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Is Steam Link worth $2.50 despite it being discountinued soon? What do ya'll think?


Hey ya'll, just got another PC since 2014 so add me! Mamekuma on Steam, ObliqueZombie on Twitch and other platforms


Wow guys, I legit think God of War earned it's 10/10 on Dtoid. I haven't completed a game in so long that kept me glued for the entire experience. I'll be platinum-ing this at some point!


Jason Schreier (one of the few actual journalists on Kotaku) is reported that FO:76 may be an Ark: Survival type game. The jury is still out! https://kotaku.com/sources-fallout-76-is-an-online-survival-rpg-1826425333


FF3 PSP remake was a really great time, but I think I'll have to call it quits before I reach the Crystal Tower. I've heard too many bad things about it, and I'd rather not die and redo a four hour dungeon. Good $5 purchase!


The negative user reviews for MHW are a treat, so here's my fav


I'm thinking of keeping a chunk of my tax returns and getting a PS4 pro instead of a PC--doing so much research, the market is too janky right now. I recently bought a 4k UHD--not HDR, I think--TV, so would it be worth the upgrade?


Yo PC-centric Dtoiders! I'm thinking of building/buying a gaming PC, trying to save some money but not making too many sacrifices. Any suggestions on where to start? I'm only familiar with ibuypower from my past PC


Hey Dtoiders! I'm moving next Saturday into my first apartment, and I have everything ready besides the Internet. What are people's favorite ISPs and routers?


I did it!! Now I just have to beat the game thrice to get all the other trophies...


I just remembered (thanks Mega64 podcast!) that Transformers: Armada was the best TV series/toy combo they've ever had. What was everyone's favorite Transformers iteration?


Monster Hunter World is fucking fantastic. If the Beta is anything to go by, they really simplified the armor and skills, but kept the combat in tact. It's so, sooo buttery smooth


Despite being a long-time Sonic hater, I've finally purchased Sonic Adventure 2 for the Gamecube. I'm actually looking forward to playing the Sonic levels at least. Fingers crossed!


"Sweet, Tuesday means a new sale week for Sony! I wonder what's on--"


Ya'll, Earthbound is charming and cool but boy is it much harder than people led me to believe. Being just Ness for a while is tough! I can't wait to delve into the world more, because this writing is charming my dick off


Final Fantasy Tactics my be the pinnacle of game writing. Holy shit this is good.


Portal Knights finally released! Super stoked to get into the budget RPG/builder hybrid. Anyone else playing/heard of it? I have seen literally zero information about it since the demo lol


Damn guys, that Red Ash OVA was awesome. Between the animation, art style, and world building potential, I am very sad at the thought of not having the game/leaving Comcept to make still make it. Also Lucy(?) is fucking bae ya'll


After the post-Persona depression of playing the game, I've already beat Kamoshida but wasn't feeling it any more. Maybe 130 hours is a lot of time to spend with a game. Now I'm finally clearing space to play FFT for the first time--hurray!


So yeah, Persona 5's final hours could have been quicker (and that's when everyone is 93+), but DAMN that finale boss fight. What a great fucking game. Time for NG+!


I haven't seen any posts about it, but one of my "most anticipated" games coming this year is Portal Knights. I really, really liked the demo and could use a cute, story-free game where I build stuff. Also it is super pretty. I can't wait!


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