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Today marks ten years since Iron Man released and started the Marvel Cinematic Universe! It was such a phenomenal film when it released and still is. I really wish I could go back and re-experience it.


I played the Yakuza 6 demo and wow... as someone who's been drifting away from games, where has this series been in my life? I definitely want to check this out. Now to find the time and money.


Happy God of War day, everyone!


I went to Best Buy today and a customer asked me what the difference was between an Xbox One S and an Xbox One X even though he knew I didn't work there. For shame, Microsoft, with your confusing names.


Have a great Easter break, everyone. As usual, I'm offline on Good Friday as a sign of respect for the Lord's sacrifice.


Happy Birthday ooktar and FakePlasticTree! I hope your days have been wonderful (or at least pretty good).


Happy 7th anniversary Nintendo 3DS! I love you buddy!


Have a fantastic birthday OnAirFish!


Wow. Smash Bros for Switch announced, playable Octolings in Splatoon 2, WarioWare for 3DS (which I predicted!), etc. What a day, Nintendo.


Farewell to my favorite show currently on TV, Star Wars Rebels. Easily the best part of current Star Wars media and I say that as someone who likes Disney's movies so far.


Happy Birthday Czar Kazam! I hope you have a bunch of fun playing the Resident Evil games one of your best friends got you. (What a great day for birthdays!)


Happy Birthday Vxxy! I'm really glad to see you around more often and I hope you have a great one. (TMNT 2003 is awesome from beginning to end! :P)


Happy Birthday Occams! You have so much heart, it can really be felt throughout the community. Thanks for all your hard work and kindness.


I can't believe this song is already a decade old, but it's really fantastic! The beat is really cool and the lyrics are so meaningful for a 'mainstream' song. I wish more of today's music was as strong as Black and Gold.


The day I've dreamt of for years has finally come: a Black Panther movie has been released. It's difficult not to tear up when I see the world embracing a character I've known and loved for years. I'm so elated. Wakanda Forever!


Ironically, today is the five year anniversary of one of my most genuine and kind moments with a very special lady I knew. It's crazy to think half a decade has gone by but that day meant a lot to me.


Happy 15th anniversary to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003! It made me the ninja I am today and I can never thank it enough. It means the world to me.


I don't want to leave anyone out (you all rock), but I have to shoutout DanteKinkade. His enthusiasm, consistent Qposts and excellent PS4 trophy collecting skills are not unnoticed! #Shoutouttoid


Nintendo is dropping bombs today! Mario Kart Tour? Online Service in September? Mario animated movie confirmed? :D


I got hit with the influenza flu today and I don't think I've felt worse in my life. Thank God it was nothing worse. I couldn't get home without my parents.


My film production planning class is so fun right now! I'm the producer/assistant director in one group, which is already pretty busy, but I'm also the second camera operator in another group. It's hectic but that's part of the fun!


Happy birthday to Robo Panda and happy belated birthday to Wes and Larx! All three are amazing members of this community worthy of so much love. I'm still rediscovering DTOID so I'm a bit behind. Sorry!


Looks like I chose a good day to look around following the site's running improvements (thanks guys). I'm glad everyone still seems to be doing well for the most part. Have a great day!


I've been getting into my PS4 games more recently. The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Sonic Forces are really reminding how fun it can be to play video games outside of the 3DS.


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