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I get tension headaches from playing crafting games, apparently. Had one develop while playing BOTW last year; I stopped playing, but it stayed with me for two months. Tried Minecraft for the first time this week, and now it's back. Anybody else get this?


Finally bought a PS4, and a copy of Bloodborne. It's gorgeous, obviously. But spoiled wank that I am: I'm finding the amount of detail on screen unpleasantly overwhelming. It's really really tiring trying to process it all. Can anyone relate to this?


Has anyone played Ghost Trick on the DS? Few months ago I tried it, didn't like it, and now want to sell it - but I don't know if I'm missing out. I thought the writing and characterization was twee and the puzzles were tedious. Does anything change?


Old Podtoid Episodes

Ugh. What a waste of an afternoon. So, I imagine I'm not the only Podtoid fan who's tried to dig deeper into the archives than episode 76. On your search you've probably come across this post, and this one, and countless others. Nearly ...


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