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The Destructoid Comic: Revenge of the Red Rings

The story so far: JIm and CyberneticTigerZ, team up to battle the threat of the monstrosity known only as the Destructor-toid. CTZ decides the only way to deal with the beast is to call in RetroforceGO!, a team of skilled warriors hardene...


I am selling myself.

Ok guys, here's the skinny. My life is a complete and utter mess at the moment, completely and utterly. I am stuck on a course I don't like, in a place I hate, I have hardly any money and as I live on campus in term time accommodation, if ...


The Destructoid Comic: Aaaaaaand welcome!

The story so far:A large automaton, closely resembling Niero's alter ego, is destroying downtown Destructoid City. Jim Sterling, along with Cybernetic Tiger Z come to the conclusion the Niero is being framed. Unable to take on the giant ro...


The Destructoid Comic: The plot thickens!

The story so far: Jim Sterling bursts into the Sharkade and enlists the help of Hamza Aziz. Sterling explains that not only has the President has been kidnapped by ninjas, but that there is also a much greater threat afoot. Hamza, relishin...


The Destructoid Comic: Enter ... THE SHARK!

The story so far: On a rainy night at the boardwalk Sharkade, in the distance a loud crash is heard, apparently caused by the Destructor-Toid. Suddenly, someone bursts through the door, revealing himself to be none other than Jim St...


Tell me what to draw #10: "Avoid the Noid"

I suppose the one good thing about having no social life is that I've got plenty of time to draw. So I thought I'd just crack on with another installment of TMWTD. First off, thanks to The GHost for the awesome trading card he made me, you...


Tell me what to draw #9:"Topher

Me again. :) Last time it was Garison who had the winning comment, which is the second time he's won! Lucky bastard. Just so you know, I don't choose the comments myself, they are randomly chosen. Basically, I number all the valid sugges...


Tell me what to draw #8: "Cheeky"

Hey fellow Dtoiders! Here I am again. Last time NihonTiger90 got the winning comment which was: "As always, Cammy. You choose everything else." Just a quick sketch this time, quickly coloured in Photoshop: I went a bit wild on the cu...


The Destructoid Comic: When it rains, it pours

Well here it is! Page 1 of the Destructoid community driven comic. This week's winning comment was from ArcticFox: "The scene: A dark boardwalk arcade, lit only by the lights of the games inside on a rainy evening. The arcade h...


Tell me what to draw! #6: "Nothing but Raz"

Yeah that's right, I'm still doing this on top of the comic. Let's begin shall we? Last week it was... Heretic that got the winning comment! Yes I know... he's gone, but his comment was randomly chosen waaaay before all this hullabaloo. ...


The Destructoid Comic: The beginning

Say hello to the Destructoid comic! You know how I did those Tell me what to draw posts? Where you would post in the comments about what I should draw next? Well, after the success of that one shot Destructor-toid comic page I did, why not ...


Tell me what to draw! #5: "RAWK"

Hey guys! Betcha didn't expect to see me so soon! Well here I am for yet another Tell me what to draw! But before I begin, I'd just like to thank all of you. That's right, each and every one of you. Everyone who's complimented my work, ...


Tell me what to draw! #4: "The Destructor-toid"

Whew... it's been a while. But I'm back. Sorry for my tardiness, but I've had a shitload of things to do. Assignments piling up and the like. But anyway, back to business. It's time for Tell me what to draw! Last week the winning member was...


Destructoid Secret Santa! Woop woop!

Got my Secret Santa gift the other day! It was exciting! Behold! The unwrappening! Eeeeeeeeeehh!!! More wrapping?! It never ends! Whoooo!!! Space Invaders t-shirt with Mario and Bob-Omb figurines! Whoever it was that got me th...


Tell me what to draw! #2: "Apologies to Niero."

Well hello there! Time for another Tell me what to draw! Hope you're all ready to fight for first comment! Last week, it was Mee who won the comment race, his suggestion was as follows: Mr.Destructoid dressed as link, but he has to look ...


Tell me what to draw!

Hey guys, as I have an above average artistic ability and a below average imagination, I have decided to ask you, the community what I should draw. First comment telling me what to draw wins. Keep it SFW and somewhat video game related. ...


My first Halloween. And blog post.

Good evening internet. Thought that maybe I should start a blog seeing as I've been pretty much silent since first visiting Destructoid (which is pretty much since the site began...so yeah... better late than never!). Anyway, here we go.....


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