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Been actually working on my backlog of half complete games lately. I thiiiink I've almost beaten Alien Isolation and also jumped back into Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (currently in some land of the dead cliff place, not sure how close i am to the end).


Anyone else suffer from weather related migraines? It suddenly got really warm here after it being consistently -25C to -30C and now I'm just crazy dizzy and my brain is in a fog. I usually get them with extreme temp changes and before/near thunderstorms.


Literally five minutes before I left work I found out I have Monday off for a long weekend.


Saw Hypno say he beat Hollow Knight, remembered I hadn't beat it yet, went back to it after like 3-4 months and beat the last boss on the first try. Now I guess I should try to get 100% completion.


Someday I'll bother trying to get a girlfriend.


Forgot to post my weekend spoils! Gamewise, I found Mass Effect Andromeda for 5 bucks, and also grabbed that PlayStation Humble Bundle! Also grabbed a MTG bundle box, pulled some good stuff, than traded that and some other cards for TWO more bundle boxes!


Going to be streaming some Alien Isolation for a few hours. Come hang out and watch the spoops! I'm live on Twitch - Watch me at twitch.tv/neoturbo


In a follow up to my previous question, I decided to just focus on getting cheap/on sale stuff that I haven't played instead of a brand new game. Will share the spoils later!


I was finally blessed my RNGesus with the last part to make this today. And this is after I also randomly got to finish Reaper Prime yesterday! So far it's a good Warframe week.


Hmmm, do I buy Kingdom Hearts 3 this paycheck, or wait a week and get Metro Exodus? I want both real bad but money is tight...


Hey guys! As a reminder I will be streaming Sunless Skies after it launches today as part of their 10k charity challenge. Every minute you stream in the first 24 hours will donate 1 euro to charity! Twitch link is below! I'm going live!


Hey guys! Just letting you all show that I'll actually be streaming this Thursday for the launch of Sunless Skies so that I can take part in their 10k Charity Challenge! I will also be narrating ALL the text, so look forward to that. Details below! BUMP!


This isn't how you mail a pan Walmart. Edit: If anyone is curious, this isn't some dumb pic I found. I took this today, that's me holding the pan in the warehouse I work at.


I gotta good feels story for you that just happened to me today in the comments.


I'm getting more and more frustrated with my current job. I'll bump this to elaborate later, as I need to start my shift at said job. BUMP: Long rant now added.


Streaming some Warframe with GM! Check us out! Heckle us! Whatever! I'm live on Twitch - Watch me at twitch.tv/neoturbo


Hmmmm, should I stream either Warframe or Monster Hunter World tomorrow? Both have limited time events going on...EDIT: It's going to be Warframe, it's event ends sooner. So yeah! Watch me play some Warframe tomorrow and hang out and stuff!


Yes I will thank you! Edit: Basically I bought a sweet flamethrower in Warframe that's only available from a merchant with random cycling stock that shows up every 2 weeks. Realized the post was kinda vague.


This is me and my beard before I trimmed it...


Low on time today, so I'm going to be streaming some random Arcade levels in Farcry 5! Are they good? Are they bad? Let's find out! Watch me at twitch.tv/neoturbo


Okay so my stream for today is going to have to be tomorrow. Between an internet tech I'm waiting for and some cleaning I gotta do for tonight, it'll be easier for me. Sorry if that's annoying to anyone!


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