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So... SEGA cinematic universe?


So, SEGA allowed me to kill Sonic on a DreamCast game... If only I knew back then. Gotta love the DreamCast!


How's your Monday?


So, modders added Chun Li, Mai Shiranui, Taki to Sifu... Now I have no excuse not to Play it.


Let's get to it. On a 100" projector, as my 13 year old self dreamt of, while playing the arcade game in '92 (not sure about the date).


In celebration of @SlimeyBearXXL979990 post! This video is spoiler, so go watch the animê before seeing it. And, uh... WATCH. THE. ANIMÊ.


#underratedmonday Draconus Cult of the Wyrm, DreamCast 's greatest exclusive! Aeowyn is gaming' s baddest ass witch! She even turn into Maleficent at the end...


A game making a comeback including pvp? ROAD RASH (drops mic)


Never had a Walkman... What did I miss? On the other hand, I used my Sega CDX as a discman. How 90's was that?


So, there's a game I'm really looking forward to... Can you guys guess? By the way, "what's your favorite color, baby!?"


Well... I, uh, as a matter of fact, I can't see why not!


I've been a little busy... Emphasis on the 'little'!


Now I'm considering becoming a tattoo artist... It sure helps to have a client with a pain threshold like Guts!


Oh, by the way, I still have something cooking...


Having fun, yet?


Leak of one of the skins in the new Wolverine PS5 game: Chungerinus!


https://youtu.be/NxiwjaUSYJM Just to balance things a little, @hlarge4


#1 game finished in 2022, River City Girls on Switch couch co op with my wife. Fun, but compared to SoR4 feels really short. 2 can be interesting if they expand it. Dig the new look on Marian, though she looked way better originally, as a brunette.


Happy new year, dtoiders! Let's turn our frown upside down, shall we?


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