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Feel like the Nintendo Direct was good. Not as great as the E3 one, but good.


That moment when you think WinBack is just filler for Nintendo's N64 offerings, and then you find out its mechanics influenced MGS2, Gears of War, and RE4. Fair enough, can't be mad about that.


Looking forward to the Smash announcement, let me tell ya.


Just remembered Getter Arc ends next Sunday. Cannot wait to binge that afterwards. I wished I could've watched weekly but I couldn't justify subbing to one service over three months for one show


Super Robot Wars 30 trailer Wednesday morning yes plzzzzz. Apparently gonna have DLC reveals so woooooo


Loving going to bed and then waking up to 3 Gundam projects for 2022. Hell ya.


Man emulators really are nuts these days huh


Capcom, my proposal: Bundle the Battle Network and Starforce games together, give the Starforce games a coat of paint. If you need revenue to justify it, then split the versions to 2 carts.


Oh sweet lord some SRW 30 footage. Time to see how this is shaping up from T.


Man when you think about it, Insomniac's basically Sony's best PS5 dev huh?


Thats a pretty good boxart. October can’t come soon enough


Finished Psychonauts 1+2 this past week, and for the first time ever after like 5 attempts, Super Metroid.


The things I find at my usual hobby store


Bandai why you gotta make US exclusive kits -_-


So Gundaminfo now has the first two Reconguista in G movies up for free as of today. If you had any interest in that series, nows your chance without having to buy it physically.


Installed Psychonauts oahead of the sequel release since I wanna give it a spin for the first time. Buuuut I've also reinstalled Super Robot Wars T because I have a hankering for the franchise and 30 is still too far off.


Man those spider-man leaks are actually making me care for post-endgame MCU


Hug your loved ones folks, enjoy your time with them


Ah yes, the indie franchise known as Tetris


Happy Birthday Gaj! Pic semi-related as I blame you for the BBC constantly getting things about the giant Gundam wrong.


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