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When someone asks how much I've stolen from NPCs in Octopath

 from  japanator

Question. If I manage to get a streaming setup going somehow, would people watch me play a bit of Super Robot Wars T when it comes out?


Finished Gun X Sword today. Wasn't sure what to expect going in, ended up liking it. Additional thoughts and other random stuff, including where to watch it for free legally(!) in the comments.


Almost done with Gun X Sword. Currently in the middle of a space duel where shots in the cockpit have clean audio and you can hear impacts to the mech, but shots in space treat the dialogue as radio and you hear nothing else. I love it.


So far I've watched the first 7 episodes of Gun X Sword. Not too shabby, I'm digging what it's throwing at me. Digging Van's characterization, and his constant look of 'I'm so tired of this bullshit'


Latest haul. Got a anime movie trilogy and a not anime TV series. The collection slowly grows.


Found out that Funimation has the entirety of Gun X Sword on youtube. Going to watch that and then Cowboy Bebop in prep for Super Robot Wars T.


Ya boy wrote some game of the year stuff on the front page. You should check it out


Mike sounds off on his top gaming moments of 2018

2018 was a busy year for me. I managed to hold on to full-time employment, moved twice, and became more fully invested in my Gundam model kit hobby. As a result, my free time, as well as my free cash, was a lot more restricted than it was i...


Nailed it. All three spawned within 20 minutes. For those wondering, 1298 and 1299 are the bonus spirits for having Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee data. They aren’t in the game otherwise.


Sentai Filmworks has a REALLY good deal on for Big O. Seriously, for less than 20 USD it can't hurt to give it a shot.


Got Pokken on Switch from relatives. But fuck that, folks gave me a gift they had forgotten that’s 10 times better.


Merry Christmas! Already had to put the haul away due to guests coming, but got a nice bottle of whisky, Hyrule Warriors on Switch, and Dad of War. Also socks, because I’m turning into an old man.


Since I probably won't be on at midnight and tomorrow, Merry Christmas ya nerds.


Alright, finished all the challenges. Online went about as well as expected. Now to wait for the plant and Joker in the meantime. Additional thoughts in the comments about random stuff in the game.


Hopping into online smash with my free trial to complete some challenges before putting down the game until piranha plant. Only thing left after is to run classic 50+ times since I have all the spirits.


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