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Import Review: SD Gundam G Generation Genesis

It feels like SD Gundam G Generation Genesis is forgotten sometimes. While it wasn’t the first of Namco’s licensed games to be translated in English for the Asia region – that honor goes to Gundam Breaker 3 and Super Robot...


Someone finally ripped the theme, thank god. New background music for work here we gooooo




Free DLC is coming to SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays

While the quality of Gundam games has wildly varied this console generation, they have been consistent over one particular detail. All of them have had free content in some form, regardless of whether they also had paid DLC or microtransact...


Shout out to Amna coming back, have a pizza.




.... was it known this game was getting a dub? Cus that's a rarity when it comes to Namco.


Wow is the CGI on the ships in season 2 of IBO fucking trash tier so far. How the hell do you get it smooth as hell for the Origin but choppy as fuck for this show.


Eureka Seven surfs into Daemon X Machina with free DLC

Back in late September, Marvelous! revealed their content plans for mech adventure Daemon x Machina. Among exciting additions like the new Battle Mode, collaborations with other known IP were teased, with the promise of new add-on being rel...


Been powering through Iron-Blooded Orphans to avoid Cross Rays spoiling it for me. Done season 1, might be my favorite opening half of a gundam series. Also I adore how brutal it is at times due to more of a focus on non-laser weaponry.


Friendly reminder that Shenmue 3 is out in 7 days. No longer the most controversial game of November.


Ignoring the voices, this seems like it has potential?


Is it wrong to be a little depressed when your review with the lowest score is the one that gets the most attention? And from folks not reading it?


Review: Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2

You ever had a bad game you wanted to like? A game that at its core has something solid and enjoyable, but all the details constantly get in the way of reaching that enjoyment?  That you wish you could recommend to others but just simp...


Sakurai was so mad that yall kept going 'Who'se Terry' that he made a 45 minute video dedicated to just gushing about Terry and his love of SNK.


Aw ya, the Smash patch only gave buffs, fuck ya.


I genuinely think E. Gadd and King Boo are just using their old voice clips.


Reading the Persona 5 Royal megathread cus I dont care to spend another 90 and it's... interesting to say the least. I will also say this because I know Atlus advertising: Go dark on Scramble (since it's a sequel-ish) if you intend to play Royal.


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