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Just started Xenoblade Chronicles X, but instantly fell in love with its title theme - especially around the 1:42 mark. The electro mixed w/ the choir backing reminded me so much of Metroid Prime. #musictoid | MONOX - Hiroyuki Sawano


Well, peeked a bit and found I missed many things in bloodborne - whole areas! Don't like to use guides, but the 'souls' games are different. I want to explore every corner and learn more about the lore. Nearing the end!


I did nothing all day Saturday except play videogames. It's so good to be able to do that again.


Ford apparently has a plan for 'smart cities' with their autonomous cars that will be used by Dominoes to deliver pizzas. This is how the future starts. Its also how it ends with cyberwarfare and then your pizza is 50 minutes late.


There's a smile on my face whenever dark souls is brought up. Good to hear Nintendo getting in on this. Tempted to double dip.


My commute has me listen to the radio even more. Heard this chill song the other day. Soothing. #musictoid | ODESZA, WYNNE, Mansionair - Line Of Sight


Beat BotW yesterday. Loved the world, the different enemies, and the neat new mechanics. The story wasn't as solid, but very good game. On to Xenoblade!


Tried out the Unity engine this week. Only on the first sample project but I'm having a blast.


Everything about this - the music, the style, the dance moves - is so 90s. Love it. #musictoid | Bruno Mars, Cardi B - Finesse (remix)


Snow day! No work! Hooray!


Game Start!

I made the decision in 2015 to get a degree in IT, several years after highschool. In 2017 I decided to end it there with my undergrad. Honestly, I really loathe being forced to read things that bore me. That was my trouble when I was...


Just had pizza and soda. Starting 2018 off right, ha! Here's to whatever else 2018 brings... #musictoid | I n - Where I'm Going


Am drunk. Is goo0d


What another great year of great music. Could've sworn I was thinking that in 2017 only a couple months ago. Nope, a whole year went by. Here's a party song to bring in the new year! Happy new year all! #musictoid | Happy Sometimes - Love For The Weekend


Eating a Torta de pollo (Mexican sandwich, but really fucking awesome) Current Status:


At work, having lunch. Never been in an office/building setting like this. Feel so out of place here.


She's got a really raspy voice which just adds to the sorrow tone of the song - but in a good way. Entrancing voice for sure. #musictoid | Zoe Nash - Rather Die


This came out like 8 years ago - when edm/dance started to gain momentum on mainstream airwaves. Was nice hearing this on radio against all the other pop music at the time. #musictoid | Edward Maya, Vika Jigulina - Stereo Love


Well that was a nice 3 month break from unemployment. But in 10 hours I start my new career in software dev. Can't wait to see where this road takes me.


There will never be a timeline where I don't like love these two Christmas songs. #musictoid | Dick Shawn, George S. Irvin - Snow Miser/Heat Miser


Love this tune. Out of all renditions, the Tom & Jerry one is much rawer in its vocals. If I ever do drunk karaoke, this is my song. #musictoid | Ira "Buck" Woods - Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby


"Tell me something happy, don't make me sad." Those words, the remixed track, combine to make one of the most mellow and most soothing songs I've heard in a while. #musictoid | Annabel Jones, Tim Gunter - Happy


Going back to electronic, here's a really chill track. I like the short vocal spurts layered throughout - adds a nice touch. Gonna be on repeat for me. #musictoid | Griffin Stoller - Higher Places


I remember my forensics teacher saying how this version ruined the OG song by Brian Adams, but I think of it as just being for a different crowd. The techno/eurodance edm crowd :) #musictoid | DJ Sammy, Yanou, Do - Heaven


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