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Hey folks, if you saw Frosty's quickpost or Gus' stream and are trying out Gundam Battle Operation 2, make sure to join the Destructoid clan! It will help you gain more rewards. Instructions on how to in the comments


Oh they added the Zock to Battle Operation 2, that goofy thing isn’t that terrif- ‘Unit can rotate 180 degrees instantly’


It's been a good night to be back.


Well uh... finished Borderlands 3 today. Very hot take incoming.


Kotobukiya going 'oh here's a single arsenal from Daemon x Machina' meanwhile Namco's just drops the bombshell of 'Hey check out this thicc boi'


It's kind of nuts when you think about how the Pols Voice enemy in Links Awakening hasn't been in a home console Zelda game since the very first game.


Just learned the Syd Mead retired this week. Well RIP my hopes of having him do designs for the live action movie. Also fun fact, he considers the Turn X, which is in the photo, to be his greatest design challenge.


Slowly making progress on the weapon drops in Daemon X Machina. No longer need to grind the Alpha versions of Nightmare and Bolt. Also encountered Eclipse the superboss. Also got fucked by Eclipse the superboss.


30 hour mark baby. All the single player missions and side objectives done. Now to move on to the online missions and other minor things.


Beat Daemon x Machina today. Gonna throw some thoughts and advice in the comments.


Worth the 10k to make a char clone, complete with voice.




The joy of working from home on a friday, where I can play Daemon x Machina and my bosses are unaware.


Can it be Friday already. I need daemon in my life already


Hey folks. Support is currently working on and investigating the 'Nah. Email Us.' error with quickposts. Right now they believe they have found the cause for North American users. More info in the comments.


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