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Penelope is a big boy for a 1/144 scale kit. Probably bigger than the Wing 1/100 kits for sure.


Gonna be buying Astral Chain this weekend. Gonna be doing the responsible thing this weekend and trimming my game collection a bit.


Bought Bloodstained on Friday, beat it on Sunday. Did all the optional bosses, and like 99% of the map. What a 10/10 game, it's absolute a GOTY contender for me.




The season pass for Fire Emblem Three Houses makes me want to hold off on doing more playthroughs until 2020.


Ah it finally released. Gonna build it and the other version I have this weekend and next.


I should probably start compiling what I've played this year so that I don't overlook anything for my 'GOTY' list huh...


Alright, optimized the shit outta metal wolf to use as little ammo as possible (abuse stomping!) and got the last weapon in the game. Now to do the S ranks and that's the Platinum.


So close to Platinuming Metal Wolf now... just gotta optimize my runs on 6 stages to use as little ammo as possible for a weapon to get the all weapons trophy, and gotta get S rank on 7 stages for the all S rank trophy.


Metal Wolf Chaos patch is live. The audio is WAY better now. Every major problem I(and reviewers) had with it like the volume for DNN segments has been fixed. Thank goooood, crying patriotic tears of joy


Oh boy, the platinum trophy for metal wolf chaos is going to take some time...


I have to learn speed running strats to platinum metal wolf chaos. Current total clear time is an hour and 33 minutes, gotta get that down to 45 minutes. Wish me luck.


So like... is 'stealth' killing in Sekiro supposed to alert everyone within 5 miles ooooorrrrrr.... cus so far I'm not really seeing the 'stealth' part of this game outside of the tutorial.


10/10, most accurate depiction the world has ever seen


Holy shit Devolver, the numerous audio issues with Metal Wolf are unacceptable. How did this get by anyone?! Edit: Wow some of the best scenes/lines are mere shadows of themselves because of this... good lord Devolver...


Just a friendly reminder/heads up: Metal Wolf Chaos is being treated as a fully new game since it was niche and a pricey import before. Please don’t spoil it for other people.


Played about two hours of sekiro today. Didn't really make much progress. It feels like they made a Bloodborne game in difficulty... then took away many options to deal with that difficulty.


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