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Watching Smash Ultimate footage. Saw that Palkia is still a pokeball item. Remembered that Spear Pillar is back, which has Palkia as a hazard. Is it possible for a double Palkia to happen, therefore negating the stage rotation?


Everyone's making these fancy photos to show their E3 games, and I'm sitting here without the skills to make anything like it.


What if 'Ridley was too big for Smash' was actually an alternate way of saying 'Smash is too small for Ridley'


Watching the second half of the Daemon x Machine treehouse live stream. Noticed some details that helped sell the game, but also got a little mad at how they presented the game in some ways?


TIL that Link now fires sword beams when he’s at 0%, and can pick up the arrows he’s fired on the ground and throw them, or use it with the bow special to fire two at once. God damn this Smash is trying real hard to update everyone.


Most bizarre complaint of the Nintendo E3 direct I've seen around the web: No port of TMS being announced.


God am I happy this adorable little guy is back. And if rage is back from 4, the self damage mechanic only works in his favor. Pichu is going to be fun.


This is Arc System Works product manager about the Trigger collaboration. It's for sure not BlazBlue related.


Digging what I see of Daemon X Machina. It feels like the mobility of ZoE, the customization and parts stealing of Gundam Breaker, and the art style is great. Also the mech designs have been great so far. Looking forward to seeing more of it.


Bringing back this in honor of Ridley. Link in the comments to the original.


Top 5 E3 games for Torch: 1. Metal Wolf Chaos 2. Fist of the North Star. 3. Smash Bros Ultimate 4. Daemon x Machina 5. Devil May Cry 5


Man anyone that was predicting cuts for Smash got blown the fuck up and then some.


Everytimee Kingdom Hearts came up yesterday


Current E3 Presentation rankings: 1. Metal Wolf Chaos 2. Microsoft 3. Ubisoft 4. Sony 5. EA 6. Square Enix


FYI folks since it seems like Ubi pulled a Ubi and left some important details out.


Should've done a prediction article on 'how many already released games do you think will appear at E3'




Hopes and Dreams: That Metal Wolf Chaos does well and it results in Devolver and From working together to bring back more older gems in Froms catalog that stayed in Japan or didn't release everywhere internationally.


This'll be me if Metal Wolf Chaos gets announced for a worldwide release. Edit: CURRENT. FUCKING. STATUS.


FYI capcom released the full song from the DMC V trailer.


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