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I'm sitting in my office finishing some work and have the Final Fantasy VI (it'll always be III to me) OST on. This music got me through every test, paper, and project from high school through grad school and beyond. Do y'all have music like that?


Chris Moyse represents the best of us. He's the heart of this place. He cares so deeply for everyone here. He loses sleep thinking about how to make this the best place it can be. I call him brother and friend and I'm a better person thanks to him.


I rarely buy movies but when I do, I make sure they count.


If you could be related to any Dtoider, who would it be and what would be the relation?


Added a new marquee to the collection.


Saw the Lighthouse. It was worth a watch if you like that director or keep up with what A24 puts out.


Been buying arcade marquees for the game room. Fun stuff.


Happy birthday Mike. You're a pervert with a heart of gold and I love you.


In honor of #selfietoid here is my new tattoo! I just got out of the chair so it's wrapped, wet and ready to ooze!


Joao Ruas - There Will Be Blood My current poster obsession.


Game, you science bastard, I hope you had a good birthday!


Game, you science bastard, I hope you had a good birthday!


Happy birthday to Raven and Nathan. You guys are great and I'm so happy y'all are part of this place.


Baby Commando is my favorite video game character. What's yours?


Happy birthday Dere. You help make this e-house and e-home and we are all better for having you around. Hope your day has been filled with love and laughter.


Technical difficulties resolved. Nice to see your words and thoughts and ideas again.


Hey nerds, I need an opinion on this computer. Friend's kid is going to college and needs something to get by. Not a gamer or anything so I'm just looking at specs and cost here. Thanks! https://swappa.com/listing/view/LRWK64380


Sure, Tool has a new album coming out. But instead of following Andy Dixon down the path of cargo shorts, chain wallets and white guys white bad facial hair, try something truly special. Try Plantasia. Music for plants and people that grow them.


New Tool album coming out soon, lets check in on how Andy Dixon is doing.


So its Jaws week at Mondo Gallery and this is their Jaws poster. This may be the laziest poster I have seen from them.


I miss Home Movies very, very much.


Finished Stranger Things season 3. Best season so far.


Look what I found!


Hey nerds, I got a key for a beta for some Xbox MMO called Bless Unleashed. I don't have an Xbox so here you go: CLOSED BETA KEY QQRQG-MCGKR-XW39C-26XHX-PTQTZ Claim it and let folks know in the comments.


This may be the worst song I've ever heard and I'm including the surprisingly large amount of white power metal and folk I've been exposed to. I want to hear the worst song you can think of. Share in the comments.


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LOL Andy was here LOL
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