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So I have a second code for the Gundam Extreme Vs network test. Gonna have a little fun with this, details in the comments. Edit: bump


Famitsu just released their 2019 GOTY awards and reminding everyone why you should not trust their judgement. Pokemon Sw/Sh got GOTY and best RPG... over Fire Emblem 3 Houses and Persona 5 Royal. Gotta love it.


Beat FFVII Remake last night. Small essay and heavy spoilers in the comments.




Me refreshing my email at the moment in hopes of seeing a beta code come in.


Aw man. It was just announced that Fujiwara Keiji passed away from Cancer. He was the Japanese voice actor for Reno and Ardyn in FF, Axel in KH, and Ali al-Saachez and Eledore in Gundam among many other roles.


Hmmm my supplies are running low. However will I beat the rest of the game


Codes for the closed network test for Gundam Extreme Vs go out Friday. Hopefully I got in.


I'm watching a streamer play Yakuza 0 and holy shit is the saving miles faster than any of the Yakuza games on PS4.


Finally managed to get to Eden and beat the boss with Terra... accidentally had Reva's support ability trigger in the Selicy fight so was locked out of the pacifist ending as a result. Fuck. Still unlocked her alternate costume though so I'll take it.


One Step from Eden is in a weird spot where I love it and want to play more, but also want to wait to avoid frustration? The steam version got patched twice to make the endgame less chaotic so I'm tempted to wait on further runs until the Switch has that




BTW One Step From Eden has a great soundtrack


Going to re-emphasis this to everyone in the coming days since people who got early copies have already finished the game: Anything new to FF7R is considered a spoiler and will be treated as such.


Fivefinger Delta is the best. That is all.


Hot take: The way the rabbit was implemented was an awful idea when the game isn't even a month old. Both slower day one and late adopters are still going to be gathering resources, why would you add something so disruptive to getting them?


Fuck it, cus I'm tired of NoA's shit: Is the Collectors Edition of Xenoblade still available for pre-order in Europe, and if so, anyone wanna help me out there?


Fuck me just choked upon reaching the final area for the first time in One Step From Eden. Was a god tier run up until then too.


Gotta make the cockpit, make the rofle, panel line the left arm, and it’ll be be done!


Decided to start panel lining. Really helps the small details pop.


So... um... i dunno if Nintendo fully tested the rhythm addition to ring fit...


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