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Music Question OTW: What are y'all's favorite sad or angry albums, for when the world has beaten you down, and you need to get all the rage and heartache out? Indie, electronic, punk, metal, folk, rap, whatever you're listening to, I want to hear it!


For anyone who's curious, this all-girl Japanese punk band just released, low-key, one of the best rock albums of the year:


I'm pretty late to the punch - mostly because I just don't normally like rogue-likes as a concept - but Dead Cells is definitely something special. I grabbed it Saturday, and it's kept me interested way longer than any other, which is saying something.


So far E3 has been pretty good, I think. Microsoft having the newest From and PSO2 are huge. Bethesda was rough, but thank god they have Doom Eternal. Still thinking Square-Enix may be about to steal the whole show tomorrow.


Been having some really rough social anxiety attacks lately, making it really hard to be productive. Daily meditation helps, but only so much. How do some of you guys deal with this stuff/other mental issues?


Kojima tapping both Guillermo del Toro and Nicholas Winding Refn for his Dead Cells/Cobra Unit-esque team in Death Stranding is the most film-geek bullshit I've ever seen in a video game. I love it.


So I just started watching HUMANS on Amazon, and so far I'm pleasantly surprised with how good it is. Been itching for some solid sci-fi for a while. What are you all watching these days? What do you think of it?


TNG is an amazing show, but DS9 will always be best Star Trek.


Endgame has put me on a big Marvel kick, and I'm going through all the MCU movies again. I'm about halfway through. So far, GotG 1 is still my favorite, and still really gets to me personally, even 5 years later. Winter Solider is probably a close second.


Holy shit. Just finished Cuphead for the first time, on Switch (with my only A+ ranking being on the Devil, funny enough.) What an intense and gorgeous game. Very likely one of my top five this year. I need to lie down for a minute.


The Aussie lady in this Sony State of Play is at least 20% more excited than the last host.


Happy Birthday Torchman, the guy I see everywhere, doing all the things and making Dtoid great. Even if I don't think we've ever actually talked.


Quick update: I told my company I wasn't relocating, and they told me I'm out on the 15th. But I also nailed a final interview on Tuesday, which I'm hoping will result in an offer today or tomorrow. This could go really good... Or really bad.


So I thought Endgame was actually really good. I've been a bit bored with some of the more recent Marvel movies, but the way they've all culminated into Infinity War and Endgame is admittedly pretty incredible - minor plot criticisms aside.


My company has been pressuring me to move to Seattle the past 2 months, while I’ve secretly been trying to get a new job here (Austin). I’ve got 3 interviews this week, and a meeting with my boss to tell him I won’t be moving. This may get rough.


One thing I find super curious while playing Division 2 is how... Optimistic? It is for a post-apocalypse setting. It's cool to see a strong attempt to rebuild, rather than everything becoming Mad Max immediately after the incident - like most others.


Semi-Hot-Take: Sekiro is a really bizarre game mechanically. And as someone who absolutely loves Soulsborne games, I say that more as an observation than a criticism. (Cont. Below)


Playing through FF9 on PS4 with a buddy right now, via Shareplay. Definitely remembering why I used to call this my favorite FF. It's really a fantastic and underrated gem. ....Also, fuck, do I miss old Square.


Had a great time this weekend with a friend pulling off an S-rank Hardcore run of REmake 2, which - as someone not good at these sorts of things - I highly recommend to any player. What a rush! S+ Hardcore can go fuck itself, though.


For all my Yakuza fans out there, Judgment finally has a US release date for the year. June 25th! Should be a good summer sleeper hit. https://twitter.com/Wario64/status/1102943256810143744


Listening to the Person 5 soundtrack to keep myself motivated at work today. Crazy to think that even two years later, there is still a constant desire in the back of my mind to drop everything in my life, just to focus on going back through it again.


The way REmake 2 is somehow able to adapt such modern mechanics and controls into an easily playable format, while somehow still being so incredibly oppressive and tense, is super impressive. It’s a textbook case of what makes a good horror game.


So I picked up YIIK anyway, despite the bad review last week. I'm having a good deal more fun with it than Kevin did, and it's definitely a very unique/special game, but oh boy does it have problems.


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