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There might be a mini-rant about the new Gundam series inbound depending on what it turns out to be. Cus as the announcement gets closer I'm slowly realizing what I want and oh boy there'll be salt regardless.


Current FFXII cutscene status: FUCKING HERETICS


So last night in FF XII, I went through some areas, ended up in a giant crystal with a maze of green paths? How much farther do I have until the end of the game roughly? (No spoilers please)


Fused Zamasu announced for Dragon Ball FighterZ

As the initial wave of hype for Broly and Bardock cools down, the latest issue of V-Jump has revealed the next DLC character to join the roster of Dragon Ball FighterZ. Fused Zamasu, the fusion of Goku Black and Zamasu, will be bringing his...


Got some coffee and a good lunch in me now. No longer feeling like death.


Didn't get any sleep last night, woke up early to take care of business before work started. I feel like death.


Been playing a lot more Final Fantasy XII over the past two days. I'm in love with it. It reminds me of when I played WoW and was enjoying my time with it. Never thought I'd feel this way about a game again.


I leave you this gem before going to bed


Just straight up, they uploaded the entirety of Gundam F91 with subs. If you ever wondered 'what happens when you scrap the plans for a 50 episode show and turn it into a movie', this is what happens.


So if Destructoid is a JoJo show, does this make me stand in for Dio since I have taken the main villain role back from Wes.


Busy month for me. Playing FFXII, and Yakuza 6 is going to show up this month. Gotta do taxes(being a corporation sucks), as well as write some reviews for the front page. Fun times for me.


Replace everything but the last line with 'Nep nep' and you have an average PSN conversation between Larx and I.


Just a few more weeks... Just a few moooooore.


Beat Final Fantasy X-2. Feels ok, and undercooked outside of the battle system. Was better than the FF XIII games, but not by much.


Wow Shuyin is fucking bullshit. Just one shotting characters that the previous stages were barely denting


Man is Final Fantasy X-2s final dungeon just a barrel of not fun. Whoever was involved in the Dark Anima fight does not belong anywhere near a JRPG.


Finished Chapter 4 of FF X-2. Seems like I'm now on the final one, as side areas are now closing their plot lines.


Final Fantasy X-2 update. Beat Chapter 2 and 3. Have 2-3 dresspheres ready for all characters and roughly level 37. Seems like the plot goes fast without sidequests, so I'm probably close to the end?


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