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Video summary of the backhalf of my Elden Ring experience last night.


Well hello there, I will gladly take that.


Didn't do a lot in Elden Ring last night, but Mohg's done. Shout outs to Panda and Flops for making me aware of various things that determined what I did last night haha


Super Robot Wars 30 DLC stream tomorrow hell ye. Been waaaay too long since the last one.


I keep meaning to do Elden Ring update quickposts but Im too lazy/forgetful lol. Needless to say biiig progress, and I'm a fickle bitch on how much I wanna do lol.


If Kingdom Hearts 4 doesn’t have the Thanos encounters from Infinity War I deem it a failure.


Open World games like Elden Ring are always funny cus you think you're doing side content then next thing you know, you've made major progress along the main scenario.


I have no words besides god damn it Bandai why now


Caelid is basically post-Eclipse and you can't convince me otherwise. Killed a lot of dragons tho last night... like at least 30 of them?


Back on my Elden Ring bs after a multi-week delay of on-call work/model kit building/Kaito dlc/Kirby 100%/Seed Destiny suffering. Big progress in a single night baby.


Finished Seed Destiny yesterday. I have no words.


Currently in the middle of Seed Destiny. How I feel about Victory right now


Started watching Seed Destiny. Wow it did not take long to make Shinn, the supposed protagonist, and his group uuuhhhh come off as assholes to a degree


Got the 100% in Kirby last night. Incredible how seamless of a transition the franchise did from 2D to 3D. Elden Ring continues to be on pause as I grabbed the Kaito DLC for Lost Judgement


Man reading that Kotaku article on Undead Labs and coming out with two things. A) Yep Microsoft def ain't fixing Activision and B) State of Decay 3 absolutely does not exist at this point.


Thinking of rewatching Gundam 00. Current status.


Rereading Jim Ryan's comments on PS games not coming on day one. Reading between the lines seems to give away the intent: It seems like wants to keep the current 'success' metrics and funding methods he's going by right now.


After 40 years, finally an animated Gundam work with a girl protagonist. Seems like it's an Alternate Universe too, so fully standalone. Go wild with this Sunrise.


As of last night, after hunching over my desk for 8 hours, Sazabi is finally completed. What a kit in the end. Other angle in the comments.


‘Father it’s been a week, give me my shoulders already’


Final reconguista in G movies come out this summer in Japan. Was not expecting them so soon with all the other projects this year. Either way hopefully they'll be the better way to experience this specific AU?


Question of the day: Am I the only one whose opinion changes wildly on original characters in crossover games?


Man that flag feature on disqus just got a lot more important thanks to that stupid block update.


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