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Morning dtoid. Been trying to take my mind off some things that are REALLY getting to me, so have a video of someone who put tiger balm on their junk.


Fun fact folks: King K Rool can potentially trigger a Shulk bug with his Final Smash. Said bug gives Shulk all 5 monado buffs at once with no timer. Look at K. Rool go from 0 to 60 with one forward smash.


So I just realized that, due to their quality, all the MGS 3 spirits must have had stills taken from the pachinko machine. Ewwwew


So this was basically me when I found the spirits for the parties members of the first Golden Sun game today.


Smash already outsold Pokemon and BOTW in Japan. God damn, it's a monster.


Simultaneous release date for Super Robot Wars T! March is going to be a good time. And remember kids, transforming is a free action.

 from  japanator

I am using the Switch as an MP3 while I work. A feature I was like ‘cool, not going to use’ several months ago. Motherfucking Smash dev team knows me better than I do


Been playing Smash since 5 and had a good time. Pro tip for unlocking characters: That unlock timer is still going while you play World of Light. Play ten minutes, back out, and tada, you've got a character unlock.


Since Amazon fucked me for Smash, started Octopath this weekend. Been having fun, gorgeous game, granted the first part of 'gather up the team' is a bit repetitive. The order I chose everyone is in the comments


Me in Smash when Piranha Plant releases


Interesting. Watching the Joker reveal trailer via the Nintendo news. All game award references are removed from it.


Well turns out canada post be working weekends today.


Welp, rumor floating around from somewhat reliable people that P5 Switch is coming, and likely being announced the day the Joker DLC gets its date.




Hindsight 20/20, not thrilled the announcement was Smash x Persona 5, not Smash x Persona. Because it means we might have another Cloud on our hands. Please Atlus, don't be stubborn, it's ok if P3 and P4 songs slip in there...




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