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I have a physical copy of Metal Wolf Chaos preordered. Today was a good day.


Hey dtoid, need some knowledge/training/education help. Gonna give a brief summary in the comments.


So who here plays Stardew Valley on Switch?


Finsihed Judgement yesterday and Wargroove today. Thoughts in the comments.


Judgements tailing sections suck. That is all


This is a good montage. What’s upcoming, and what got us here. God damn it though, war in the pocket making me cry at 6:30 in the morning


Me trying to figure out the riddles in some of Judgements side cases


Exclusive footage of Gaj playing pokemon


Holy shit Kris lives, I thought Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver nuked her from existence.


Can it be my vacation already? Timed it for right when Fire Emblem releases


'Hey we gotta make an opening for the TV version of The Origin, what should it open with' 'How about that colony drop on Australia'


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