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If you buy something on EBay, don’t be this guy.


I tried finding Gundam mecha porn but it’s all just the pilots. That was a letdown. But I did find this Gundam which I would absolutely buy a model of. Anywho, Happy Birthday Torch. Thanks for being such a great part of this place.


Hey folks. Lots of productive conversations happening today making me smile. Y’all can reach out to me anytime at Occams@destructoid.com to discuss an issue or just let the mod team what’s working and what we can do to make this place better.


I really hope Obvious Plant puts this one up for sale.


Finally got her for my office.


To quote Jumanji, “What year is it?!”


Watched Amadeus tonight. What a great fucking movie. Highly recommended from a film buff view or a fan of classical music.


Watched Mortal Kombat. It was fun. The fight scenes had way too many cuts which is unfortunate. Never sure if that’s an actor thing or a director choice. Either way, it wasn’t bad but definitely had a SYFY movie vibe to it.


Happy birthday Jasondm300! I hope you have a wonderful day today.


Home Screen.


420! Weed! Satan! Sex! Sin! Munchies! Gluttony! Sloth! Unplanned Pregnancies! Disinterest in the Community! Loss of Faith in the Government and the Church! Bad Skin! Body Odor! Rock Music! Jazz! Disrespectful to Your Elders! Women Wearing Pants!


Man, I’d give a killer handjob for a fair corn dog right now.


Neronium, you are such a nice guy and you make me smile all that time. You are a constant source of joy and I am so happy to be able to celebrate your birthday!


Classic. Bonus in the comments.


My on-card vintage figure collection grows. My office is starting to look like a toy store.


Mail call!!!!


I have found my battle steed.


Welp, it ain’t much but here’s most of my little collection of tabletop rpg books. Some stuff I’ve had since I was a kid, some were thrifted and other acquired over the years in various sale bins and trades.


This is what Tom Hanks dreamed of when he worked for that toy company in Big.


Oh my yes.


Picked this up for my office. Love all those weird 90s toy lines.


All this council talk makes me want to give out decoder rings again. I love this place.


Seriously folks, don’t toke the devil’s lettuce. You’ll end up coming to days later with a condom full of Jamaican bone dust in your ass and a Mighty Might Bosstones prison tattoo.


Happy birthday Goof! Thank you for being a part of this place and bringing all of us so many smiles.


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Well that certainly sounded dramatic.

LOL Andy was here LOL
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