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Birthday haul time! Got some other stuff like clothes and snacks but most importantly GUNDAM




So Game Informers article on Ultimate Alliance 3 is saying that Nintendo approached Marvel before the Switch reveal. Overall seems like this is definitely a permanent exclusive.


Me: Kickstarter locked expansions and pieces are stupid for boardgames that aren't out yet. Also me: Yo this boardgame looks sick, dump money into it. Edit: The Bloodborne board game just got a Cainhurst expansion. I can't resist that ;-;


Thoughts on KH2 so far: Still don't care for Roxas


Hmmmm... to buy Wargroove, Shakedown: Hawaii and VA-11 HALL-A OR to start Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix. Decisions decisions....


Oh ya, played Beat Saber at a friends last weekend before seeing Avengers. Was a good time, downloaded the Pillar Men theme from Jojo. Not quite enough to sell me on VR tho


TIL there was a Gundam themed Puyo Puyo game in Japan. They swapped out the Puyos for Haros.


Just got out of watching Endgame. Current status


In obvious news: Cuphead is really fucking good.


Finished the KH 358/2 Days summary movie. Not going to lie, was pretty bored by it. Basically a wasted evening now. Probably would've been better experienced in game format.


Chain of Memories update: On the 13th floor, seems like I'm almost done. Combat is basically a joke now, I spam sonic blade and the AI can't handle it. Every floor is so monotone and mostly repeats of KH1. Reviewers were too nice to this game.


Chain of Memories Update: On floor 8 now. Gameplay is eh. Story feels like a soulless attempt at trying to get Nintendo newcomer money while also appealing to those that played KH1. 'I-it's not all the same we swear!'


Gaming goals before Fire Emblem comes out: Beat Chain of Memories, Super Robot Wars T on NG+ for platinum, start+beat KH 2.5, start Sekiro, beat KH2.8(unsure on 3D since I played it on 3DS).


After waiting for the stores RNG to finally spawn the other Joker spirit, the deed is done... again! I have every spirit!


Oh my. Under my music, the Aria of the Soul remix is attributed to Revelations:Persona.


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