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Finally watched Begotten tonight. It's been on my list for years. Felt like a grotesque creation myth by way of a young David Lynch.


Today was a good day.


Rhythm is a Dancer is my fight song.


I don't buy toys much anymore but I love me some Shin Godzilla.


Title of my poetry book.


I will carry this thought with me always.


I will carry this thought with me always.


I just listened to the sound of wind on Mars. Magic can be real if you seek it out in your life.


It's such a nice tradition to spitfire comment with y'all for these big events. Makes me feel like we're all sitting on some impossibly long couch talking.


I was gifted this. It's the journal of Carl Panzram. I have wanted to read this for years. Hot damn, I am excited.


Ken Berry passed away. For the three other people on here who watched Mama's Family, this is a sad day. For everyone else, go ask your grandma what Mama's Family was. Also, Mama's Family ran for 7 seasons. Ain't that some shit.


Margaret Atwood is writing a sequel to the Handmaid's Tale!!! It's coming out next year. I am very excited.


Ok nerds, I need some advice. I got the HDMI cable for the PS2 from Limited Run Games. Hooked it up, works fine. Only snag is that the screen is tinted purplish and there's a line going across the top of the screen like broken pixels. Any ideas?


Man, it's fun listening to old Deftones albums when you're drinking. Takes me back. White Pony is my favorite. I used to walk around my college campus listening to that CD late at night. Good memories.


I am thankful for y'all. Not just the folks I interact with on a daily basis but the lurkers and the front pagers. Y'all make this place a rich tapestry of diversity, depravity and fellowship. I am fortunate to be here. Thank you.


I want to wish Pixie a very happy birthday. She works so hard behind the scenes to make this place the best it can be. We'd be lost without her. It's an honor and a pleasure to know her and work alongside her. I hope your day is filled with light and love


My coffee mug made a friend!


Roy Clark passed. I don't know how many of y'all watched Hee Haw but I found it fun as a guilty pleasure. Then I got older and grew to respect the folks from it in a way that kid me never could have. Godspeed, Roy.


Been really into Menahan Street Band lately. Reminds me of 70's Blacksploitation music. They're on a label call Daptone Records that puts out some amazing stuff if you're into that kind of sound.


Wave. Wave. Wave. Wave. Wave. Wvabne. Eave. Wvaek . WEVad. Wavebe. Eat eat etae tea tee ate te etawvaebve wtya eve atevwate aWveabe aEAVEWvaveeavewavwevwvaevevaevevwb EAT Wave WAVE


The Onion gets it.


Saw the new Suspiria today. I quit liked it. Felt more like a reimagining than a remake and I enjoyed where it went. Plus, I'll watch anything Tilda Swinton does.


CJ showed me this. Now I finally have a Spider-Man I can call my own.


Flanx, you are one of the people I think about when I envelop my heart in the warmth and love that is Destructoid. I hope your day is filled with warmth and laughter and love. Happy birthday!


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LOL Andy was here LOL

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