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Grabbed Ghosts of Tsushima and Paper Mario today since the money from selling my 3DS capture card cleared from eBay. Let's see what all the hubbub is about.


So...this exists and by proxy I had to instantly buy this puppet in particular. I have my life in order that's for sure.


Guess Vegas Pro 18 dropped today as well. Rip my wallet today alone.


Pocket is live. Managed to get one and a dock so I am happy.


So I sold my New 2DS XL capture card faster than I thought.


Current work status since no one else is here besides me, my line lead, and supervisor.


So the announcement from Analogue was about an announcement. Preorders for the Pocket, Dock, and adapters begins August 3rd.


Just as a heads up Analogue, the company behind the Super NT and Mega SG, have something going up tomorrow at 8 am PST. Many people are assuming it's the preorders for the Analogue Pocket and Dock. If so my wallet weeps tomorrow during break at work.


Welp that's Crash 2 100%ed now too. Will work on getting footage for Warped later this week. Crash 2 still is my favorite after this playthrough too.


Playing through the original Crash 1 again and yeah, I am reminded why I don't like this one when compared to later enteries.


Always love whenever I'm playing Majora's Mask or Majora's Mask 3D I'm like "I'll play for like an hour" and then 3 hours pass. :P


Nothing like a routine oil change that turned into a $300 problem cause my battery was leaking really badly.


Was a fun stream I had. Even got raided for the first time which threw me for a loop.


Really awkward situation at work right now. It's like watching a train wreck.


Contract at work is almost up. People are dropping like flies from the temp agency that hired me as well. Wonder if I will get extended.


Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga was always a game that I wanted to get as a kid, but it was always sold out. Got them now, and I love it. Will be posting the Blog of my review script soon. Video is done though. Blog is up, link in the comments.


I like kitty cats, that is all.


Anyone else read One Piece in Shonen Jump at the moment? I wanna talk about the chapter so badly with someone, obviously it would be spoilers.


Trying to think of a good intro and some transitions for the Mario & Luigi review and I'm drawing a blank. :/


Walmart wouldn't let me return the 4 TB HDD for some reason, so I guess I'll keep it. Now I have 11 TB of storage in my computer (I have a smaller 2.5 inch 1 TB too). I also have the 500 GB NVME and my old SSD for Steam games. I have a problem. D:


Commissioned someone on Twitter for a Spirit Tracks layout. I like the train tracking the heart pieces.


And Walmart screwed up on me again. Ordered an HDD from them before canceling the order. They never cancelled it so now I have a 4TB WD Black HDD coming my way too. That's twice this has happened with orders not canceling when they were supposed to.


Been busy all day, but I still have time to wish Wilf a happy birthday! :D


Alright, PC is nice an clean, and NVME drive is installed with Windows installed correctly. Now for the fun part: reinstalling everything I ever use. D:


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