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Good news, already got my COVID test back and I am negative for right now. Then about 10 minutes later I got a text saying that another person had it and was last in work on Monday...it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when for me I fear.


One day I won't get in trouble at work on my days off, since they called me in today again. Today was not that day sadly. Gonna eat some pizza, go to bed, and do it all again tomorrow! :D


Asked work about the COVID case, they said nothing. I also apparently am people's punching bag today cause some of my coworkers are pissy. Time to just get through the shift I guess. Edit: Off work and just got a text about 3 more COVID-19 cases...


Really mad cause I might have COVID thanks to work. They send out texts when positive cases are confirmed. They also don't tell us which department it was so we don't know whether to get tested or not. >:(


Friends and I managed to pull together to get another friend a Switch. Switchmas may not be cursed, but I'm happy we were able to get one considering this year and the timeframe we had to get it. He gets it next week.


I survived Black Friday at Target working in the Tech department. I will say, even at it's craziest it never got as bad as Goodwill. Heck only had one pissy customer today, and it was my first one.


Trying to think of transition screens for a Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy review but am drawing blanks. Obvious one would be using the Power Cell screen animations, but I wanna be different if I can and don't wanna use those if I don't have to.


Happy Thanksgiving and happy birthday to Seymour! Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving and Seymour has a great day.


My main manager resigned today apparently. Was also by myself AGAIN in tech.


Just got off work. Am tired, is not bueno cause I gotta get up in 6 hours for work again.


Me: Okay time to relax before a stressful day of work tomorrow. Work: About that... Looks like I get to work a 6 day work week now. D:


Black Friday sales started today at my store. Never seen people claw for 4K TVs in such a way for a LONG time. And I work actual Black Friday so fun times ahead.


Seeing Indigit4l's PC build for a customer made me want to check the prices of the Zen3 chips cause I eventually want one...yeah gonna wait for stock to normalize first cause holy crap.


This 1 foot tall shy guy was on the truck today and waited all shift for me to purchase him when I got off work. What a good boy. (I love Shy Guys)


*sniff* It's beautiful. Old internet speeds in the comments.


So more tales from retail: someone swipped my tech alarm disable key from my locked box while I was helping someone else. I can get fired for that so yay... :D


Make the PS5 questions stop. Had someone who wanted to speak to the manager only to be told what I told them.


Double post, so I will use it to say I love you all.


Happy birthday NeoTurbo, hope your stream goes well today! :D


Happy/Happy belated birthday to Indigit4l. Hope you had a good day today.


I have a $300 GameStop card from trade-ins, but sadly no Series X. :(


Well I was unable to get a Series X, but I did find out my credit lines got increased cause I make more money now so hey, silver linings.


Happy birthday Flanx, hope you have a great one! :D


AAAAAND I might get in trouble for getting overtime at work cause the person who was supposed to take over for me after my shift ended never came. :/


Hooray I got paid for the first time at my job. Now to watch it all disappear in seconds as it goes to bills.


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