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Welp, beat Into the Nexus 100%. Platinum Trophy and all skill points. So that's nice. Now I can focus on Ratchet 2016.


Happy Bassday Birthday- I mean Bass. Hope it's been a good one!


Sure I'll make the Tier List. Time to show you my inferior rankings. Very one-sided on what I've not tried I will admit. :P


Got hit with a depression realization that I'm really out of shape, and it has spiraled into me knowing I'm not strong enough to actually exercise regularly or keep a schedule. That spiraled into more things. What I'm saying is, send me ferret pictures.


Here's my Switch collection. Well what's left of it. It's been a rough pandemic and I needed to sell most of them to pay bills. Might have to sell Xenoblade and HW: Definitive too still. :/


Happy birthday Vxxy! One day we'll get Megaman Volnutt off the moon.


Haven't finished Sly 4 100% since the game came out, and now I've done it again. Was fun, but some of those trophies are tedious. Now on to Into the Nexus again alongside the movie Ratchet game.


Got my federal return. Used it to catch up on bills which is good. Is this what it's like to adult?


That's Super Mario Odyssey's main story done, now to begin the 100% post-game journey. Thinking of doing those as a livestream, but I am not entirely sure.


Was cleaning one of my storage drives and found a backup of one of my old PCSX2 memory cards I had with the Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix Randomizer. Super happy now.


After much time and eventual refunding, reshipping, delays, etc. I have finally completed my goal of bridging my graphics cards together for rendering and editing. Now to regret this later on when RTX 3080s become more readily available. Was still cheaper


It's About Time indeed! Time for the latest and last review I'm doing for Crash at the moment, Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time. Give it a watch if you can, and if you are on the fence for the game. Edit: Monday bump.


Welp, got the package back, but had to refund the buyer. Luckily I was able to get enough money to cover the refund. Buyer was interested in the product still and said if I gave him my Venmo he'd rebuy it, so we'll see. Shame this all happened.


Man, fate just does not like me. Details in the comments.


Good news, the new motherboard works. Bad news, the NV Link is the wrong one. So that sucks. Why are 3 slot RTX NVlinks impossible to find. D:


And now for another review. Give it a watch if you can. Edit: Wednesday bump.


Gave up, but luckily I found a sound usb card that works. I have enough USBs to spare so now I have sound again, not ideal but oh well at this point I'm tired.


So, because this PC build is cursed, I put my old motherboard into the new case and I am getting the same no audio issues as before. Makes me think it's the case, but I have never heard of that before. Any help would be great cause I am at a loss.


Welp, MB's sound chip is bad. Returned it and grabbed one from my local store...only for it to not support SLI despite them telling me it did. They won't take it back either. :/


Darn realtek audio drivers won't install or work no matter what I do. This makes me sad. Gonna see if a pin is loose on the MB for the connector, if not then I don't know.


Definitely the longest computer build I've ever done, and sadly my initial plan does not work, but I'll post pictures tomorrow once I put in the second graphics card.


...yeah at this point I'm basically building an all new PC. Just got the replacement MB and with the clearance I'd have to get a new case that can find a way to get my capture card. Luckily my friend recommended me NZXT a while back so I grabbed this one.


So, I inadvertently picked the 1 motherboard for my computer from the brand that does NOT have SLI/NVLink functionality. This sucks, cause I'd rather NVLink 2 2080s at this point than get a RTX 30XX card cause of how bad stock is everywhere.


Man, got some of that new Popeye's Rippin Chicken box stuff and didn't realize how spicy it was. For the record, I'm terrible with handling really spicy stuff. Messes with my stomach.


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