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Sometimes memes convey a universal truth and must be shared.


Every time I move, I take them out and just stare and reminisce. These games represent some of the best and most cherished times in my life. I’m so glad I kept them all these years.


This is my supreme happy place.


I like to pretend when y’all post a current status that it’s a secret message to someone out there. It makes me smile.


Watched Suicide Squad. Have a new favorite DC character.


Kerrik and Gaj celebrate birthdays!!!! You two are right gems in the Dtoid crown and we love y’all. Have a wonderful day!


More packing. Some Shin Megami Tensei figures I’ve had for a while. The Harlot figure is very special to me.


Another gem from the library. Found this at a garage sale in a bag with a men’s magazine from the 50’s where all the girls looked like pinup models. I cherish it.


You know, it’s a tough time and it would be real nice to read some heartwarming gaming stories. That bloggers wanted prompt is a great chance to bring some smiles to the community.


Packing up my library and found some fun stuff. I’ll post them here and there.


Chrono, I hope you had and are having a fantastic birthday. May you be as happy as this child.


Hi. Here’s something you didn’t know you needed in your waking world.


This is the most important thing you will read today.


We bought carpet today for the new house. Adult purchases are weird. You’re proud and happy but the price makes your butthole tighten up. It’s really fucking soft carpet too. Squish between you toes likes you’re on ecstasy kind of stuff.


This is my happy place.


Happy birthday, Heston. You make me smile and I’m glad to know you. I hope you have a good one, buddy.


Happy birthday, Intern. This is a day the Lord has made so let us rejoice and be glad in it. I’m just wearing a t-shirt and nothing else. These three sentences are all related.


When they ask you the status of your project in group chat.


I do a lot of thrifting but it’s been a minute since I’ve seen something like this. $2.99 for the case and all the figures. I did a double take and snatched it right up.


As a southerner, this is entirely accurate. However, that’s not the point. The only reason I’m posting it here is the possum with the fedora flipping the bird and the cornbread. It’s like I have been seen on many levels.


I remember when this was in heavy rotation on MTV and BET. Used to dance to it in my friend’s bedroom while holding our Ninja Turtle figures. What a legend. He’ll be missed something fierce.


Well it’s about time.


Two things: 1) The love y’all show each other inspires me and is a reminder that on the worst days, we can come here and be treated with love and respect. This is really a special place. 2) Orks are trash. Bunch of Alabama space mutants.


What’s the dumbest thing you ever bought? I’ll go first. I was in a mall in Thibodaux, Louisiana and was drunk. Tale as old as time, I know. Stopped in a shop and walked out with a 3D decorative plate. Undersea kingdom motif. Great stuff.


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Well that certainly sounded dramatic.

LOL Andy was here LOL
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