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Video Games With A Graduate Student

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Groundhog Day: Final Fantasy Four-Ever

Final Fantasy games are like sex: some will be mind-blowing, some will disappoint you, and you never forget your first one. I know I�ll never forget the first time I picked up a copy of Final Fantasy IV, then II in its simple yet seducti...


Game Dev Story: Be a Game Dev On Your iPhone

  I have a very mixed experience with games on the iPhone.  I think I’ve downloaded about ten of the silly things and, until recently, only two held my attention for any length of Civilization Revolution and GodVille. &...


Hideo Concert: The Quest for Epic Music Justice

The big event for Dtoid SF this past weekend was undoubtably the Destructoid Extra Life charity marathon that raised over $6000 for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals.  While Tactix, Hamza, and crew were busy being super amaz...


WIBP: Grinding in Dragon Quest & Life

If I had to pick one gaming genre that has defined me as a gamer, I would have to go with the JRPG. While I�ve loved titles that run the entire gaming gamut, from Super Mario Bros. 3 to GoldenEye, I�ve probably sunk more hours into JRPG...

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Fred Phelps, Comic-Con, & Why I Love Nerds

On the whole, nerds tend to get a bad rap when it comes to the way they are socially perceived. At best, we can be perceived as awkward, unfashionable, and socially inept. At worst, and unfortunately more commonly, we are seen as people...


Distant Worlds in San Francisco

This past Friday, I had the pleasure of joining a number of Dtoid SF members for the Distant Worlds concert in San Francisco. Distant Worlds is a symphonic concert series that features music from throughout the Final Fantasy series. As ...


WIBP: Time Travel in Chrono Trigger

Time is quite possibly the most precious commodity on the planet. It may be the one thing that everyone wants more of, especially when you have a job. (And yes, I�m totally calling grad school a job, and all of you working professionals...


Gaming for the Grad Student: Bits of Sanity

With this post, I'm finally taking a long-thought-of-but-never-really-attempted dive into the Destructoid blogging community. I've been a member of the Destructoid community for a few years now, but I've never really been that active. H...


About MuddBstrdone of us since 5:21 PM on 06.06.2008

Since I've started writing on here a bit more again, I should probably add something to this. As the banner image of my blog says, I'm a graduate student. Yes, I'm that class of people which Marge Simpson says has made a poor life choice. The fact that the wife of Homer Simpsons is saying that should tell you something about my quality of life. :P

I like writing about games, which is what you'll see me do on here when a subject sufficiently motivates me. Sadly, writing about games comes at the cost of playing games, so my blog posts are fewer and farther between than I'd like. I usually write with regard to monthly musings, retro games, games I'm currently playing, or events in the games industry that perk my interest.

When I'm not DOING SCIENCE! or playing games, I can be found training in karate (my life is a fighting game!), writing about stuff other than games, or tearing up the dance floor.