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Hey guys I decided to change my avatar! It used to me this one but now I'm an adorable slime trying his best! BUMP!!!


My roommate sent me this earlier and how DARE he call mt out like this!


Welp, I'm hooked on CrossCode now. It's plot immediately sucked me in, and the setting vaguely reminds me of that one arc in HunterXHunter. Combat is also way more engaging (and challenging) then I was expecting. Still doing quests in Rookie Harbor fwiw.


I swear that lady on the Capcom stream was an android.




Well, Sayonara Wild Hearts is freaking awesome. And it being so short makes it perfect for replays. Crazy glad I grabbed it.


Calling it now, the Villian in the new Mario+Rabbids is Waluigi.


Jeez so many photography games all of a sudden....I want them.


Guess I better get off my butt and actually beat Salt and Sanctuary before the sequel comes out.


You ever just wanna make and eat a shit ton of mashed potatoes?


Genshin 1.6 is out. Time for some summer Klee fun!


I...I can explain!!!


I gotta say, that final boss for Kirby Star Allies was CRAZY AWESOME! Also the parts with core just give me more lore questions! Random spoilerish thoughts in the comments.


Welp. Re-addicted to Outward. Gonna try maces and shields this time. Adventure ho!


Holy shit, The Naked Gun is just as funny as I remember.


Stupid sudden heat wave. Too hot to comfortably game.


Can confirm, Necromunda is jank but fun. Playing on PS4 btw.


Nanomachines acquired! Just syncing up to the 5G now.


Why did no one tell me Outland got a SECOND expansion!? BUMP! SORRY! I meant Outward, that one with the backpacks!


I wonder, do I have a Destructoid review of Necromunda Hired Gun to look forward too this week?


Why is it so hard to find an accent chair with wheels on the bottom???


Hmmm, I think it's time to invest in a new armchair. Luckily I get am extra check this month because bi-weekly is weird like that. Now I just gotta look for some decent furniture places.


I think after I do nostalgia filled playthrough of this Dragon Quest 3 remake I'm going to do something crazy. ALL. JESTER. PLAYTHROUGH.


Have a few Biomutant screenshots! BUMP! I added a bunch more!


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