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I won a copy of a Switch game called "Darkwood". I've only played an hour or so, but I like it! Pretty damn creepy. Anyone else played it?


Birthday shirt arrived! Nice work, ZombieCORPS!


Please go take my Twitter poll about a very important subject. Tweet embedded in the comments! (It's not actually all that important, but humor me.)


Bored of singing Happy Birthday in the lavatory? The chorus of Mambo #5 is 20 seconds long. Lou Bega Has your back. Wash them hands! (lyrics in the comments)


I'm running a Goliath Cleric and can't find an appropriate mini. Any suggestions?


One of you lovely fools has a shop that sells a Sonic "Ricky The Ringbutt" t-shirt. I want it, but can't find the shop. Help?


A manager at my job wants to buy her 9 year old grandson a Nintendo Switch. "He's not really a gamer." Best games to start the lad off with? Give me your opinion!


Finally picked up Dead Cells. Thanks for the recommendation, folx! This is excellent!


Mr! Mrs! Mx! What is your favorite metroidvania for Nintendo Switch? I played Hollow Knight and loved it. CAN IT BE TOPPED?


Finished Celeste last night. Unsure whether I'll continue with the additional cavern or just call it good. I loved the game, though!


I've been playing through Celeste and I've already decided that I won't attempt to 100% it. That said, I'm having a ton of fun- and the SMB3 easter egg was a nice find!


I can quit Twitter now. I've peaked.


Ahem. **taps mic** **feedback squeal** Hi. That is all.


I made a joke about The Domino's Pizza mascot The Noid being in Smash Bros. Then I learned this. Holy cow.


I don't understand all the iterations of Persona 5 and at this point I'm too afraid to ask.


Nintendo Direct prediction: Some people will be thrilled. Others will be unsatisfied. Still others will be indifferent to the whole thing.


My prediction: The Breath Of The Wild sequel will not be released in 2020. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.


Holy crap. These Mario Maker 2 stylus' are selling on eBay for about 30.00. I have 5 of them in my home. I didn't know I was sitting on 150.00 of Nintendo swag. Not selling them, though.


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