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This game is really gorgeous. And a good game all around so far. One of the few times I genuinely want to keep playing and not stop.


Melancholy electronic sound with a heavy bass that lifts the mood a tiny bit. Vocals and production are top notch on this. #musictoid | Chico Rose, Afrojack - Sad


Just passed by someone at work who smelled like pencil shavings. Does a pencil shavings cologne exist?? 🤔🤔🤔


Modern pop metal. Seems to be making a big comeback. I liked what Babymetal had to offer (as did many other bands) and this is no different. #musictoid | Poppy - Concrete


Game In Progress: August 2019

As I type from my new PC, I can't help, but feel very - happy. Not solely for the games or the faster everything I'll be doing on this computer. In general, life has been very positive. I've been going out of my comfort zone, hanging ...


Diggin the throwback sounds. #musictoid | White Reaper - Might Be Right


Totally hooked on this funky fresh song. Starts out like a small old-timey song but quickly fills the room with its heavy bass and instrumentals. Sooo refreshing to hear. #musictoid | Caravan Palace, Robin Mansanti - Moonshine


Looks like everyone's making comebacks. They definitely still have their signature sound. Will see if they get popular again. #musictoid | Angels & Airwaves - Kiss & Tell


Hmmm. Maybe, I should get more than 5 hours of sleep.


Thanks to those GPU/CPU promos, I'm getting 6 months of Xbox game pass for free. Excited for Halo, but that's a ways away. Never played gears but this will be perfect time to jump in.


Drunk. Mucho bueno.


Just read 2 reviews for the Joker movie. One from IGN and the other from TIME. And they could not be further from each other. It's like one read the others and said yep I'm going write the exact opposite.


I'd be lying if I said I wasn't proud. Thinking of something punny for a name.


Smooth. Just great and groovy sounds. #musictoid | Rudimental, Preditah, MORGAN - Mean That Much


The ONLY explanation for this is that they're making Shrek 5: The Shrekening. Digging the tropical house vibe. Weirdly works for the current EDM we hear these days. #musictoid | Smash Mouth, Breathe Carolina - All Star Remix


The GPU gods have shined upon me. Just bought a new RTX 2070 for $315. No waiting for deliveries, this thing is being built tomorrow! Patience is a virtue. #GPUBlessed #hashtag #HailHydra


*chef's kiss* . More pics and setup coming in the next blog update!


This is very important. Please look in the comments.


Game In Progress: July 2019

So guess what? I have - or will have, rather - all my PC parts. Except the GPU because they keep running out of stock. Whether it's the new AMD 5700 XT cards, or the 2070 Super cards, it seems the ones I want are out of stock instantl...


House tunes with a bit of future funk sound, Rainbow Road, and silky smooth vocals. Love this. Groovy. #musictoid | Party Pupils, MAX - Bite My Tongue


So it turns out I like clubbin'/dancing. Also, girls are a lot more fun than guys at clubs.


Girls night out w/ ya boi Osc. Mucho drunk. But is bueno.


Love the soft build up - and the voice fits the music so well, too. Very upbeat, but still has chill vibes. #musictoid | ILLENIUM, Jon Bellion, Tiesto - Good Things Fall Apart (Remix)


Another band I haven't heard from in a while. It's a little weird, but also fun, to hear from these bands again. #musictoid | Silversun Pickups - It Doesn't Matter Why


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