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Aight, I'm back full-time now, but just cuz I felt like it. Totally not because I was in Dtoid withdrawal and missed all of you or anything. Nope. Baka.


Now I don't want whatever Shadows Die Twice is to look any other way.


Valkyria Chronicles is pretty cool so far. If nothing else, it earns points for me for introducing me to Marina Wulfstan. <3


It's still a couple of hours away for me, but in case I get too wasted in the meantime, Happy friggin' New Year.


Found this at Wally World of all places for $20. Holy shit, it looks so cool!


Saw The Last Jedi over the weekend and decided to marinate on it a while before giving a final verdict. With all cynicism and snark kept in check...nope, didn't like it, and it's a borderline bad movie imo. Very disappointing.


It's a very 2B Christmas this year.


Oh, Nier: Automata wins Best PS4 Game here on #2Btuesday. Y'all done me proud.


Time to finally see what all the fuss is about.


Just had to pop my head in real quick to say HOLY SHIT HOW BADASS WAS THAT NEW FROMSOFT TEASER. That is all.


Taking a break from here for a while. Pretty irritated with things lately. I'll still probably be observing from time to time though in secret. Later.


I really suck at coming up with names for my characters in games, but the next time I have the opportunity, I'm naming him Briefcase Joe.


This is really nice, but at the same time the 2B enthusiast in me can't get over that her beauty mark is on the wrong side. I will let it pass...this time. #2Btuesday


Mass Effect Andromeda (deluxe edition) is $25 on Amazon. Fair price to take the plunge? On a related note, my face is super tired you guys.


Man, the Blades of Mercy are a tricky (heh) weapon to use. Just does not gel with my play style and sensibilities, but I managed to fudge my way through. Will not be doing a NG+ run with them.


So PSX is one month away now. I'm not saying Bloodborne 2 will be revealed...but Bloodborne 2 will be revealed.


For those of you that bought the expansion pass for Little Nightmares or have the "Complete" physical edition, the second chapter of dlc is coming out sometime this week. Haven't seen much hype for it, so there you go.


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