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Landlord *finally* figured out their account info and was able to upgrade us to unlimited data, which means I am going to be downloading sooooooo many games the second I get home, it'll feel so liberating


Shadowbringers might be my favorite single player Final Fantasy game in quite a long time, considering they allow you to play with NPCs for the story dungeons. Takes alot of the pressure off and lets me fully enjoy the plot without feeling rushed


Fiance should be starting a work from home QA job soon, testing phones. It's going to make my finances wayyyy less stressed, but I really hope they don't take weeks to finish the on boarding process. In gaming news, Shadowbringers is absolutely amazing


One paycheck for rent, the other mostly for bills. Being a single income household can be rough, but I'm glad to do it. Wondering what I can sell for Hyrule Warriors though, trying to treat myself to that at least :P


It's quite annoying to be upset with someone, then they get upset because you're upset, and of course you gotta apologize just to get things back to normal. How juvenile.


My title says "IT Systems Admin" but what I really do is click through power points for people that, for some reason, think it's more efficient to tell me to click the next slide instead of just...managing it themselves. I like easy work but this is dumb


Just found the Aunty Donna show on Netflix and it's the amazing ridiculous humor that I love. Amazing


I really enjoy that tiny twinge of excitement you get when you're into a game and you're at work just looking forward to getting home to play it again. FFXIV for me, right now


Finally got back into FFXIV and finished off the Stormblood campaign after idk how long. Was fun to get back into the rotation rhythm, even though I'm super rusty. Parties were patient with me though, which I'm grateful for


I keep checking for console stock as if I don't only have $60 in my account for the next two weeks. I guess it's fun to pretend like I could go through with the purchase if I found stock lol


So, now that Biden won, I think it's time we think of important issues, like will Mr. Garrison go back to teaching? I hope so, just ignore his last four years and bring him back as he was


Regardless of how this depressing election goes, can I still just lose myself in gaming escapism for the next two months anyway?


Was so excited because my electric bill was 1/3 less than usual due to cleaning the AC unit, only to be slapped with a "surprise, comcast says you overaged $80 worth of internet this month" bill, so those savings are instantly wiped out..


So, just found this ridiculous Pikmin 2 mod that allows for up to 4 player story co-op and insane customization options + a whole custom campaign. This is what my dreams are made of


Reaaaally loving Hyrule Warriors. I thought the less wacky type of gameplay compared to the original would turn me off, but I'm loving it, especially Co op


Have that Monday feeling of "god this sucks". Pikmin on friday is what's keeping me going for now


Played Phasmophobia with my cousins last night and had such a fun time. I enjoy how hilariously janky the character models are


Bought FFXIV time for my birthday to finish up Stormblood but got too intimidated by the thought of needing to relearn my rotations alone so it's just been ticking down each day with no playtime. Could have just burned the $12 for all the time I'm putting


Irresponsibly used some of my money to buy myself a new phone as a birthday present to myself. But it's exciting, anyway. Last time I had a brand new phone was when the OG Pixel launched


I got Hades based on the word of mouth. Or text. Fun game, I can tell alot of love went into making it.


So, Galaxy 2 still feels like Nintendo perfected the idea of linear fun, and I still hold it in much higher regard than the original game, but now I need to replay Odyssey to cement my favorite 3D game for good


Ate nothing but spicy popeye's chicken sandwiches (2) and habanero sauce with tostitos yesterday so naturally my body is of course very upset with me. Stomach feels like a rock


Time to play Galaxy 2 via less convenient methods since Nintendo didn't want to grace us with it. Yet, at least.


I swear I make sure to check if the bottle I buy says Shampoo and yet the next day in the shower I find out it's conditioner. This has happened a few times. Also nice, Steve seems like an awesome character


SO and I got vitas just a few months back, but his is already doing this screen flickering thing. Anyone have any experience fixing it? I know it'll require opening up the back :(


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