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When you're watching a movie and enjoying it, and then someone comes in and starts complaining about said movie.


The latest haul. Guess who hasn’t played a KH game besides 3D?


Almost done with hollow knight, just gotta beat the final boss now. Also did the good thing and rescued all the grubs


So apparantly Sae in the Persona 5 concept srt is just Bayonetta


So it turns out, happy 45th anniversary to Getter Robo. All those years of combining, and one of the main inspirations for Gurren Lagann


Remember this important information folks.


Did you know that every time Preston asks someone to help a settlement, I drop a colony on that settlement?


Finished Super Robot Wars T. Gonna start writing the review later and hopefully get it up before next Friday on the FP. Will say this: Beat the final boss, thought everything was all wrapped up, then the game went 'GUESS WHO JUST WENT ON A SHOOT OUT'


What in the god damn fuck is this shenanigans


When someone claims there’s a Persona 1+2, despite Papa Atlus clearly showing again and again the series started at 3


TIL that Rayearth was doing the shadow thing waaaaay before Persona 4


Paid off the student debt last week, got my Super Robot Wars Tuesday, and as of today, finally getting a permanent full time position instead of contract. Current mood.


Oh ya gimme that 80s animation launch sequence.


Morning nerds, here’s something for the Cowboy Bebop fans.


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