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Okay it looks like I have to postpone my stream till tomorrow. Turns out I forgot I'm hosting mtg night at my place and I need to clean and stuff. So 1PM MT THIS SUNDAY FOR REALS.


Decided to try a bit of Secret of Mana before bed since I have that snes classic now. My thoughts from the first few hours can be summed up as "Wow! Everyone is a dick!"


Question should I go back to my old avatar? Or I was half thinking I could join the ranks of B/W photodom. Or is that a thing I have to earn?


Hey guys! Just reminding you that as usual I'll be streaming tomorrow! This time I'll continue working on my backlog with the Dying Light expansion. So tune in tomorrow at 1pm MT if you're interested.


Had a tough choice between grabbing Farcry 5 or Warhammer Inquisitor since they were both 30 bucks. But in the end I went with Farcry 5. Now I just need to clear my PS4 backlog a bit to make some HD space for the new stuff I got.


So apparently when I said "power through Dying Light expansion" earlier, I really meant "do sidequests, explore and drive around running over zombies". Dammit game, stop being so good! I want to beat you! >_<


Decided to go hard on finishing some backlog stuff before I work on my boxing week purchases. Finished S2 of Telltale Batman last night which was AWESOME! And am going to power through the Dying Light expansion tonight hopefully.


So the store I went to sold out of Fire Emblem Warriors, so I grabbed these for 20 bucks instead! THE PIC DIDN'T UPLOAD SO IT'S IN TJE COMMENTS I'M SORRY


Apparently Ebgames has Fire Emblem Warriors on sale for 20 bucks so I'm going to brave boxing day and try to grab it!


In my family we just do a basic gift exchange for Christmas so we can save money and spoil the younglings. But I did get a pack of Ultimate Masters and Guilds of Ravnica! Also got to visit my sister which is awesome cus she's an hour out of town!


Have a great Christmas you guys!


If you guys are curious about where I am in Dark Souls Remastered after getting it for Secret Santa...I just got to The Depths! Decided to use the Gargoyle Helm and Axe after they both dropped from the boss. Also forgot how important upgrading is in 1.


I won twice! Take THAT Bass!


Hey guys! Today's stream will be me versus Bass in MTG Arena! I haven't streamed on PC in forever so hopefully it works out. BUMP!! Alright the showdown will be at 1pm MT, my usual streaming time! Link to my stream will be in the comments! STARTING SOON!!


So my left joycon was drifting a bit. I tried updating it and configuring it. Still happened. Checked online and someone said if you take the rubber cover off and put it back that it fixes it. Taking it off worked! But now I can't get it back on probably!




Going home early because I feel dizzy and throwupy. How is your guy's day?


The legendary bro! Also I forgot how much I love the Estoc.


Man, I am super rusty at Dark Souls.


And thus begins the journey anew!


The bit about etiquette is pretty accurate. And his Newfie accent is also pretty damn good.


Man, as soon as I get good at it I'm going to post a video of my Warframe doing sick hoverboard tricks. Shit is so fun.


I'm having waaaay to much fun playing Tony Hawk's Warframe Skater tbh.


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