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Check this AR/VR tech manipulating real-world objects (link in comments)


The Carlton dance has been denied registration for his 'simple dance routine' by US Copyright. Guess Fortnite lives to see another day.


Day 2 of friends weekend outing. More vodka, more Sprite, more shots. Mucho drunk. Is bueno.


Mucho drunk. Is bueno. Also they got a fucking all in one arcade machine at this place!! 1942 babeh!!


#musictoid | Koryn Hawthorne, Lecrae - Unstoppable


#musictoid | Big Boi, Sleepy Brown - Doin It



Welcome, welcome! It's 2019 and I've finally gotten my boots on the ground: I've started developing my (small) game. I also decided to change the title of this blog/update series/thing. Anyways, last year I was able to pin down what I...


Posted this before, but now they have a trippy music video. I hope to hear a lot from these guys. Love their sound. #musictoid | The Luka State - What's My Problem


Nightcore is just a song sped up. But that simple edit can completely change the feel and energy of the song. I was into it in the early Youtube days so hearing this was cool. #musictoid | Getter Janni - Rockefeller Street (#rockefellerstreet Remix)


I'm ALL about this song. Can't put my finger on it, but I swear I heard the guitar riff before. #musictoid | The Luka State - What's My Problem


I made sure to name my guy, Urbutt in Pokemon Let's go Pikachu. Also of importance is that I named my rival, Mybutt. Being an adult is fun.


Has an early 80's Cindy Lauper sound with a bit of disco mixed in. Like her voice and dig the music. #musictoid | Lizzo - Juice


Just found out about Worst Cooks in America. As a once aspiring chef, this is the best/worst show ever. So bad. So good.


An instant classic. So crazy to me that Toonami aired this back in the day. I wanna start and end 2019 with solid tunes. #musictoid | Daft Punk - One More Time


Don't remember anything or even making it to midnight but apparently I did. So new years was a success, I guess?


Passed by a horse track with a pond in the middle. Hundreds of birds in it, and even more flying around. It was like a scene from those wildlife documentaries. Pretty cool. Should've stopped for a pic like a few others did.


For me, nothing will ever touch the original songs. #musictoid | Dick Shawn, George S. Irving - Snow Miser/Heat Miser


Game Start 12

Welp, here we are - December. I've done this for twelve months. One year of documenting my game development journey. All of my previous posts have been about following along a course project. Learning some new things about programming...


The bass-line is superb. #musictoid | Airways - Blue Gasoline


Haven't posted music in a while. But man did I find a soulful and soothing gem. A silky smooth voice accompanied by a calming and upbeat tune. #musictoid | Your Smith, Japanese Wallpaper - Bad Habit remix


The final match of TLC was incredible. Love the intertwining story they now have with Ronda Rousey. Asuka winning is also great, bout time.


I think I just got the best deal of them all. Courtesy of QVC.


Missed the Mario party/joy con bundle sale the first time. But thnx to eBay promo and sale on joycons, I snagged em both for around the same price today.


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