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PB&J eaters of dtoid! Do you use the same knife for both jars or do you use 2 seperate knives for both jam and peanut butter? There is only one correct answer.


Can't stop playing Hellpoint. Need to find secrets. Need to explore. I found out there are hidden doors like in the souls games. Now I need to press square on all the walls.


Hellpoint is pretty great so far! If you're looking to scratch your Souls itch with a creepy sci-fi setting pick it up!


Playing Hellpoint! If you wanna join me for sci-fi spooks my twitch link will be in the comments? BUMP


I'm a sucker for Soul-style games and creepy/cool aesthetics, so I'm going to try out Hellpoint on a whim! Will post thoughts later! BUMP: Wait!!! What if I just stream it in like an hour or 2!? Then everyone can see my first experience with it!


Found one of those good black Xbox 360's for 45 bucks at Goodwill! Testing it right now, but it seems like it's in great condition. My previous 360 died yeeeears ago, so I'm looking forward to being able to play a bunch of that stuff again!


So I decided to start playing Ni No Kuni 2 just now. I will leave my immediate reactions the first 10 mins in the comments.


Alright I beat Ghost of Tsushima. Now excuse while I proceed to deal with "post amazing game emotions".


Welp, just finished reading the new Dresden Files book.......*immediately pre-orders the next book*


So I'm going to ask a question that kinda relates to how I feel the story of Ghost of Tsushima is heading. At the risk the question itself being a spoiler, I'll put it in the comments.


Just got to Act 3 in Ghost of Tsushima. Holy. Fucking. Shit. That is all.


Spoilers for The Art of Seeing sidequest in Ghost of Tsushima.


Wait, I just realized that Ghost of Tsushima is only 40gigs!? That's super impressive to me!


Bears can be such jerks. Throwing you like, super far. Shoot them in the head.


I really like Daft Punk. That is all.


The photo mode in Ghost of Tsushima us crazy good. Here's a bunch of screen I took!


Theory. Birds are leading you to hot springs so they can take a gander at that sweet Sakai bod.


Ghost of Sushimama let me pet an adorable fox and so has gone from a great game to a SUPER great game!


Well I wasn't expecting a spoopy update, but regardless it looks awesome!


I gotta say, I love when games have silly fun events like this.




Alright beat Shadow Warrior (2013) last night. Still love it overall, but I reeeally wish I could've turned off the head bob. Also started 2 last night. I forgot it was an rpg that I guess has procedural generation though? The movement is way better th


Oh god I started a thing. WHAT HAVE I DONE!?


Game idea. FPS where you play as a warlock, but you wield your staffs or wands like guns and the spells are kinda like different guns. So like ice spells could maybe be a shotgun or rapid fire thing. But in a doom-esque or Shadow Warrior kinda way?


So my roommate told me a friend of ours asked me and my OTHER roomate if we would want to go to a bday party. We both said we'd only go if he invited us directly. My roommate because he's been burned too much by middleman invites, and me because [cont.]


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