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Dtoid Rape and Resent

The house is being cleaned, and I'm going out with the rest of theThis isn't for appealing to those that know what's going on. It's for those that don't and/or who want to understand why I can't support this site anymore. Suffice to say, I ...


Career Interview with a Literal Shield

The majority of us go to our jobs every day with a certain assurance of safety. Even if there are physical hazards, we'll likely not come to harm, so long as we follow the rules. But when your job is dealing with the safety of the pub...


Career Interview with a Guy who might also be Wry

In the world of Account Management, businesses are represented by people who can do things. Like talking. And writing. Sometimes, at the same time. For some of these individuals, multitasking and networking can be especially brutal. F...


A Fashionably Late Entry

The objective of the community mspaints was to showcase the best in lazy artwork. I like to think taking 4 months to finish this makes me the ultimate bestest winner. And so, without further ado, because I know you were waiting this whole ...


Deep Thoughts

If there was a port of Child of Eden for the Rift, people would be able to trip balls without fucking up their central nervous system.


Hi-Definitionisms... with Nihil: Part One

Gather 'round, chitlins. It's Uncle Nihil's Story Time, brought to you by Alabama Finger Blast. "Alabama Finger Blast - For When You Want To Feel Like You've Been Touched, Deep South Style" CONSUMER-GRADE NEWS It's been since pretty much...


10 Reasons To Kill It With Fire

It's been 2 years since the last one, and getting close to a year since my reintroduction post. So thanks to Jonny B, here you go, internet. See the exposed, rusting gears and shoddy wiring that is my fucking brain. Be amused. Be afraid. B...


Deep Thoughts - Whys and Why Nots

A whole lot of people ask "Why?" when they should be asking "Why not?". Others ask "Why not?" when the answer is right in front of them or choose to ignore it. As with most things in daily life, I think a balance in asking both is key. Th...


Deep Thoughts

If gender swapping was like The Swapper, there would be a lot more dead bodies in the world.



A lil' while before Thanksgiving, I announced the grand opening of the Official Destructoid Chess Club. If you missed it, it was glorious. I also announced that the first official tournament would happen soon. Actually, it's happening. L...


100% Objective Review: Grand Theft Auto 5

I played a video game and now I'm going to review that game. I played Grand Theft Auto 5. You don't need to go back and play the first Grand Theft Auto in order to play this one. Grand Theft Auto 5 is an action game, where you play as th...



Although my free time on Wednesdays are gone, the spirit of HUMP DAY HAVOC lives on! For those of you who aren't available for Friday Night Fights or Weekend Warriors, this is also a thing you can totally do, if you're hip and like playin...


The Game You Want Everyone To Be Playing

A little thought experiment I've been kicking around. In recent times, the GAMER classification of geek has become a bit of a joke unto itself, depending on who you ask. There was a bit I heard the other day (I can't remember for the li...



It's the last day of the month. It quite possibly could be the last day of the year. You don't know. How many apocalypses were we supposed to have? Six? More? Maybe they're just late. Maybe they're having a poker game, and whoever wins gets...



For the past couple of months, I've been working two jobs - one during the week and one during the weekend. The one during the weekend is a twelve hour shift that starts in the afternoon, which means I can't fight at night on Fridays, and I...


Permadeathisms... with Nihil: Fap to This Nonsense

Hi. Do you like hotdogs? Do you like funky fanfares playing in the background while you eat hotdogs? If so, why not press play in that video right there while reading this blog, which is kind of like eating a hotdog. Or an asshole, dependin...


Lurk Mode: Disengaged

Hello there. Yep, it's that one guy. That one guy who sucks dog dick at being an internet friend. It's him. With sea salt chocolate balls and %5 less scalp hair. Would you like to go on a trip through his head for 15 minutes to a half hour...


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Hi. I'm Dan, an admin in the forums. Come down and say things to us. You'll float, too.

"Nihil" is the pseudonym I use for writing and gaming on the internet. I came across Destructoid by searching for information on Way of the Samurai 3. Tubatic had the most comprehensive coverage on it I'd seen anywhere.

For that, and for leading me to this extraordinary community, I thank him.

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