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Thanos is so awesome. Look how big his gauntlet hand is. Captain America holding onto his fingers like he's a baby. And his hair is still perfect. Hollywood gonna Hollywood.


Harry Anderson passed away. For those of us who remember Night Court, he was a brilliant, kind fella. I'll truly miss him.


This was one of the first web comics I ever got into. This one is my favorite strip. So simple yet effective.


A question for the Youtube generation. Do y'all have a preference regarding the length of time for a video review? For example, I was looking for God of War reviews and saw one that was 20 minutes. Hell no. Too long. I want 5 minutes, tops.


If I had ever had a fake ID.


This made me smile.


So I was browsing around for some Dark Crystal images for a tattoo I'm starting and I came across this. Apparently these items will be made very soon. I gasped when I saw that statue. That's one of my favorite moments in the movie and will acquire it.


Happy birthday Jiraya! As a collector of things and enjoyer of viewing the things of others, I find your posts delightful! I also like you as a person! Hope your day is filled with warmth and love and maybe some stuff.


Here's my bedside table. What does your bedside table look like?


Akira Kurosawa visiting the set of Kindergarten Cop. I want to frame this and put it in my office.


I watched my nephews play Fortnite and Call of Duty tonight. It was fun and I enjoyed drinking beer with them and talking about games they weren't alive to remember.


When I say white folks, these are the kind of folks I'm talking about: https://uproxx.com/life/toronto-chef-butchers-deer-vegan-protest/2/


Happy birthday Ooktar! I really love having you here and am glad to know you buddy! I hope its a great day for you.


Mike Mignola posted this today in honor of the marches. Art is such a powerful thing.


Animals are bliss.


Sitting at the mall in front of a Swarovski crystal store and this fat chick in a denim jumper just ran by. So basically, God's real.


Dangus, you are a treat to have here and a very funny and fun fella. I'm glad I know you and I hope your birthday made your heart full.


Self-Portrait by Sainer. I adore this. 220 euros and shipping from Paris means it will stay wanted for a while longer.


I do a great impression of Stephen Hawking visiting a prostitute. R.I.P.


Happy Birthday to my dear pal and musical maestro Alphadeus. His music has been a part of my life for years now and I cherish the memories and the moments he has provided. He's a great guy and we are better for having him with us.


Look, I don't know why I'm being celebrated either. But the love is appreciated and reciprocal, like that ass to ass scene in Requiem for a Dream.


Thanks to this community, we were able to get Mike Martin a new Switch as well as the Bayonetta collection. I say it time and time again but y'all are the best community, the best folks out there. Thank you all so much for this kindness.


Bump 2: Electric Bugaloo Mike Martin represents the best of of us. The mod team has decided to take up a collection for him to help get his stolen stuff back. Paypal info in comments. Donate what you can, when you can. Make sure you note its for Mike.


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