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Bloodborne and The Old Hunters are both on sale now on PSN. One of my favorite trailers ever btw, and it's for a DLC expansion.


I too noticed something odd in Yoko Taro's tweet on Nier's Goty edition. Subtract the dates of each region's release. Feb. 23, Mar. 7, Mar. 10. 23-7-10=6. Minus 3, the number of platforms the games available. 6-3=3. Half-Life 3 confirmed.


Watched the Noclip documentary on Half-Life. Pretty good, but it makes me wish someone would make a doc solely about Kelly Bailey's work on the music and sound design of the series. Quintessential and timeless stuff.


Not the swaggiest franchise to talk about, but I've been playing through the Killzone series and have been having a blast. Played through all of KZ2 yesterday. Still a very, very solid game with a surprisingly excellent soundtrack.


Didn't sit through all of The Game Awards and just found out that God of War took GOTY. Figured RDR2 would take it after all the awards it received. Very cool!


I'm now officially a core employee at my work! Great news to round out the week. This calls for catgirls.


So now Vaati is getting in on Deracine and BB2 speculation. I just don't get people who don't want BB2 because BB1 was "perfect" and "complete", and that it would somehow tarnish the original. That's just hipster bs in my view.


Neon Genesis Evangelion on Netflix. Hey, that's great. Now, how about follow that up afterwards with the greatest cinematic experience of all time.


Didn't buy anything new and shiny this Black Friday weekend, but the local secondhand stores had some sweet deals.


And now my weekend starts. Going to catch up on playing some RDR2, but the highlight so far is finding this Bloodborne/True Detective mashup that I may have watched too many times already.


Happy Thanksgiving!


Been thinking about pulling the trigger on a $400 Xbox One X deal, but then I realize I'd probably only use it to play games on backwards compatibility that I've already played to death, but in 4K. Hmm...




Latest haul. Seems I've been interested in collecting PS2/GC/Xbox era shooters lately.


Well it's official, I'm getting hired on at my job!...but I still have 7 months of probation...but hey, I'll take it. Still have work tomorrow so I can't party just yet, so do some drinkin' tonight in my stead.


Hey, where in the hell is the Deracine review? It released last week and I totally forgot about it, but apparently people are finding several nods and references to Bloodborne in it. Pic somewhat related.


A Free Radical-themed haul.


Despite my absence, I am still alive. Been really busy with my new job. Lots to learn. Woke up to a new track from one of my favorite artists, and its appropriately named. Hope everyone's doing well. Also, catgirls.


Good news! Start a new position at work on Monday that gets me off third shift and out of a dead end department. Hopefully all goes well. Also catgirls.


Just finished playing through BLACK again over the weekend and was thinking about starting up Bodycount and this shows up in my recommended videos after just being uploaded a few days ago. Weird.


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