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To all the lovely people out there with a special someone in their lives, I wish y'all a Happy Valentine's Day, you freaking normies! To everyone else, I hope you join me to make this the funkiest of Fridays. #FunkyFriday


50 years ago today, Black Sabbath changed heavy metal forever. Raise your horns, my brothers! \m/


Replaying C&C Generals right now. Dear Lord, I forgot how politically incorrect this game is at times! They break the Geneva convention at least once per mission! Especially with the GLA! Their music slaps hard tho, some true bangers here.


Odin Sphere's Theme Is A Musical Fairy Tale

A few years ago when I was still trying to get a degree in music, I had a teacher of musical composition that would always, without fail, take 20 minutes of his classes for musical appreciation. We already had a class on that subject b...


Finished the Early Acess portion of ScourgeBringer. This has loads of potential! Anyone looking for a fast-paced rogue-lite better keep their eyes on it!

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My life in 24 games

[Nior is here to take us on a journey of their life, using video games as touchstones for important moments. Some of this is incredibly personal, and I’d like to thank them for taking the time to share. – Kevin] Last year I turn...


I'm back baby and about damn time! Time to continue that C&C Retrospective like I said I would! I give you Renegade! TL,DR: Game's fun but has issues. See y'all in two months for Generals XD!


3000+ deaths and 8 hours later I finally did it. Worth every single second. This was an amazing finale and the most fun I've had with a platformer in the last 10 or so years. Farewell Celeste, and thanks for the memories!


Hey I've been meaning to ask about this for a while now but kept forgetting. I was scrolling down my blog list to fetch a link for my next piece when I saw this and I'm very confused. (More thoughts in the comments).


Black Mesa's Xen Was Worth The Wait

Black Mesa, the unofficial-turned-official fan remake of the original Half-Life has been trough a lot. Upon release, it was missing the last portion of the game, Xen, a portion that many fans of the original (myself i...


Today, 23 years ago the world was blessed with Terranigma, Quintet's swan song, and the best RPG nobody played. The story still gives me chills to this day. RIP Quintet, your masterpiece won't be forgotten!


20 years ago, this game was a giant part of my childhood! A frenetic and energetic RC racing game! The OST was by far the best part of the whole thing! Some awesome techno stuff right here! Here's to 20 more years, Re-Volt!


20 years ago this game forever changed the way I looked at shooters. Happy 20th anniversary Unreal Tournament!


Happy 20th anniversary Chrono Cross! You beautiful, wonderful, confusing, nonsensical piece of work! One day I'll swear I'll finish you! But until then, let me beat Chrono Trigger again for the 100th time XD


Getting flagged as a bot while trying to publish a blog, I've no idea why. Anyone knows a solution? EDIT: I ended up going tru the entire thing. Turns out, the words getting flagged were cas ino and Kyoce ra (as in the company). Ok then...


Garou: Mark of the Wolves is 20 years old now. Long live one of the best SNK games ever!


Since the version on Spotify appears to be region locked, this will have to do instead. Get your hearts blazing kids!


Happy Halloween everybody! To celebrate, here's a blog about a little horror game based on something the medium doesn't really explore that often: Folklore! Enjoy!


Brazil Of Games: Local Legend Spooks The World

I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of folklore. A mix and match of ideas, stories, legends, and myths, that get passed from generation to generation, deeply rooted in tradition. It is a fundamental part of human cultur...


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