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The (Un)Classics Project: the Two Worlds Franchise

It’s way past redundant to say at this point, but I can’t help but feel a little jaded about the eighth generation of consoles, even almost a year after all have become present and accounted for.  There’s promise, of course, but promise in...


To Mr. Yoshida: Why People Prefer AAA Games Only

We live in a world where more people have played Medal of Honor: Warfighter than have played The Cat Lady.  Hmm… when you put it down on a page it sadly seems all too obvious… Mr. Yoshida’s comments on the single-minded desire for most g...


The (Un)Classics Project: Alone in the Dark (2008)

As I've grown as a gamer, I rarely get disappointed anymore by a game not meeting expectations upon release.  It's an important lesson we all have to learn at some point.  As a personal historical note, that’s what Alone in the Dark (’08)...


The Widening Gap: AAA & Indie Development Philosophies

Tomorrow Corporation’s recent announcement of the success of Little Inferno, having sold 250,000 copies, has got me thinking a lot about its counter news story, Square Enix’s list of their fourth quarter failures – Tomb Raider (3.4 mill),...


Is Gaming the Fountain of Youth?

So I’m turning 30 this year. Every time someone has brought that up to me, they say it to me like, “Oh God, Nick, you’re going to be… *thunder clap* thirty. Starting to feel… old… yet? He he he cackle!” I never really know how to res...


Dtoid Memories: Deadly Premonition Gets a 10

I was in a game store, looking at the wall of new releases, and while scanning I came across an ugly-looking cover of some weird face screaming. Deadly Premonition, it said, and seeing that it only had a $20 price tag, I couldn't resist ...


PSA: You Need to Play The Cat Lady

So I purchased The Cat Lady on Desura a couple of nights ago. I beat it the next day. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to make the game sound like it scrimps on content. In the midst of getting school work finished ahead of schedule th...


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