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Beat TWEWY on Switch tonight. Still teared up at the end. CJ may have given it a 6, but it's still TWEWY at its core. I did realize something important about the port however.


Spent a good chunk of my weekend playing The World Ends With You on Switch. Rediscovered this classic track. So far, money well spent.


Spider-man dlc is out next week. Looking forward to that.


Up at 4 AM to help with some testing with work... fully regret it. I need coffee bad.


Traded these games in today. Gonna rebuy HW and Pokken on Switch at some point. In return, got TWEWY along with $25 towards Devil May Cry V.


Todays Smash Post for Greninja "A ninja-like fighter that battles with moves like the Water Shuriken. Greninja can use a log for clever counterattacks, and this Pokémon can even stick to walls. During its Final Smash, it turns into Ash-Greninja...?!"


Platinumed Super Robot Wars X tonight. Was a good time getting that trophy.


Welp not going to be watching Iron-Blooded Orphans for a while. Back to the original intended order of SEED, SEED Destiny, AGE, Reconguista in G, and then IBO.


Konami stealth releases Pixel Puzzle Collection for free

With little to no fanfare, Konami released Pixel Puzzle Collection on mobile devices today. Taking advantage of the company's large franchise portfolio, the game has players going through Picross puzzles featuring iconic gaming characters. ...


Current relationship between me and Konami


Listening to a podcast today. AC Odyssey was brought up, mentioned that that level curve is fine if you're also doing the side stuff. Half wondering if the grind complaints are people trying to blast through the story and nothing else.


Current football soundtrack status: SOMEBODY ONCE TOLD ME THE WORLD WAS GONNA ROLL ME


They got Marc Martel for the half time show. Normally tours as part of a Queen tribute band and god damn, his singing ability is eerily close to Freddie Mercury’s.


TIL the Carolina Panthers play Down with the Sickness to hype up their team.


Been in Charlotte for like 10 hours now. Lovely city. Slept on the plane tho, so no impressions of Iron-Blooded Orphans for now.


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