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Some oni for Inquisitive Ravenclaw, by Asanagi (Don't look up this artist at work)


Got some more Miku today. So pretty~~


I didn't have any catgirls for Friday, but I did get some more cuties.


Got the 2 Project Diva PS3 games the other day, and I haven't been able to play them due to (what I'm assuming is) developing tendonitis in my wrists. Is this what true despair feels like?


Don't mind me - just spending half of my money on anime figures. (Worth it)


B-but where's Animal Crossing?


Is this how I do the "anime" ?


Does this count as "thicc" ???


Finally... She's here...


All of my thicc girls are too lewd, so have some good civilization instead. (Underboob in the comments)


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