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Drunk. Bueno.


Very much fascinated by all this.


I am a fan of F. Salt Fitzgerald.


Catchy af. The little tune gets stuck in your head and really sells the whole song. Heard it while buying some drinks. Is bueno! #musictoid | De Lux - Better At Making Time


On the edge of enlightenment.


Got some dead rising vibes here.


Daft Punk is one of the groups I wanted to see live. Don't know if I'll ever get a chance to in the future, but I'll always have their music.


Am buzzed. Still bueno. [Update: Am drunk. Is bueno]


Grooving. Sometimes you just wanna hear something nice and light. #musictoid | Kings Of Leon - Echoing


PSA: don't leave your old sugary drinks and wrappers on your desk because one day you'll be in a meeting and see not one but like 5,000 ants on your desk without you noticing.... So many casualties.


Hopefully some time soon I can visit a place where the stars are out at a place as calm as this.


EDM track with uplifting tones and upbeat vibes. Definitely needed for the weekend. #musictoid | Gryffin, Two Feet - I Want Love


Current status


Wasn't down with it at first, but became an ear-worm after a couple of listens. Melds a few different styles together pretty nicely. The artist is one to watch tho for sure. #musictoid | Priya Ragu - Chicken Lemon Rice


Am drunk. Is bueno.


A great upbeat alt-rock song that became a sing-along anthem. Never got sick of this when it was played on MTV (remember that?). #musictoid | The Killers - Mr. Brightside


The jazz-filled tones, the soulful voice, that super smooth guitar riff; there's a soothing song here in between the heartfelt lyrics. #musictoid | Arlo Parks - Hope


The bass makes it's presence known immediately. Gets the blood pumping. Down with it. #musictoid | Glassjaw - shira


Vitamin R was the first song I heard from this band in Summer of '04 by proxy of the friends at the time. It's nice to stumble upon this band again and remember those times. #musictoid | Chevelle - Self destructor


Bought MHW: Iceborne and even though I don't like grinding hard for anything and was never an RPG guy, it's clicking. Gonna go back and finish Xenoblade Chronicles X after this one.


I love this site.


GameStonks: Power to the players...WallStreet players.




Game In Progress: December 2020

Short and sweet. Again... Still having issues with getting the shape to turn. This was really cutting into my time doing other things in the past, so I figured I'd at least finish a different process of the game. This bit of code was ...


Damn fine alt/indie rock song here. Grooves are grooving and vibes are vibing. #musictoid | Vacation Forever - Ride Or Cry


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