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Oh man, if that Mario remaster rumor is true, while I will ignore the majority of them, I would be drooling for an HD Galaxy 1/2


Pretty much bought every available Final Fantasy on the eShop. The sale was just too tempting. And now I'm learning the beauty of gambits. It's satisfying to grind at 3x speed without even needing to really -do- anything. Save the manual stuff for boss


I like to annoy my SO by calling the recent Star Wars game "Star Wars: Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy:Jedi Order:Jedi outcast"


Partook heavily in the eShop Final Fantasy sale. Got World of FF Maxima and FF12. Let's see if I can understand 12's story this time around, because as a child 99% of it went over my head. Gameplay kept me hooked though


The best part about Doom Eternal is how T H I C C they made doomslayer


Gamestop releasing Doom early!make sure to stay safe and minimize interaction when going in to pick it up :)


I'm extremely grateful to be lucky enough to work in a place that allows me to work from home. And now that Comcast has turned off data caps, I need to decide what games I'm going to utilize this newfound data freedom with. Possibly DOOM:E PC download?


Man, I needed actual groceries, but I couldn't find any meat or toilet paper. Even bread was sold out. :( I'm just thankful I have some family I can take some rolls from, otherwise...it would have had to be the paper towels. Ouch.


Finished my phone interview. It didn't feel like it went too well, but maybe that's just me. I was very rambly. Anyone ever feel like they did bad in an interview only to be surprised by a callback? Would love some hope right now, haha


It's a good friday for me, I got a phone interview to be an app developer for my university! I hope I make it to the next round :D


HR finally sent my boss an email listing me as no longer a student, so I'm not allowed to work here anymore. BUT, they offered him the option to hire me as a temporary hire, which gives me a healthy amount of time. So I'm grateful for that


I'm so happy. I canceled my comcast account so that my family could take over the internet since I don't live there, and they were actually able to have everything set up on their own. They didn't call me in a panic or mood with issues. I'm so proud


Is it sad that right now my wildest realistic fantasy is just landing a job with benefits? Seriously, I've had to miss work a few days due to an emergency and my "part time" status where I work 37 hours a week but get no paid time off is wearing me down


Finished customizing mine and SO's switch and controllers :)


Got Youngblood on the Switch, expecting the downgrades, but yikes, it's rough. Should have gotten it on another console. BUT, also got Torchlight 2 and that thing plays like a dream on Switch. Feels like such a natural fit


Playing Age of Mythology for a nostalgia trip and Jesus do I suck at strategy. I feel like I take an hour longer than intended to even get going


The ordeal of my Switch screws is over, and now I have a pretty Switch...but now my Pro controller is looking a bit...dated. I'll never learn


I've finally done it. I don't think I ever want to do it again


The Dragon Quest movie was surprisingly amazing. It was what I always imagined game movies to be like when I was a kid. Loved the ending, in particular


Day 5 of Screw-gate: I managed to remove a second screw yesterday. The motivation led me to continue on to the third, which proved even MORE difficult to move. So now I sit at work hacking away at a tiny screwhead


I managed to get ONE(1!) screw out of my switch with the extractor set that I bought specifically for this. So I know it's possible, but the other 3 are extremely stubborn. This is gonna take all week. I just wanted a red back panel :(


Anyone have any tips on removing the tiny screws on the Switch? I'm not sure how it's possible to NOT strip those things


Had a rough weekend, but was excited to get my custom Switch backplate in the mail... until I found that the Switch screws are so soft, they strip extremely easily instead of moving. That's what broke me and gave me a bit of a breakdown


Finally got some new joy con! Though it's very annoying that they don't sell them individually new or as same color sets. I wanted two Dark Blue ones, but had to get it with the neon yellow. Thankfully SO got the neon red and dark green so we swapped


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