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Moments like this are part of the reason I call this place home.


A decaying Great White Shark in a tank of formaldehyde that has turned green due to exposure to the air. From an abandoned wildlife park in Australia. I want to make a game inspired by this image.


Those new Mortal Kombat figures are looking really fun.


Read Crossed.


Suguru Tanaka. I am obsessed.


This is my new favorite musical moment.


Happy birthday Xeo! I hope you have a lovely day filled with smiles and hugs and a full heart.


#shelfietoid part 2. It's not that organized but it's cozy and I love seeing my friends all together.


#shelfietoid part 2. It's not that organized but it's cozy and I love seeing my friends all together.


Garbage Pail Kids are the best.


Just found this guy. His name is Dave Kendall and he's pretty damn great. I am in love with this piece.


The more "outside art meets a rejected metal album cover" your book has, the more likely I am to buy it.


I want to bump ZombieCorps GoFundMe for his dog who is battling cancer. Many of us have a furry friend or two that we love more than words can express. Consider giving if you can and if not, that's okay. Link in the comments!


Found this over the weekend. It's like Glamour Shots (ask your mom) you can rub one out to. I was giddy when I saw it.


I love when y'all post your faces. Makes this place feel a little more cozy. Lord knows that's not for everyone but for those that do, know that it makes me very happy.


Tell me your name.


For all the electronic music fans who browse here, I found this group called Yellow Magic Orchestra today. Late 70's electron trio making video game sounds. Reminds me of Oingo Boingo back when they were still a performance art band. Worth your time.


Happy birthday, Panda. You are a delight and we are lucky to have you here. I hope your day is filled with laughter and love and you smile genuine smiles.


Wes loves y'all. He works hard on his precious limited free time to help make this place the best it can be. We are a better community thanks to him. I am a better human being for having in my life. We love you, my friend. Happy Birthday.


So there's a teaser trailer for the new Ghostbusters movie. Summer 2020. Huh, kooky stuff. I have a very deep love for the franchise so I'm excited to see what this ends up being.


Comes out in April!!!!!


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