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Two snow days off. I went for a walk and discovered that one of my neighbors is some kind of monster.


What Hell hath wrought, man hath made.


I'm doing a bit of spring cleaning and have some old games for sale. I'm going to put them on Ebay but I wanted to see if my fellow Dtoiders would be interested in seeing a list? If so, I'll post it in a separate qpost. Edit: Now with a list!


Finally saw Star Wars. It was fine. Kinda long. I read about folks wanting it struck from cannon. That's white people for you.


Happy birthday Malika! I hope you are having a beautiful day and you feel very special. I am so glad you and Julc3 are a part of this place.


Happy birthday, Julc3! It's so great to have you and your lovely wife and badass human being here with us! I hope your day was full of smiles and laughter and love.


Finally polished off Yakuza 0, the Ringed City DLC and made some headway in Pillars of Eternity. That's fun. I don't really have my next "it" game so I'll work on my backlog while trying new stuff.


It's become a bit of a tradition for me to have some coffee on Christmas morning and read the qposts. All those pictures of your living rooms and family and friends. Just warms my gift-wrapped heart.


Saw this screenprint and I would love to have this as a shirt.


I beat Yakuza 0. Voice acting in a foreign language rarely resonates with me Lordy, Kiryu and Majima's voices are them. Such a brilliant series.


An oldi but it resonates deeply with me. I make characters to reflect how I feel on the inside and how I interact on the outside.


Saw The Shape of Water. Worth a watch if it comes to your neck of the woods.


Zelda by way of Vaporware.


So this is being released today. I don't collect vinyl but I will be purchasing it. I am very, very excited.


Amazing 80's synth/funk/pop mix.


Atheists: There is no God. The Universe:


This has been in my head for a few days now. Worth a listen if you like hip hop.


Found this in the hallway while heading to a meeting. Gave it a thumbs up as I walked by.


Happy Tuesday.


Found a shirt for Mike Martin's family reunion.


I'm thankful to be a part of this place and to know and be known by all of you.


Found a Twitter account that does these. I've been making these up in my head all day.


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LOL Andy was here LOL