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Persona 5 question, NO SPOILERS: is there a vocal-heavy battle theme like P3's "Burn My Dread", P4's "Reach Out to the Truth", and PQ's "Light the Fire in the Night"? I'm not very far, but none of the music hypes me up or are catchy enough to sing to.


You know that thing women do where they bring their shoulders in to make themselves look small, and clasp their hands together? I've been doing that my entire life. It's no wonder I grew up to be this "beta bitch cuck," which is my own version of a BBC.


Despite earlier interruptions, I managed to finish a video of me doing a Let's Play of everyone's favorite hero-based shooter, Battleborn! Wish I got to play as the character I originally intended to play as, but some motherfucker picked her first. >^<


I have Persona 5. I want to play Persona 5. But I still haven't beaten Tales of Berseria, NieR: Automata, and Mass Effect: Andromeda yet, all of which I want to. And I've been obsessed with porn lately. Times like this, I need a mistress to order me.


Been reading stories about men losing their virginity, to older women, at a very young age. I won't say they're lucky because they seem traumatized by it... but fucking damn, I'm jealous. I wouldn't have been messed up. MY fantasies were THEIR realities.


Spent an hour reading a bunch of (possibly true) stories about girls who dumped great guys because they had small penises and made the sex "the worst experience they ever had." Luckily, as a cuck, I would never put someone I love through such torture.


Damn. Since I'm already awake, I decided to take advantage of it by trying to record a Let's Play. About 10 minutes in, my family came home and I had to abort, so now I feel like I'm wasting time. It's not that I'm shy, I just can't explain it to them.


Fucking hell, my sleeping schedule is still messed up. I'm awake during the day, and asleep at night. The night is the ONLY time I do anything creative (drawing, writing, editing Let's Plays) so now I'm stressed about when I'll get something done. >^<


Everybody's playing Persona 5, and I'm still playing Battleborn trying to get footage for a Let's Play. If the match isn't fun to watch, it's either one-sided, laggy, or I'm not playing the character I need to. Some goddess out there must really hate me.


What do you guys think: should I be a Thief or a Rogue?


I swear, trying to do Let's Plays will be the death of me. It is extremely stressful having hours of footage and thinking they're not good enough to use. It's not that I can't make a video; I have too high standards to "just" cobble something together.


Remember that girl I mentioned before? The one I, uh, "didn't" name an original character after? Thinking about her must've caused me to dream about her last night. We spent the whole time just playing games and talking. It was nice... in a creepy way.


Ugh, can't sleep. I wanted to be ready and rested for Persona 5, but I can't force myself to sleep. I don't want to lie in bed, but I don't have the energy or the brain power to take full advantage of staying up. What do you guys do in this situation?


Ever get that feeling when you're wondering if the girl you used to like is thinking about you, even when it's been 8 years? And how you never managed to get over her, so you created an original character with her exact name to love instead? Me neither.


Here's my Let's Play of the PS4 version of Paladins: Champions of the Realm! Got into the Closed Beta and decided to give this game a shot. Yo, there was a LOT of Overwatch comparisons that were made, so come check this out! Thumbs up if you like it! <3


"I" always said I was going to draw Haydee, and I finally did it! Okay, technically, I drew my original character, Irelia, cosplaying as her... but it counts! I also tried making a sleek design layout. My only regret? I didn't make her thick enough! >^<


I swear, I tried going ONE DAY without masturbating, but I legitimately couldn't resist. I can't imagine how much harder it would be if I had a long, thick penis like a big, strong alpha male. Now I know how they can have sex with women all night.


Hi, I'm Morpho. I actually do like long walks on the beach, having a romantic candlelit dinner, watching movies at home and falling asleep on the couch... that sort of thing. This is totally unrelated to today's date. Also, I have a giant penis. Honest.


Playing the ghetto Overwatch clone, Paladin. I got into the Closed Beta and decided to fuck around with this game to see how it goes. Maybe I'll even do a Let's Play! :P Yo, they got clones of Reinhardt, Roadhog, Reaper, Widowmaker, AND FUCKING HANZO.


Had one of Arby's Meat Mountain. My thoughts? So much meat, I had to use two hands to hold it. Couldn't even fit it all in my mouth. And when I shoved it down my throat, I was full. ALL PAUSE. Seriously, it was pretty filling, but had a one-note taste.


Someone made a joke in the Widowmaker article about "cumming on figures." Thought it was weird but checked it out anyway... now I'm addicted. It's the closest you can get to having sex with an anime woman! At the very least, disappointing her greatly.


Do you ever wonder what a woman's penis would feel like? Because penises are supposed to be thick and hard (unlike mine)... but women have such nice, soft bodies. I imagine their dicks are soft with just the right amount of firmness, and taste like honey.


You know, for all the shit I give Final Fantasy XV (don't get me wrong, it's good, but not perfect), I got to admit, the developers are damn dedicated to improving the game with free updates. BUT I WILL NEVER FORGIVE THEM FOR PATCHING THE ARANEA GLITCH.


Had a dream where I just sat with a girl and, get this, TALKED to her. We did a little flirting, connected a bit, and really had fun without even take our pants off. That was kind of cool. Weird that it came after watching porn for an hour, but eh. >v<


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