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I uh... I beat Donkey Kong Country in like 2 hours?


Bleh, finally starting the process of getting my business account with the CRA closed down. Why can't it be simple...


I’m in that interesting part of youtube again


Well CrossCode bought and downloading. Going to be a nice and quiet Friday night after how busy work has been


Finished Xenoblade: Future Connected last night. Took about 12-13 hours to do all the sidequests and mainstory. Was pretty good piece of story for wrapping up Melia's arc since that didn't quite finish in the main game.


Didn't expect to wake up to the Smash community basically imploding but here we are.


I am absolutely drained, and today was a holiday! Hope everyone had a good day.


Gonna compile a master list of the music I'm encountering in the Gundam Extreme Vs early access and post it in the comments. Some good stuff so far.


So turns out the 08th MS team opening song has made it into Extreme VS. That’s a delight, didn’t make it into the previous game.


Everyone when the new Pokemon Snap game was announced


Thanks everyone who popped in last night! Went pretty well, 2 of the 3 pacifist runs were successful! Will probably stream more later this week.


Gonna be streaming One Step From Eden, come say hi! https://www.twitch.tv/torchman007


One step from eden is now on PS4!


Welp, not even 24 hours in, Sony has had a goof: Spider-Man Miles Morales isn't a new game. It is a remaster and expansion of the 2018 game.


PlayStation 5 yesterday was good stuff, def feel like Sony hit it out of the park. Going to post more in the comments in a bit


Decided to boot up One Step From Eden last night, having neglected it for over a month despite it being patched on Switch. First run I immediately made it to Eden with Saffron for the first time. Fuck yeah.


Thought I had today about Persona 5 Royal (and previous games): Real fucking weird how the game that prides itself on time management and being a social simulator, doesn't have any birthday events. At all.


It arrived :) Big thanks again to Fivefinger Delta for helping me get the LE for one of my favourite games of all time.


I'll take 'things that should've been kept in to justify Royal's full price tag' for 500 Alex.


Finished Gundam AGE. It was ok? Good front half, and then a mixed bag backhalf. The absolute highlight though was Flit's character arc where he goes from standard gundam protagonist to genocidal grandpa.


Well it appears we have skipped past spring and straight into 30 degrees Celsius weather where I am. Fuck.


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