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Well One Punch Man sold less than 5k physical in Japan. RIP that IP.


Went and played that there FF7 demo AGAIN. Thoughts have changed, more in comments.


Can Maxiboost On have a release date already, I need iiiiitttttt


Played the FFVIIR demo last night. Ho hum.


Was clearing out my old desktop today. Found this gem of a gif saved on it.


Happy Birthday Jetter! Oh and Limo too I guess


I have begun the insane fight to try and platinum gundam versus before maxiboost on comes out. 1000 online battles, here we goooo


Been watching the Persona 5 subreddit to see if there's any post-game content/unlockables for Scramble. Hmmmm


Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2 introduces GBO Days

It's been a while since we talked about Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2. The last time we did was for its review last year, where it was given a 3/10, due to numerous issues plaguing the game. However, like any other online game such...


Mood when I see another hour and a half of work is left


Me reading early translations and explanations of advanced tech from Maxiboost On to get a head start. Haven't even looked at movelists yet...


I need Maxiboost On to release already. I was reading mechanical differences from Versus over the weekend and I like what I see.


I am seeing the comparison of ‘the fast and the furious 9 trailer is just DMC with fast cars’ and now I HAVE to see the trailer


Apparently Namco recently had a preview event for a bunch of games including Gundam Extreme Vs. Seeing reports that not only is splitscreen confirmed, but LAN support as well. Fuck yes, now confirm the soundtrack will be intact and I'll be content.


It's wild to me that Namco is releasing My Hero Academia 2 and One Punch Man within 2 weeks of each other. I feel like that audience was a good amount of overlap.


Here's a salt take: It's bullshit that Twilight Princess HD didn't look anywhere near as good as the tech demo the Wii U had at E3 2013


Finished Jedi Fallen Order last night. Was a good time. Thoughts in the comments.


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