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My Top 10 List of '08 (With Surprise Winner!)

This list is just a quick summation of my favorite games of 2008. Not the best games, but my favorites. I don't own a PS3 so that's why there are no PS3 games on the list. Another quick note is that I haven't played, BK:NB, Dead Space, Fall...


R-Type Dimensions Coming to XBLA

That image comes from the Australian Classifications Board. The game is being published by Microsoft and being developed by Tozai Inc. who is also developing "Lode Runner" for XBLA. One thing we don't know is if it will be a stratagy game...


Fable 2 has gone Gold.

Now we wait. Here's the story. As a side question, who's getting it? If it's like the original I think I'll pick it up. /quickblog


The Music of Castle Crashers

I was surfing the tubes yesterday and I happened to find something really cool. I found the music from Castle Crashers. You can find it right here. The game has a great sound track and you can download all the songs from Newgrounds (not t...


Braid... and other stuff.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, Braid reminded me of a game that came out fairly recently but I couldn't quite remember which game it was. All I could remember was that it was a gorgeous game with a great story, but it had a pr...


Resi 5 in Doubt for PC

Resident Evil 5 might not be happening for the PC because of rampant piracy. Here's the story from IGN: IGN: Finally [taking into account the rumors], our readers want to know, is Resident Evil 5 coming to the PC? Svensson: I know that In...


I'm Baaaack

Well after about a month hiatus your resident CC poster and combo breaker is back. (who noticed? Raise your hand, come on.). I had to deal with a loss in my family and some other stuff but now I'm back to Dtoid and gaming. How would it be a...


Animal Orb Explosion

Well we got a bunch of updates over the weekend at the Devblog and they were all Animal Orbs. They were excellent Animal Orbs though. We also saw the game's weapons locker which is called the "Weapons Frog." To access your weapons you simpl...


New Animal Orb + Castle Crashers is finished!

We got a new orb today. That's all well and good (he's actually pretty cool) but the big news is that the game is finished and they are now exclusively testing for bugs. Straight from one of the developer. Emil says this: "The good news...


Cutest Thing Ever! + New Avatar

Look at it! After a few lackluster updates (Thief and Saracen) the Seahorse brings the cute back to the ridiculously good looking Castle Crashers. Dev Blog Note: I've decided that I'm only going to blog about stuff on the dev blog whe...


Castle Crashers Character + Question

On the first another new character was announced. The Theif! He looks really cool and if characters have different abilities he's gonna be good at the ranged stuff (I'm a genius I know!). Here he is: I have a quick question for you guys....


Pazzo Joins the Castle Crashing

Today we get another wonderful animal orb and a new revelation that hadn't been announced yet. Character leveling. Pazzo gives you extra experience in combat. So CC is going the way of Gauntlet... awesome! Well here is Pazzo the wonder dog....


Castle Crashers Weapons

We got two things today! We got the Barbarian Axe and the Fish (previously seen with Bear). No bonuses are announced yet but they will be eventually. Here they are:


More Castle Crashers

We got a new character today. Bear makes his entrance with his mighty fish... This game just can't get any better. Here he is in all his bear-fish glory.


New Castle Crashers Video

New video right here. This time Dan is drawing a new castle for the game. I'm liking the new Castle Crashers Dojo so far. However, I can't figure out how to embed from Vimeo so you have to click one extra time. Edit: Here's the video than...


April Fool's Day

It's gonna be bad. That's all I know but I wonder what the editors are cooking up this year. They have to follow up Brian Crecente's Hair Palace and that's a though task. The cblogs are gonna be a mess too. HAI GUYZ GEARS OF WAR 7 JUST GOT ...



http://kotaku.com/photogallery/mgonline/1001024036 Best or bestest thing ever? Those are actual in game shots. So now Metal Gear Online has a fully working catapult for people. Anybody here getting Metal Gear Online when it comes out?


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