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Oh snap, just noticed my Dtoid account is 4 years old as of Tuesday. I guess it's just as well, now it can coincide with #ThighhighThursday. Cheers, y'all.


Gonna start another play through of DOOM on my PS4 Pro with the 4K patch. And headphones this time. Should be lit.


Sometimes you're stuck in a rut, and you remember a song and it puts everything back into perspective.


'Sup? It's Friday.


Went on a little day trip out of town yesterday and did some shopping on the way back. Pretty satisfied with the results.


"An unsightly beast...a great terror looms..."


Yesss, my PS2 Fatal Frame collection is finally complete! I haven't played it since it came out, but as it stands in my memory, the original is probably the scariest game I've ever played. Straight up stopped playing because I was too scared.


The Outlast series is cheap on PSN thanks to the Mid-year sale. It's supposed to be a bit of a letdown, but I think I'm picking up the second game.


Just opened a "fortune" cookie. My "fortune": Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. So, how's your day going?


Finally saw Blade Runner 2049. Umm, holy shit. The cinematography, sound design, soundtrack and performances. I haven't been so totally engrossed in a film in ages.


Look what I got over the weekend.


Woot, full weekend for this guy! Hope everyone else has a good one, too. Also, catgirls.


So I guess RE2: Remake is my Game of Show. Cathartic to see it looking so good and coming out so soon. 2 was my first RE and was the beginning of a lifelong love affair with the series and survival horror.


God dammit, I had fully accepted that Bloodborne 2 was not happening, and then Deracine gets revealed and now I'm speculating like hell that it is some kind of stealth tie in with Bloodborne.


The "harvesting" of your victims in Vampyr is one of the most poignant bits in a game Ive seen in a while. Walking them to a dark corner against their will, all while this cacophonous and sinister track grows louder. Man, what a cool game!


Oh shit oh shit oh SHIIITTT. The guy that hinted of the Shadows Die Twice teaser at TGA says that it's going to be at Microsoft's conference and it's published by...Activision? Don't care, hype overload right now.


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