4, 7, or 9 hours of sleep:


A Throwback. A Classic. Quintessential House music. #musictoid | Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman


On my way to get the vax and be one with Bill Gates. Current status:


Have a bit of a bias towards raspy, course vocals. Which fortunately melds well with the whole track. High-energy, with some short low moments, until it lets loose at the end. #musictoid | KALEO - Skinny


House music infused with rap stylings. It's low-key hype. You can definitely hear both of each. #musictoid | NEZ, Flo Milli, 8AE - To The Money


This song is seeing a resurgence on social media, which is cool. Apparently this was a guilty pleasure for many and secret hit in dances/clubs. Can't wait to find out. #musictoid | Natasha Bedingfield - Unwritten


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