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It's my Golden Birthday today; I'm 27 on the 27th! Fiance pitched in and helped me get the blue Switch Lite, and I like it slightly better than the regular Switch (at least the buttons!). Now what would you guys recommend--Astral Chain or Tokyo Mirage??


This may be too broad, but I've been thinking about learning some skills like video editing or programming or website design--maybe all three? I literally know nothing and was thinking of Skillshare--does anyone have any tips, or software recommendation?


So I got Pokemon Sword for Christmas and... yeah it's pretty good! While I'm still of the opinion that it was a wasted opportunity, what we got are really cute Pokemon and some excellent QoL changes--I yield, I like it!


I feel like I'm the only Star Wars fan on Earth who enjoys every single one of the 9 main movies--Rise of Skywalker was fantastic IMO! As a literal life-long fan, I thoroughly enjoyed what JJ and co. were able to bring to the table. What does Dtoid think?


To all PC GamePass owners: Bloodstained is now on the service! I swore the original announcement was console only, but I guess either that changed or I'm blind.


After all these years, I finally saw Matrix: Reloaded for the first time. Maybe a controversial opinion but... I think it was better than the first! The end was weird, but the whole ride was thrilling. Also CGI Keanu looks terrible, and is also amazin


If anyone is interested, I'm streaming the PC version of the Gears 5 tech test--at least when it works. If you're interested, check it out! http://www.twitch.tv/obliquezombie


I've had such good customer service experience with GoG that I think I might switch to them full time. Now that I have five new CRPGs to play, I'll at least be with them for a while!


So we went from Mega Evolutions, to Z Crystal attacks, to... Being bigger? Aight


Got into the Nioh 2 Alpha!! Just downloaded it late last night, can't wait to dive into it tonight after work! For those that got in, what are your first impressions?


How is everyone liking Dauntless? I'm big into MH, but when I saw footage of Dauntless a few months ago I wasn't impressed. Is the F2P economy good, how the combat, is it literally just a F2P Monster Hunter?


Dauntless--the first ever EGS games I've ever bothered to download--simply freezes after creating my character. It's happened 5 times in a row, in fact. Needles to say, this has not changed my disposition towards the fucking EGS.


Steam finally "updated" Yakuza Kiwami 2 after 20 minutes (despite being preloaded) and then the .exe is missing. What was I downloading this whole time???


A friend of mine is trying to get me to play SWG Legends, and boy is it a product of its time. I gotta admit, being a pure sandbox MMO has an alluring charm to it! Super rough around the edges, but in like a "This Really Isn't FFXIV Anymore" good way


I've been looking into a 4k@60FPS setup and a new monitor, but first I need to find a monitor that isn't $700+. Any PC-centric Dtoiders have any recommendation for a 4k monitor that WON'T break the bank??


Ya'll, I've had this weird anxiety about game preservation ever since I got my PC. Hell, even my PS4 hasn't done much to assuage my concerns. Steam games are HELLA cheap and have like 200+ by now, but what are everyone's thoughts at digital viability?


I just started playing Golden Sun for the first time and ya'll, I haven't seen such gorgeous battle scenes on a GBA game in ever! The enemies are Donkey Kong Country-esque 3D I think, which is an excellent touch


No soundtrack keeps me coming back like Let It Die's. I guess it's kinda cheating since they're all actual bands, but this is one of my favorites of the bunch. So mid-00s!


A real conversation between two normal human beings


Yo what the FUCK is this tutorial in FGO. Does any of this make sense to someone who watched the show, or is this much expo about singularities and Servants going to get context later?


Finally getting back into FFXIV! Super excited to continue my quest as a kah-y-e blue cat samurai


Got all the KH3 trophies but four--the three gummiship ones and the synthesis-related one. Honestly the synthesis one can go fuck itself. Why do I need to create the item if I already have the blueprint? Anyway, that was a great 60 hours of playtime


After playing the Anthem PC demo, I can't say I hate it. The variable framerate is terrible and guns are weak right now, but it looks good, plays okay, and the world seems interesting. It's certainly no buy for various reasons, but I'll keep an eye on it


I just got to the Frozen section in KH3 and they played the entire Frozen song from the beginning but they just added Sora and co. I love how unabashed this series is, but boy I'm glad my fiance was asleep and missed the whole thing--yikes!


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