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Paid off the student debt last week, got my Super Robot Wars Tuesday, and as of today, finally getting a permanent full time position instead of contract. Current mood.


Oh ya gimme that 80s animation launch sequence.


Morning nerds, here’s something for the Cowboy Bebop fans.


When someone shows me a rhythm game that will use Nintendo songs.


One more day. See you then Space Cowboy


When someone asks what your favorite Devil Breaker is


When you find out some series have the same remixes that they had in PSP games, and you finally say 'fuck it, time to just use my own songs'


6 more daaaays until I've got my Super Robot Waaaars. Gif 100% related.


Ding dong, the debt is dead. Ding dong, the student debt is deeeaaaaaad


7 more daaaays. Fun fact: Captain Harlocks original voice actor came out of 'retirement' from the role just for the game (the VA for Akiyama from Yakuza took over the role like 20+ years ago).




8 more daaaaays. Remember folks, it's not anime.


9 more daaaaays. Also might be getting another trailer on the 18th so that's cool.


Ten more daaaays. I need to starting watching this again, only got like 10 episodes in.


Saw Captain Marvel. It was pretty good, and in a reason unrelated to quality, understand why the Stan Lee twitter promoted it.


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