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As an avid board gamer, this bullshit needs to stop. Source: http://variety.com/2017/film/news/settlers-of-catan-movie-sony-1202587485/


Re: The new Beck album "Colors"- I've listened to it 3 times through. I love every minute of it. Pic: Wes gets me.


Is there such thing as fishgirls (Like catgirls, bunnygirls, etc.)? I don't wanna google it at work, but I'm REALLY curious (not in a sexual way).


Beck's new album "Colors" comes out Friday- BUT- I may have a connection that can get it to me today! I had to choose between this and Golf Story/Stardew Valley. I am so excited! #Musictoid


Went to a gaming con this weekend. Overall it was a great time! Met a lot of new people, saw some old friends. Just wonderful! That said- if you're an anime fan and know the name "Samantha-Inoue Harte" (Sami Harte) I have a story (rant) in the comments.


Mods: Can I change my Screen Name to "On Air Fish, But Spooky And Shit" for the month without getting banned? Asking for a friend. And science. A friend of science.


There's a gaming con in my town every year AND IT STARTS TOMORROW! I cannot wait. I'll try to get some cool pics for you guys!


#CelicaCrazed did this awesome photoshop horror poster so now I'm #Infected. I don't have photoshop so I'll write the story of my horror movie death later tonight EDIT: I made it into a blog. Here's the link: https://www.destructoid.com/--465092.phtml


Fish's Death

@CelicaCrazed tagged me in a photoshop that they made and implored me to write about my death in the movie. What I wrote turned out to be more of a story than I had intended. It's not stellar writing, but there you have it. Here's the ...


I have 20 Gold Coins for My Nintendo expiring at the end of this month. Go have a look at the discounts available and let me know what you want. I'll grab it and send you the code (does it work that way?)!


This is an amusing comment from a wishlist of GB games that a Gizmodo writer believes should be on a hypothetical Gameboy Classic release. Link to the article in the comments!


I updated my phone to iOS 11 and the battery is draining QUICKLY. I just read an article that says I don't have to worry about this and it'll fix itself in a few days. Any iPhone geeks here to confirm that? (Link to article in the comments)


If I had the funds, Shadow of the Colossus would spur me to buy a PS4. I've always wanted to play that game and just never got the opportunity to.


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