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Has anyone ever heard of an RTS where a single force can be controlled by multiple players? Not like a 2v2, but literally a 1v1 (with two players per team)... Do I need to clarify?


The gf wants to see Star Wars, but I told her it's going to be confusing if she isn't caught up with what's happened. If we see it, I'll write a review and post it in the CBlogs. If we don't, great. I'm attempting to boycott it if possible.


Are we really not going to see a front page article about Halo: Reach's launch? It had more viewers on Twitch than Fortnite yesterday, come ON!


Understanding Death Stranding

  This opinion article contains spoilers, but only takes a look at the first quarter of the game and the trailers. It’s best to expose yourself to a similar amount of content before reading, as this is a reaction piece to a ...


I'm writing a blog about Death Stranding and let me say this ISN'T easy to organize my thoughts on this one, but we're getting there.


If you signed up for the Halo Insider Program, check your email for an invite to the Halo: Reach PC playtest. They will send out more invitations in coming days. The playtest ends November 5th.


Hello Darkness: A Flood of Emotions

  Halloween is almost upon us again and the haunted houses are open to dish out thrills and terror. Blood, death, and experiments-gone-wrong all probably come to mind when thinking of dark, evil things, and for whatever twisted r...


I just finished a Hello Darkness post about the Flood in Halo, tell me what you think! I will do one final read-through and post it later tonight >:D


A lot of people love Fortnite and others love to hate Fortnite. One thing that can't be denied though is Epic Games' marketing mastery and their ability to capitalize on momentum. I'll be talking about it in my upcoming post. -OPA


Community blogs have been a little slow this week, I'll try and contribute something in the next couple days.


Don't Build a High-End PC in 2019!

  Honestly it’s pretty great to be a gamer in 2019. We can see a lot of exciting things starting to happen on the hardware side of things like ray-tracing, 1440p/4k resolution standards, and workstation grade setups at mid-r...


Destiny 2 Trial Pulled from PC

Destiny 2 has been out now for over half a year and given fans plenty of time to buy, or so it appears that Activision has decided. When the game launched, PC players had the option to download a free trial and sample several of the ca...


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