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Well, better late than never, but I finally got Ending A of NieR: Automata. Not gonna lie. that was pretty emotional, so it got your boy a bit. The other main endings are gonna fuck me up, aren't they? I can just feel it. I CAN FEEL IT. No spoilers! :P


Okay, you know what? Fuck it, #selfietoid for you guys. I ain't showing my face though. I don't want to regret posting that because then I would be too self-conscious about posting more cucking quickposts. And really, who wants that? Don't answer that.


I took, like, 20 pictures for selfietoid but didn't like any of them. It might be a blessing in disguise, considering all the weird, perverted stuff I say. Besides, just imagine what a gamer who's into cuckolding looks like and you got me in a nutshell.


Playing Mass Effect: Andromeda, I'm gonna romance the sexy, slender Vetra... but she would be more satisfied with the big, strong krogan Drack. You know what they say, "once you go Drack, you don't go back." And "if it ain't krogan, she ain't going."


Finally had a moment to finish! Here's a Let's Play of Overwatch's new character, Orisa! It was hard getting this because SOMEONE always tries to insta-lock her, and I couldn't just bounce because of the leaver penalty. Please like if you like the video!


Man, I'm sad that I haven't beat Tales of Berseria and NieR: Automata yet. I really like them, but doing Let's Plays eat up a lot of time. And I haven't done one of those in a week because of all the people fixing the house. I feel so unaccomplished. >^<


Mentioned that I'm currently been without running water. Good thing about being unemployed is that it doesn't affect me much. I just sleep as much as possible. Haven't showered, used the bathroom, or eaten in three days though. Please be done soon. >^<


We sharing pictures of our Ryder from Mass Effect: Andromeda? Sorry for the low quality (am I talking about the game? SNAP). I honestly didn't intend for him to look Asian, so I have no idea what the hell happened there. He looks pretty decent though.


Was out shopping, and I eavesdrop a woman flirting with a guy. From what I heard, she has a boyfriend she wasn't happy with, but he has a girlfriend he's very happy with. She still came onto him. I wish I was man enough to get one woman, let alone two.


I swear, this week is not a good week for your boy. Now there's a burst pipe, leaking water all over the house, so we've shut it off. Will be without plumbing for possibly two or maybe three days. Can't tell if this or cuck porn being fake is worse. >^<


So, I found out that a lot of cuckold videos are actually fake. Everything I know is a lie! How will I ever get a girlfriend if I can't get somebody else to satisfy her in bed? With love, patience, and understanding? The fuck? This ain't a fairy tale!


Another day, another step closer I am to getting kicked out the house. I swear, I can't seem to catch a break sometimes. I try my best to not be an inconvenience but it seems like everything I do is a slight against me. I don't have a backup plan too.


Being the cuck that I am, I immediately fell asleep after masturbating. As you may (unfortunately) know, I masturbate under my underwear. I slept for 4 hours. Laundry day is Sunday. This is a horrible combination. Should I throw it out? I have no money.


Mass Effect: Andromeda reviews seem very mixed so far, yet I can't help but be intrigued by it anyway. I might get it not just because it's Mass Effect (albeit in name only), but because I can create a character and hang with (hopefully) cool squadmates.


Haven't done a drawing in a long ass while, so I decided to do just a single image. Here's a picture of Brianna taking a selfie in the bathroom! Since I'm not allowed to show pubic hair, I thought it would be interesting to put something else there. :P


I'm probably going to delete Battleborn for Mass Effect: Andromeda, so I did one more Let's Play just in case. I still don't know how to fix the audio clipping yet; I think it's the software though. Please give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it!


I posted a Let's Play, ordered a pizza thanks to Papa John's 50% off (check their Twitter, *not an advertisement*), watched Samurai Jack, All That, and Kenan and Kel. Might even finish a (simple) drawing! Life is okay sometimes... so tomorrow might suck.


To those who watch my Let's Plays, I want to ask how can I improve my commentary. I plan to buy actual equipment soon, but none of that matters if I'M not entertaining. Is it my jokes? My voice? My cursing? Let me know! <3 (Bump for more opinions!)


From what I'm hearing about Mass Effect: Andromeda, you don't really get the chance to be a Renegade. Personally, I always liked being a Paragon, but I also liked being ruthless sometimes when I needed to. Apparently, you can't even be rude to people. :/


I can't tell if I want Mass Effect: Andromeda or not. On one hand, I fucking love the trilogy. On the other hand, I fucking HATED Gears of War: Judgment, Halo 4 and 5, EDF 2025, Lost Planet 3, and most other games made by different developers. What do?


Y'all, should I trade in my Wii U and games towards a Switch (assuming I can find one)? I really don't plan to play it anymore, Splatoon 2 will be coming (hopefully) soon, all y'all gushing over it... I want to be one of the cool kids, too, damn it! >^<


I did a Let's Play of Metal Gear Online 3, playing as a hot chick... that I spent real money to customize. Actually, buying MGSV: The Definitive Edition comes with free coins, but still. >^< Anyway, if you like the video, please give it a thumbs up! :P


So, I was looking around my hentai — I MEAN MY ART COLLECTION — and I stumbled onto an old set of images made by an artist whose style I really liked. I don't think they draw anymore, which sucks because I also liked their original character, Matsuri.


I don't know if it's you guys... BUT remember when I said liking my videos matter? According to my stats, 30% of my Battleborn video views came from YouTube searches for Battleborn (who searches that!?). Coincidentally, it's my second most liked video.


I solved my previous problem of a "boring" Let's Play by going out and getting better footage. Yay! Now I have a different problem: trying to condense a 27 minute multiplayer match with near-constant action into less than 15 minutes. Goddess help me.


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